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The Million Man March In The Redmond Collection

Louis Farrakhan in St. Louis, October 4, 1997

Louis Farrakhan came to St. Louis in 1997 a couple of weeks before the second anniversary of the Million Man March. About 2,000 people attended the Saturday night rally at the Ambassador in Jennings (Schlinkmann).

Earlier in the day, Farrakhan held a press conference and meeting at the Regal Riverfront Hotel in downtown St. Louis. About 200 local clergy and community leaders were present (Samuel), including Eugene Redmond and Sherman Fowler.

(The flyer shown here is at approximately half scale as compared to the photographs below.)

Farrakhan at the podium in the Regal Riverfront Hotel. The men seated in front of the platform are Nation of Islam members.

The audience of local community leaders.

The man at the left in this audience close-up is Jim Buford, president of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis. The other two men are unidentified.

Below: Eugene Redmond taking photographs; the media at the press conference portion of the event. The meeting with community leaders was closed to the news media (Samuel).

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