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This resource guide serves as a general overview of the issues related to the conflict between Iraq and the United States. The guide contains selected resources available through Lovejoy Library and the Internet.

News | General Information | Indexes/Abstracts | Magazines/Journals | Reference Books | Government Documents | United Nations Documents | Other Web Sites


Current news available through the Web or by selecting news sources from Lovejoy Library subscription databases.

ABYZ News Links
Access to newspapers and news sources from around the world.

An Arab newspaper which provides a good English translation.
Sources of current news information about the Arab world, including country profiles for almost every nation in the Middle East.

Arab World News
News from the World News Network with links to Arabic news websites.

BBC Conflict with Iraq
The British Broadcasting Corporation's coverage of the Iraqi situation.

CNN: War in Iraq
Comprehensive site developed by CNN to track the Iraq news story.

Foreign Media Reaction (Dept. of State)
A global round-up of editorials from foreign media and commentaries on specific major foreign policy issues or related events from major newspapers, magazines and broadcast media around the world.

Latest headlines and developments on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Iraq News Agency
Coverage from the Iraqi perspective. Pages are available in both English and Arabic.

MSNBC News: Complete War Coverage
Reports from correspondents, war strategy graphics, maps of battle areas and images.

New York Times: A Nation at War
Continuing coverage of the war from the Times. Requires free registration

Speech and Transcript Center
Updated transcripts compiled by Gary Price includes major speeches, statements, and press briefings by world leaders and others focused on the Iraq Crisis.

War in Iraq: News from LexisNexis
Provides free access to a number of articles from Lexis/Nexis. Includes non-US newspaper articles. Lovejoy Library subscribes to Lexis/Nexis Academic Universe, which provides more in-depth news coverage.

Washington Post: Confronting Iraq
Coverage from the Washington Post.

Worldwide List of Online Newspapers
Country-by-country listing of online newspapers throughout the world.

World Press Review
Lovejoy Library's electronic and physical holdings include: 1994-2000: WilsonSelect Plus; 1980-current: Journal Collection; 1975-1981 Microfiche
Pre-1980 Storage.

Related Online Newspapers and News Services (selected) BBC World Service: Middle East
The Guardian Online
Ha'aretz (English Edition)
The Independent
Internet Jerusalem Post
London Times
Middle East Report Online
The Nation
PBS Online Newshour: the Iraq War
Saudi Times

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General, background, and cultural sources about Iraq and the Middle East.

Atlas of the Arab and the Middle East, 1960.
Map Collection Noncirculating G 1785.D51960A

Background Notes: Iraq (Dept. of State)
Provides quick facts, brief history, politics, and economy information.

CIA World Factbook 2002: Iraq
Concise source of general information of Iraq.

Constitution of Iraq - Interim
International constitutional law

Features an overview of the country, political conditions, maps and articles.

Iraq: A Country Study
Provides access to the electronic version of the book published with the same name.

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Print and electronic indexes that contain full-text, citations and/or abstracts of journal articles. Reference books, government documents, and organizational reports may also be cited. Indexes and abstracts may be available in print and electronic formats. Indexes and abstracts available electronically are indicated by symbol (e). Access to electronic indexes are restricted to SIUE faculty, staff, and students.

ABC Political Science Index
Continues as CSA Political Science & Government
Reference JA 71.A24

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)(e)
Subject coverage is comprehensive includes text, citations, and abstracts.
Indexed: 1984+ Text: 1990+

CSA Political Science & Government
Prior years may be under ABC Political Science
Reference JA 71.A24

Historical Abstracts (e)
Provides coverage of world history, except for the U.S. & Canada; includes citations and abstracts. 1974+ and Reference D 299.H5: 1955-1996

Humanities Abstracts(OVID)(e)
World literature, history, religion, archaeology; citations and abstracts. 1984+

Index Islamicus.
Z 7835.M6L6SUPPL, 1956-1975

International Political Science Abstracts
Scope is political science; citations and abstracts.
Reference JA 36.I5: 1951-1991

Complete full-text archive of 169 major research journals. Starting dates vary with publication.

LEXIS-NEXIS Academic Universe (e)
Full-text of major newspapers and news programs from around the world.
Choose the news category "World News" and the news source "Middle East/Africa. 1988+

Military & Government Collection(EBSCO)(e)
Cover-to-cover full-text of current news pertaining to all branches of the military and government. Indexed: 1984+ Text: 1990+
National Newspapers (ProQuest) (e)
Full text from nine major U.S. newspapers: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

News Illinois Special Report: War with Iraq (e) ( Library Workstations Only)

NewsBank's references to UN documents and publications. 1997+

Newspaper Source (EBSCO) (e)
Selected articles from more than 140 U.S. and international newspapers. 1994+

PAIS International (e)
Political science, foreign affairs, international relations, public and social policy; citations and abstracts. 1972+

Periodical Abstracts(EBSCO) (e)
Covers all subjects; includes citations, abstracts, text. 1987+

Quarterly Index Islamicus
Reference Z 7835.M6 Q8 1977-1993

Social Sciences Abstracts (e)
Anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, political science, sociology; includes citations, abstracts. 1983+

Social Sciences Index
Anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, political science, sociology; includes citations.
Reference AI 3.S62 1974+

Social Sciences & Humanities Index
History, literature, anthropology, archaeology, economics, geography, political science, sociology; includes citations.
Reference AI 3.S6 1960-1974

Sociological Abstracts (e)
Sociology and related disciplines; includes citations and abstracts. 1974+

Wilson's Humanities Abstracts(OVID) (e)
World literature, history, religion, archaeology; includes citations and abstracts. 1984+

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Scholarly and popular publications related to Middle East studies.

  • References to Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, Military and Government Collection, Project Muse = electronic access
  • Journal Collection, microfiche, and microfilm are located on 2nd floor of the Library

American Journal of Semitic Languages and Literatures
1895-1941: JSTOR
Arab Studies Quarterly
1990-current: Academic Search Premier database
1994-current: Periodical Abstracts database

British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
1996-current: Academic Search Premier database; 1991-1999: JSTOR

Bulletin (British Society for Middle Eastern Studies)
1974-1990: JSTOR

Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
1940-1997: JSTOR

Bulletin of the School of Oriental Studies, University of London
1917-1940: JSTOR

1977-1995: Microfiche; 1960-1976: Microfilm

Foreign Affairs
1964-2003: Academic Search Premier; 2002-2003: Journal Collection; 1968/69-2001: Microfiche; 1922/23-1967/68: Microfilm

1884-1895: JSTOR

International Journal of Middle East studies
1980-current: Journal Collection; 1970-1979: Storage; 1970-1979: JSTOR

Islamic Quarterly
2002-current: Journal Collection; 1964-2000: Journal Collection

Journal of Near Eastern Studies
1942-1997: JSTOR; 1980-1992; 1994-2002: Microfiche; 1993: Journal Collection;
1953-1979: Storage.

Journal of Palestine Studies
1971-1998: JSTOR

Journal of the American Oriental Society
1843-1996: JSTOR

MERIP Middle East Report
1986-1988: JSTOR

MERIP Reports
1971-1985: JSTOR

Middle East Journal
1995-current: Periodical Abstracts database; Current year: Journal Collection;
1980-2002: Microfiche; 1947-1979: Microfilm

Middle East Report
1988-1997: JSTOR

Middle Eastern Studies
1995-current: Periodical Abstracts database; 1971-1999: Journal Collection

National Review
1975-current: Academic Search Premier; 1977-2002: Microfiche; 1955-1976: Microfilm

Near Eastern Archaeology
2001-current: Journal Collection; 1999-2000: Journal Collection

1990-current: Academic Search Premier; 1999-2003: Journal Collection; 1977-1999: Microfiche; 1933-1977: Microfilm

Pakistan Forum
1970-1973: JSTOR

Peace and Change
1985-current: Academic Search Premier; 2002-current: Journal Collection; 1991-2001 Microfiche

1990-2003: Academic Search Premier; 2002-2003: Journal Collection; 1923-1971, 1977-2002: Microfiche; 1972-1977: Microfilm

U.S. News & World Report
1990-current: Academic Search Premier; 2002-2003: Journal Collection; 1977-2002: Microfiche; 1948-1977: Microfilm

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
1995-current: Military and Government Collection (EBSCO)

World Politics
1948-1995: JSTOR; 1995-2003: Project Muse; 1976/77-2001/02: Microfiche; 1948/49-1975/76: Microfilm

For more information on how to locate journals in electronic or print formats, consult the Locating Journals at Lovejoy Library research guide.

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Location of books in Lovejoy's Library's collections and other resources including Library of Congress subject headings and call number ranges for Iraq.

  1. Biographical Information

    Biographical Dictionary of the Middle East
    Reference DS 62.4.S53 1991

    Current Biography
    Ready Reference CT 100.C8

    Dictionary of International Biography
    Reference CT 101.D5 (1963-2001)

    Newsmakers (formerly Contemporary Newsmakers)
    Reference CT 120.C664

    Oxford Desk Dictionary of People and Places
    Reference G 103.5.O92 1999

    Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern Islamic World
    Reference DS 35.53.O95 1995 v.1-4

    Political Leaders of the Contemporary Middle East & North Africa: A Biographical Dictionary
    Reference DS 61.5.P65 1990

    International Year Book and Statesman's Who's Who
    Ready Ref JA 51.I57 (2001 in Ready Ref; earlier years in stacks)

  2. Subject Specific Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Handbooks

    CultureGrams. World ed., 2002
    Reference GT 150.C852002 v. 1-4.

    Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East
    Reference DS 43.E53 1996

    Europa World Year Book, 43rd ed., 2002
    Ready Reference JN 1.e862002

    Global Studies. Middle East
    Reference DS 41 .G56 2000 (earlier years in stacks)

    Historical Dictionary of Arab and Islamic Organizations
    Reference DS 36.55.C57 2001

    Historical Encyclopedia of the Arab-Israel Conflict
    Reference DS 119.7.H544 1996

    The Middle East (Congressional Quarterly)
    Reference DS 63.1. M484 2000

    The Middle East and North Africa
    Reference DS 49.M5 2003

    Political Dictionary of the Arab World
    Reference DS 37.S531987

    Political Encyclopedia of the Middle East
    Reference DS 62.8.P64 1999

    Political Parties of the Middle East and North Africa
    Reference JQ1758.A979 P65 1994

    The United States in the Middle East: A Historical Dictionary
    Reference DS 63.2.U5S384 1988

    Yearbook of the United Nations (1946-1986)
    Reference JX 1977.A37Y4

To find books related to the Iraqi crisis, search I-Share, (the Library Catalog). Using any of these exact Library of Congress Subject Headings:

Arab countries Foreign relations United States
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 Atrocities
Disarmament On-site inspection Iraq
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 Economic aspects
Economic Sanctions Iraq
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 Maps
Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 Psychological aspects
Iraq Foreign relations Iran
Iraq Maps
Iraq Foreign relations Israel
Iraq Miliary policy
Iraq Foreign relations Soviet Union
Iraq Miliary relations United States
Iraq Foreign relations United States
Iraq Political activity
Iraq Gazetteers
Iraq Politics and government 1991-
Iraq Historical geography
Iraq relations United States
Iraq Historical geography Maps
Iraq Religion
Iraq History
Iraq Religion Dictionaries
Iraq History 1534-1901
Iraq Religion Maps
Iraq History 1921
Iraq Religious life and customs
Iraq History 1958
Iraq Road maps
Iraq History 634-1534
Iraq Rural conditions
Iraq History Civil War, 1991
Iraq Social life and customs
Iraq History To 634
Iraq Strategic aspects
Iraq History To 634 Historiography
Iraqi property United States
Iraq History To 634 Sources
Middle East
Iraq Industries
Nuclear disarmament Iraq
Iraq Intellectual life
Persian Gulf War, 1991
Iraq International relations
United States Foreign relations Arab countries
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991
United States Foreign relations Iraq
Iraq-Kuwait Crisis, 1990-1991 Atlases
Weapons of mass destruction Iraq

Call Number ranges:
DS 36-39 Arab countries
DS 38 Islamic world
DS 251-326 Iran
DS 67-79 Iraq
JX International law; international relations

For resources not available at Lovejoy Library (SIUE faculty, staff, and students) may use I-Share (CARLI Libraries), a union catalog of 56 libraries in Illinois or World Cat, a union catalog of holdings of thousands of libraries worldwide. Ask for assistance at the Information Desk.

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Many government documents are available on the Web. Others are available in Lovejoy's Library collections or available through online subscription databases.

CIA Reports
Major publications of the CIA related to Iraqi situation.

CRS Reports on Iraq
Provides access to Congressional Research Services Reports, distributed by the State Department's Foreign Press Centers.

Defense Link
Official web site of the Department of Defense.

Digital National Security Archive
Declassified documents covering major international events from the Cold War, Vietnam War, and beyond.

Estimated Cost of a War With Iraq
The September 30, 2002 letter from the Congressional Budgeting Office, offering estimates on the budgetary cost of a war with Iraq.

Government Views of Iraq
Online government resources on Iraq with links to speeches, press conferences, and Congressional hearings compiled by City College Libraries.

I-Share (Online Catalog)
Lovejoy Library has cataloged many Congressional hearings and other government documents. Search by title.

Iraq: A Decade of Deception and Defiance
The September 2002 report from the White House providing presidential remarks and documentation of Iraq defiance of UN resolutions.

Iraq Update: U.S. Department of State
Provides latest public information. Locate fact sheets, UN information, history timelines, and other web sites about Iraq.

Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
A 55-page report prepared by the British Government on the state of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

National Security Strategy of the United States
Links to the pdf version.

Presidential Address to the Nation (March 17, 2003)
Text of President Bush's speech to the nation.

War with Iraq (Dartmouth College Libraries)
Primary sources related to the war with Iraq.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
Presidential speeches accessible through the Government Printing Office.

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Publications of the United Nations

Security Council Resolution 1441
Online text of Security Council resolution 1441, adopted November 8, 2002.

UN News Centre
Provides current news from the perspective of the United Nations on the Iraqi crisis.

UN Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC)
Responsible for monitoring Iraq's disarmament of weapons of mass destruction

United Nations Oil for Food Programme
Documents the United Nations Oil for Food programme.

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OTHER WEB SITES (selected)

Links of web resources compiled by libraries, organizations, and interest groups.

Alternative Resources on the U.S.-Iraq Conflict
Resources offering varying viewpoints on Iraqi conflict produced by the International Responsibilities Task Force of the American Library Association.

Catalog of selected Internet resources on Iraq.

Conflict with Iraq: A Research Guide
Provides access to related sources, with a special interest on US documents and position papers.

Council on Foreign Relations: Iraq Resource Center
Research center dedicated to increasing America's understanding of the world and contributing ideas to U.S. foreign policy.

Foreign Affairs Online
Annotated links to resources on international relations, law and U.S. foreign policy, and texts of constitutions of different countries.

Heritage Foundation
Publishes research and commentaries on domestic, economic, foreign, and defense policy. See special section: War in Iraq.

INFOMine Scholarly Internet Resource Collections (Univ. of Calif.)
Comprehensive virtual library and reference tool for academic and scholarly Internet resources.

Middle East Studies Internet Resources
Maintained by the Columbia University Libraries. Includes links to bibliographies, news sources, resources by subject, directories, Encyclopaedia of the Orient (formerly Encylopaedia Arabica), and electronic journals and newspapers on the Middle East.

Iraq (Portals To the World)
The Library of Congress project provides extensive coverage of available Internet resources for countries and selected topics. The Iraq web site provides a comprehensive listing, with annotations of web sites.

Iraq War Debate (Univ. of Mich. Documents Center)
Extensive list of references to web sites, government documents, think tanks, news, and more.

The National Review Online
Up-to-the-minute conservative commentary on politics, news, and culture.

Saban Center for Middle East Policy (Brookings Institution)
Analysis and commentary of the Iraqi situation.

War with Iraq: Costs, Consequences, and Alternatives
Examines the political, military, and economic consequences of war with Iraq.

The Weekly Standard
News and commentary from a conservative perspective.

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Acknowledgement of contributions that were provided by Linda Carlisle, Social Science Librarian. If you have questions or comments about this research guide, please contact Lydia Jackson, Instruction Librarian, Lovejoy Library, at

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