KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "V"
Title Composer Publisher Year
V Song, The Dowell, Saxie
Livingston, Bill
Dash & Connelly Inc. 1941
VA Love (It's Gonna Rain) Morales, Maria Teresa Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Vagabond Dreams Carmichael, Hoagy Paramount Music Corp. 1939
Vagabond Fiddler Myers, Sherman Mills Music Inc. 1937
Vale Of Dreams, The Schmid, Johann C. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1939
Valley In Valparaiso, A Rubens, Hugo
French, Charles
LaFreniere, E.P.
Roy Music Co. Inc. 1939
Vamp, The from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "The Dolly Sisters" Gay, Byron Leo Feist Inc. 1919
Vampin', Til You're Ready Dickinson, Hal
Kelson, Lee
Simon House Inc. 1949                   1951
Vamping A Coed Hopkins, Claude Sherman, Clay & Co. 1936
Vanity Wood, Guy Jefferson Music Co. Inc. 1951
Vaquero Song, The Barroso, Ary Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1944
Varsity Song Robyn, Alfred G. Alfred G. Robyn 1909
Vas Villst Du Haben? Monaco, James V. Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1932
Velvet Moon Myrow, Josef M. Witmark & Sons 1942
Venus, My Shining Love Cohan, George M. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1934
Very Special Love, A Allen, Robert Korwin Music Inc. 1957
Very Thought Of You, The from The Warner Brothers Picture "The Very Thought Of You"                    Noble, Ray Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd. 1934
Vesper, Bells Of Dover, The McCray, Don
Sour, Robert
Gold, Ernest
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Vespers Of Summer Grey, Frank ABC Standard Music Pub. Inc. 1937
Victory Duckworth, Daisy E.B. Swisher 1942
Victory Garden, A Loeb, John Jacob Loeb-Lissauer Inc. 1942
Victory In The Sky Ross, Carolyn
Erickson, Cliff
Eccma Music Co. 1942
Victory March For Dear Old Glory Eliott, Constantine G.
Gianaros, John K.
Gait-Way Music Co. 1943
Victory Parade, The King, John Saxonette Music Co. 1942
Vict'ry Polka Styne, Jule Chappell & Co. Inc. 1943
Vieni Su Cola, Johnny Algonquin Music Inc. 1949
Vieni, Vieni Scotto, Vincent M. Witmark & Sons 1937
Vienna In Moonlight Breuer, Ernest Broadway Music Corp. 1934
Vienna Will Sing Again Loewe, Frederick Chappell & Co. Inc. 1942
Villa from The MGM Picture "The Merry Widow" Lehar, Franz Robbins Music Corp. 1934
Villain Was Willin', The Manges, Kenny
Crance, Maurice
Nattrass-Schenck Inc. 1943
Violets Hill, H.V. Leo Feist Inc. 1931
Violets Bloom Again Down In Mossy Vale Jennings, James H. Jay Jay Music Pub. Co. 1938
Violets For Your Furs Dennis, Matt Embassy Music Corp. 1941
Violin Carle, Frankie
Carpenter, Imogen
Stanton, Frank
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1948
Violins From Nowhere Fain, Sammy Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1950
Violins Were Playing Silver, Abner Lincoln Music Corp. 1943
Virginia Lee Lange, Arthur Joe Morris Music Co. 1915
Virginia Lee Samuels, Milton
Miles, Nat
Sylvano, Frank
Milton Weil Music Co. Inc. 1930
Viva America Roque, Julio Julio Roque 1942
Viva America Garcia, Caridad Leeds Music Corp. 1945
Viva Roosevelt Cugat, Xavier Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1942
Vive La France Warren, Harry M. Witmark & Sons 1934
Vocalizing Song, The Gottler, Archie
Marsala, Joe
Franklin, Jimmie
ABC Music Corp. 1940
Voice In The Valley, The Cavanaugh, James
Redmond, John
Weldon, Frank
Words & Music Inc. 1939
Voice Of The Southland, The Austin, Gene
Bloom, Marty
Koehler, Ted
Austin, Bloom & Koehler 1927
Voila from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "The Three Musketeers" Pokrass, Sam Robbins Music Corp. 1938
Vol Vistu Gaily Star Green, Bud
Gaillard, "Slim"
Green Brothers & Knight Inc. 1939
Vom Vim Veedle Jaxon, Al Cine-Mart Music Pub. Co. 1941
Voodoo Moon Morales, Obdulio
Blanco, Julio
Pan-American Music Co. Inc. 1941
Vos Zokt Eer Shayer, Sammy & Dixie Acme Music Corp. 1942
Vote For Mister Rhythm Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Siegel, Al
Famous Music Corp. 1936
Voulez Vous Duke, Vernon
Grouya, Ted
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1955
Vuelvo A Ti Lecuona, Ernesto Robbins Music Corp. 1941
  Banks, Mannie Lombardo Music Inc. 1950

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