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How Do I Scan from Microfiche and Microfilm?

Step One

Select the desired language.

Step Two

To watch the "LOADING FILM" or "LOADING FICHE" demonstration, or to view other tutorials, click on the appropriate icon(s). To move to the microfiche and microfilm scanning section, click the "CONTINUE" arrow.

Step Three

Enter a user name. Any combination of numbers and/or letters will work.

Step Four

Load the microfiche or microfilm in the microfiche/microfilm viewer. Choose the page or section to scan and click the "SCAN" button. The page or section will be scanned into the computer.

Step Five

After the page or section has been scanned, it can be manipulated it in various ways. Click the "REMOVE BORDER" icon to remove the dark border surrounding the scan (if one appears). Click the "DESPECKLE" icon to erase some of the dark dots that might appear on the scan (this option may be used more than once per scan). Click the "FIT" icon to stretch the image to better fit the screen.

Step Six

Once the image has been manipulated, click the "ACCEPT" icon. A message will appear on the screen asking if another image needs to be scanned. If so, click the "YES" button, move the microfiche or microfilm to the next page or section to be scanned, and repeat steps 4 and 5. If no more images need to be scanned, click the "NO" button.

Step Seven

After clicking the "NO" icon (when no further images need to be scanned), there are three exporting options: print the scans, save the scans to a ZIP disk, or e-mail the scans.

To print, click the "PRINT IMAGE" icon. A pop-up screen will appear requiring a name to be assigned to the print-job. Enter a name for your job (any combination of numbers and/or letters will work) and click on the "OK" box. Another box will now appear on the screen. Disregard this box and click on the "X". Print jobs can be retrieved from the first floor print stations. After the print-job is sent to the printer, a confirmation screen with a yellow smiley face will be displayed.

To save the scans to a ZIP disk, click on the "SAVE IMAGE" icon. After inserting the disk, click "OK". After the scans are saved to the disk, a confirmation screen with a yellow smiley face will be displayed.

To email the scans, click the "E-MAIL IMAGES" icon. Enter the e-mail address of where the scans should be sent. Click the "SEND" icon. An e-mail box will pop-up on the screen. Click the "SEND" button (in the upper left-hand corner). After the scans are emailed, a confirmation screen with a yellow smiley face will be displayed.

Additional Assistance

If you need help while scanning microfiche and microfilm, ask the Microforms employees for assistance. If you have further questions about scanning microfiche or microfilm, contact Microforms at (618) 650-2944.

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