KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "U"
Title Composer Publisher Year
Ufty, Mufty And Gufty Monaco, Jimmy Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1935
Ugga Ugga Boo Cherkose, Eddie
Blanc, Mel
Benoff, Mac
Miller, Irving
Tune Towne Tunes 1947
Ukulele Lady Whiting, Richard A. Bourne Inc. 1925
Umbrella Man, The Rose, Vincent
Stock, Larry
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1938
Umbriago Caesar, Irving
Durante, Jimmy
Robbins Music Corp. 1944
Uncle Elmer's Almanac Cavanaugh, James
Sanford, Dick
Cleary, Michael H.
Miller Music Corp. 1936
Uncle Remus Said Lange, Johnny
Heath, Hy
Daniel, Eliot
Santly-Joy-Select Inc. 1946
Uncle Sam Is Calling Williams, Lois H. Williams & Williams 1941
Uncle Sam Made One Grand Slam Brunsman, Walter J. Merrell Schwarz Music Co. 1941
Uncle Sam Needs Us All To Win Allan, Jack Carl Sobie Pub. 1942
Uncle Sam, Here I Am Perkins, Ray Kanner Music Pub. Co. 1941
Uncle Sammy Needs Your Dough Boyd, Bill
(Cowboy Rambler)
Rafaun, Kahl
Peer International Corp. 1942
Undecided Shavers, Charles Leeds Music Corp. 1939
Under A Florida Moon Harlin Brothers Harlin Brothers 1937
Under A Shady Tree With You Little, Jack "Little"
Coots, J. Fred
DeSylva, Henderson & Brown Inc. 1932
Under A Strawberry Moon Wayne, Mabel M. Witmark & Sons 1942
Under A Texas Moon Perkins, Ray M. Witmark & Sons 1929
Under Blue Canadian Skies Lewis, Al
Stock, Larry
Rose, Vincent
Leo Feist Inc. 1941
Under My Umbrella O'Flynn, Charles
Meyer, George W.
Wendling, Pete
M. Witmark & Sons 1933
Under Paris Skies Gannon, Kim
Giraud, Hubert
Leeds Music Corp. 1953
Under That Dear Old Moon Von, "Dollie" Syndicate Music Pub. Inc. 1914
Under The Honeysuckle Vine Duff, Emma Supreme Music Corp. 1952
Under The Mistletoe Wendling, Pete Irving Berlin Inc. 1931
Under The Moon Lyn, Ev. E.
Wheeler, Francis
Snyder, Ted
Waterson Berlin & Snyder Co. 1927
Under The Old Arc Light Gregory, Bobby Mills Music Inc. 1939
Under The Red, White And Blue Monett, Carolyn Liberty Music Pub. 1941
Under The Spell Of A VooDoo Drum Austin, Gene Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1936
Under The Tonto Rim Kay, Mack
Houben, Bernard
Schein, Julius
Harvest Songs Co. 1940
Under The Willow Tree Reid, Billy Peter Maurice Music Co. 1946
Under The Yum Yum Tree VonTilzer, Harry Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. Co. 1910
Under Your Spell Schwartz, Arthur Movietone Music Corp. 1936
Underneath The Arches Flanagan, Bud Robbins Music Corp. 1932
Underneath The Falling Leaves Sherman, Al Harry Bloom Inc. 1930
Underneath The Harlem Moon Revel, Harry DeSylva, Henderson & Brown Inc. 1932
Underneath The Linden Tree Beul, Arthur LaSalle Music Pub. Inc. 1949
Underneath The Old Sierra Moon McFarland, Lester Peer International Corp. 1942
Underneath The Palm Trees Paula, C.W. Richards Pub. Co. & Herman Darewski 1934
Unforgettable Gordon, Irving Bourne Inc. 1951
Unforgiven Minuet, The DeSantis, Frances Frances DeSantis 1939
Unforgotten Melody, The Wood, Haydn Chappell & Co. Inc. 1934
United Nations Bromberg, Jacob Jacob Bromberg 1942
United Nations On The March Shostakovich, D. Leo Feist Inc. 1942
United We Stand Meade, Samuel Med-rik Music Pub. Co. 1941
Unless Evans, Tolchard Bourne Inc. 1934
Unless It Can Happen With You Bierman, Bernard
Berman, Arthur
Manus, Jack
Stevens Music Corp. 1947
Unless My Heart Deceives Me Francken, Jock Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Unsophisticated Sue Simon, Nat
Raymond, Harold
Razaf, Andy
Superior Music Co. Inc. 1934
Unsuspecting Heart Beal, Joe
Singer, Bob
Shank, Joe
Tee Pee Music Co. 1954
Until D'Esposito, Salve Leeds Music Corp. 1952
Until I Live Again Greene, Mort
Revel, Harry
Greene-Revel Inc. 1942
Until It Happened To Me Jones, Wallace Mills Music Inc. 1943
Until Love Comes Along Levant, Oscar T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1929
Until Recently Stevenson, Herman Carl Sobie Pub. 1942
Until That Rising Sun Is Down Kelly, Frankie
Bernhart, Roscoe
Wrightman, Neale
Neale Wrightman Pub. 1942
Until The End Newman, Charles
Young, Victor
King, Wayne
Ted Browne Music Co. Inc. 1931
Until The Real Thing Comes Along Cahn, Sammy
Chaplin, Saul
Freeman, L.E.
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Until The Stars Fall Down Donaldson, Walter Saunders Pub. 1941
Until Then Hamblen, Stuart Hamblen Music Co Inc. 1958
Until Today Davis, Benny
Coots, J. Fred
Levant, Oscar
Marlo Music Corp. 1936
Until Tomorrow Kaye, Sammy Republic Music Corp. 1940
Until Tonight Wayne, Bernie
Raleigh, Ben
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Until We Meet Again Baron, Maurice Maurice Baron Inc. 1938
Until You Came To Me Martin, Larry
Martin, Billy
American Academy Of Music 1954
Unwilling Frederic, Will Will Frederic Music Pub. 1941
Up And At 'Em Yanks D'Lee, Wilbur
Charles, James
James Charles Marchant Co. 1942
Up In The Clouds Soldwell, Ray Ray Soldwell 1935
Up In The Clouds Ruby, Harry T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1927
Up The Chimney Go My Dreams Henderson, Ray
Webster, Paul
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1939
Up To My Heart In Love Cooper, Paul M. Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Up, Up, Up Roberts, Allan
Fisher, Doris
Broadway Music Corp. 1944
Up-sy Down-sy Flatow, Leon
Morgan, Ed. Ross
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1939
Us On A Bus Lawnhurst, Vee Famous Music Corp. 1936
Us Po' Folks West, Eugene
Schaeffer, Mary
Spencer, Otis
Red Star Songs Inc. 1939
Used To Be Masselle, S. Alfred House Of Carols 1942
Used To You Jolson, Al
DeSylva, B.G.
Brown, Lew
Henderson, Ray
DeSylva, Henderson & Brown Inc. 1929
Utt Da Zay Ram, Buck
Mills, Irving
Mills Music Inc. 1939

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