KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "R"
Title Composer Publisher Year
Raah Too Tee Too Bluestone, Harry Bluestone-Bernard Music Pub. Co. 1941
Radio In Heaven Fisher, Fred Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1937
Rag Picker Carle, Frankie Jewel Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Rag, Rag, Raggedy Moon Rene, Leon Leon Rene Pub. 1951
Rags To Riches Adler, Richard
Ross, Jerry
Saunders Pub. Inc. 1953
Ragtime Cowboy Joe Muir, Lewis F.
Abrahams, Maurice
Klickmann, F. Henri
Alfred Music Co. Inc. 1942
Ragtime Goblin Man, The VonTilzer, Albert Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. Co. 1911
Railroad Jim Vincent, Nat H. F.B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc. 1915
Rain In Lovers Lane Coblin, Phil
Coblin, Kay
Royal Music Publisher 1942
Rain In My Heart Alter, Louis T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Rain In Spain Cugat, Xavier Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Rain Or Shine Birks, Beverly Lombardo Music Inc. 1949
Rain, Rain Go Away Green, John W. Famous Music Corp. 1932
Rainbow Archer, Harry Leo Feist Inc. 1935
Rainbow Bridge Ruiz, Gabriel Peer International Corp. 1941
Rainbow Gal Evans, Redd
Gold, Jack
Jefferson Music Co. Inc. 1950
Rainbow In The Flame Monaco, James V. DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1934
Rainbow Land Roberts, Lucky Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1942
Rainbow On The River Alter, Louis Leo Feist Inc. 1936
Rainbow Rendezvous Ascher, Leo Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Rainbow Rhapsody Carter, Benny Mutual Music Society Inc. 1943
Rainbow 'Round The Moon Donaldson, Walter M. Witmark & Sons 1938
Rainy Day Refrain, A Gaze, Heino Leeds Music Corp. 1950
Rainy Night In Rio, A Schwartz, Arthur M. Witmark & Sons 1946
Raise The Window Down Meyn, Ted Beacon Music Co. 1941
Ramblin' Joe Franklin, Dave Famous Music Corp. 1934
Rambling Rose Burke, Joe Laurel Music Co. 1948
Ramona Wayne, Mabel Leo Feist Inc. 1927
Rancho Pillow Wrubel, Allie Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1941
Rap Tap On Wood Porter, Cole Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Raquel Burke, Joe Robbins Music Corp. 1928
Reaching For A Star Madden, Frank Frank Anthony 1942
Read My Heart Brown, Hank Ludwig Music Pub. Co. 1942
Read That Book Smith, Beasley
Brown, Billy
Robbins Music Corp. 1951
Read The Bible Karl & Harty Hubert J. Braun Music Co. 1943
Readin' From Left To Right Browne, Bradford
Lopez, Vincent
Rich, Max
Sherman Clay & Co. 1937
Reading Between The Lines Marx, Fred Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1942
Ready For The River Moret, Neil Villa-Moret Inc. 1928
Real American, A Bowers, Fred V. Will Rossiter 1940
Reckon I'm In Love David, Mack
Hoffman, Al
Livingston, Jerry
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1949
Record Machine Song, The Stryker, Fred Melody Lane Inc. 1940
Red Grow The Roses Washburne, "Country" Bob Miller Inc. 1944
Red Moon Of The "Caribbees" Marroquin, Jose Sabre Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Red River Rose Bruner, Clif Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Red Rose Craig, Francis Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1937
Red Rose Waltz Kassel, Art Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1951
Red Roses Cortez, Carmen Alfred Music Co. Inc. 1938
Red Roses For A Blue Lady Tepper, Sid
Brodsky, Roy
Mills Music Inc. 1948
Red Sails In The Sunset Williams, Hugh
Grosz, Will
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1935
Red Silk Stockings And Green Perfume Sanford, Dick
Hilliard, Bob
Mysels, Sammy
Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1947
Red Skies In The Night Noel, Art
Hart, Don
Parker, Ross
Irwin Dash Music Co. Ltd. 1938
Red We Want Is The Red We've Got, The Kennedy, Jimmy
Reichner, Bickley
Elliot Music Co. Inc. 1950
Red Woods Ortmann, William Hubert J. Braun Music Co. 1934
Red, White And Blue Magnus, Russ Trans-America Music Pub. 1941
Red, White, Blue Stratton, Alvin D. A.D. Stratton Music Co. 1942
Redheads On Parade Gorney, Jay Movietone Music Corp. 1935
Reflections Lohr, Hermann Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Refugee Erickson, Keith
Swan, Harry J.
Swan Music Pub. Co. 1940
Reilly And The 400 Braham, Dave Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Relax Dennis, Matt Vanguard Songs Inc. 1940
Reluctant Dragon, The Wolcott, Charles Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Remember Dewey, Glenn Ted Brown Music Co. Inc. 1937
Remember Me Nolan, Bob American Music Inc. 1942
Remember Mother's Day Akst, Harry
Violinsky, Solly
Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1949
Remember Paris Dvorak, Ann Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Remember Pearl Harbor Samuels, Jerry
Bryan, Allayne Hoyt
Hollywood Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Remember Pearl Harbor Wrubel, Allie Melrose Music Corp. 1942
Remember Pearl Harbor Reid, Don
Kaye, Sammy
Republic Music Corp. 1941
Remember Pearl Harbor (We'll Always) Bryan, Alfred
Raskin, Willie
Marks, Gerald
Mills Music Inc. 1941
Remember The Day Reisfeld, Bert Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1942
Remember When Addy, Mickey Campbell-Porgie Inc. 1945
Reminiscing Blumberg, Harry
Florenz, Paul
Bleiweiss, Art
Lewis, Mel
Majestic Music Co. 1941
Rendevous In Rio, A Dominguez, Alberto Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Rendevous Time In Paree McHugh, Jimmy T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1939
Rendevous With A Dream, A Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Famous Music Corp. 1936
Repenting In A Penthouse Labarre, Gene Gene Labarre Inc. 1935
Rest Of My Life, The Roosevelt, Franklin D. Jr.
Sparrow, Kenrick
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Restin' Beside The Trail Allan, Fleming Cross & Winge Inc. 1938
Retreat Farnsworth, Nancy
Furtado, Tommy
Boyer, Anita
Porgie Music Corp. 1952
Return To Paradise Tiomkin, Dimitri Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1953
Reuben's Goin' Cuban Cavanaugh, J.
Redmond, J.
Simon, Nat
Hubert J. Braun Music Co. 1942
Revelation Lawnhurst, Vee Famous Music Corp. 1935
Revery In My Garden, A Gillett, Ella G. Alfred Music Co. Inc. 1936
Rhode Island Is Famous For You Schwartz, Arthur Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz 1948
Rhumba Cardi, The Eaton, Malcolm
Gamse, Albert
Words & Music Inc. 1940
Rhumba Cocktail Bondshu, Neil Plamor Music Co. 1942
Rhumba Jubilee Littee, Ramon
Dufault, Buddy
Amigo Music Pub. Co. 1947
Rhumba Man Simon, Nat
Raymond, Harold
Superior Music Co. Inc. 1935
Rhyme For Love, A Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Famous Music Corp. 1936
Rhyme Your Name Evans, Redd
Mann, Dave
Crawford Music Corp. 1940
Rhyme Your Sweetheart Raymond, Lewis Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Rhythm And Romance Johnson, J. C. Broadway Music Corp. 1935
Rhythm In My Bones Schaeffer, Mary Red Star Songs Inc. 1936
Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes Lunceford, Jimmie
Chaplin, Saul I.
Select Music Pub. Inc. 1935
Rhythm Is Our Business Lunceford, Jimmie
Cahn, Sammy
Chaplin, Saul I.
Select Music Pub. Inc. 1935
Rhythm Is Red An' White An' Blue, The Moss, Al Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Rhythm Of My Heart, The Clow, O.B. Radiotone Recording Studio 1940
Rhythm Of Romany Franklin, Malvin M.
Franklin, Gloria
Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1939
Rhythm Of State Street, The Hall, Wendell Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1937
Rhythm Of The Radio Prima, Louis Hollywood Music Pub. Inc. 1937
Rhythm Of The Rain Stern, Jack Robbins Music Corp. 1935
Rhythm Of The Snowflakes, The Mandell, Herbert
Littau, Frank
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1937
Rhythm River Bloom, Rube Mills Music Inc. 1935
Rhythm Saved The World Chaplin, Saul Select Music Pub. Inc. 1936
Rhythm Train Brooks, Shelton Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Rhythmatic Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Famous Music Corp. 1935
Ribbons & Roses Lewis, Sam
Meyer, G.W.
Wendling, Pete
Crawford Music Corp. 1938
Rich Man, Beggar, Pauper, King Shay, Larry T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1930
Rickety Rickshaw Man, The Drake, Ervin Melody Lane Inc. 1943
Ricochet Coleman, L.
Darion, J.
Gimbel, N.
Sheldon Music 1953
Riddles Gindhart, T.
Capano, Frank
Tin-Pan Alley 1937
Ride Of The Valkyries, The Wagner, Richard Carl Fischer 1917
Ride On, My Prairie Pinto Blackmore, Alice
Cortez, Carmen
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Ride Tenderfoot Ride Whiting, Richard A. M. Witmark & Sons 1938
Ride, Cossack, Ride Stothart, Herbert Leo Feist Inc. 1940
Ride, Ranger, Ride Spencer, Vera Cross & Winge Inc. 1936
Riders In The Sky Jones, Stan Mayfair Music 1949
Ridge Runnin' Roan Fletcher, Curley M.M. Cole 1935
Ridin' Along Singin' A Song Gregory, Bobby American Music Inc. 1943
Ridin' Down The Arizona Trail Davis, Jimmy
Mitchell, Charles
J.W. Jenkins & Sons Music Co. 1936
Ridin' Down The Canyon Autry, Gene
Burnett, Smiley
M.M. Cole 1936
Ridin' Down The Sundown Trail Swander, Don Cross & Winge Inc. 1937
Ridin' Down The Trail To Albuquerque Swander, Don Cross & Winge Inc. 1937
Ridin' Herd On A Cloud Botkin, Perry
Swartz, Bernie
Bushallow, Jon Jr.
Saunders Pub. Inc. 1943
Ridin' Home Nolan, Bob Cross & Winge Inc. 1936
Ridin' Home McHugh, Jimmy Universal Pictures 1938
Ridin' Home With You Duning, G. Beverly Music Co. 1942
Ridin' Old Paint In The Sky Vayle, H. Wayne Bell Music Co. 1941
Ridin' On My Way Schaeffer, Mort M.M. Cole 1936
Ridin' That Ole Crooked Trail Revoli, Ace Cross & Winge Inc. 1935
Ridin' The Range Allan, Fleming
Autry, Gene
Shaw, Nelson
Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1937
Ridin' The Range Mattis, Ralph    
Ridin' The Trails Cool, Gomer Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Ridin' To Glory On A Trumpet McCoy, Clyde Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Ridin' To Tennessee Daily, W.
Bowman, Doc
Sminote, Tedd
Johnstone-Montei 1954
Ridin' To The Barn Dance, With The One I Love Kalar, Phil Chart Music 1941
Ridin' Up The River Road Woods, Harry Donaldson, Douglas, Gumble Inc. 1935
Riding Hobby Horses In The Park Otto, J.F.
Loring, Bob
Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1937
Riding On A Rainbow Graham, Berkeley
Mills, Carley
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1941
Riding On The Old Ferris Wheel Gregory, Bob
Davis, Joe
Joe Davis Inc. 1937
Rigamarole Mooney, Harold Luz Brothers 1935
Right About Face Johnson, J.C. Broadway Music Corp. 1935
Right As The Rain Arlen, Harold Crawford Music Corp. 1944
Right Girl For Me, The Edens, Rodger Robbins Music Corp. 1949
Right In The Middle O' Texas Rathven, Ormond Loews Inc. 1939
Right Kind Of Love, The Wayne, Mabel M. Witmark & Sons 1943
Right Now Kern, Jerome
Fisher, Fred
Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1940
Right Or Wrong Schertzinger, V. G. Schirmer 1937
Right Or Wrong Stept, Sam H. Irving Berlin Inc. 1936
Right Somebody To Love, The Pollack, Lew Movietone Music Corp. 1936
Right Under My Baby's Nose, I Found A Great Big Kiss Williams, Clarence Clarence Williams Pub. 1940
Rika Jika Jack Hagen, Walter
Sullivan, Marie
Dawson, Eli
G. Adams 1946
Ring Around A Rosie Harris, W. J.
Robinson, Harry
Will Rossiter 1918
Ring, Telephone Ring Novas, Bill
DeVol, Frank
Johnstone-Montei 1954
Rinka Tinka Man Kesler, Lew
Sillman, June
Mills Music Inc. 1938
Rinkydink Elsmo, Ralph Norman
Elsmo, Roy
Elsmo, Sverre
Royal Crown Music Co. 1942
Rio De Janeiro Barroso, Ary Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1944
Rio De La Plata Rubens, Hugo
French, Charles
Roy Music Co. 1939
Rio Nights Thompson, Fisher A.J. Stasny Music 1922
Rip Van Winkle Junior, Never Slept A Wink In Twenty Years Koppell, A. Albryan Pub. 1944
Rippy Tippy Tune Carpenter, Imogen
Prichard, Henry
Stewart, Al
Claremont Music 1950
Rise And Fall Of Love, The Williams, Bob Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Rise Up And Shine, America Morgan, Duke
Babcock, Dave
Excelsior Music 1943
Rising River Martin, Ted Bob Squires 1937
Rising Tide Still, William Grant Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1939
Ritmo De Chungo Prado, Perez Peer International Corp. 1961
River Man Cavanaugh, J.
Simon, Nat
Mysels, S.
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
River Seine, The LaFarge, Guy Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1949
Ro Ro Rollin' Along Mencher, Murray Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1930
Road I Passed Along, The MacFarlane, T. T. MacFarlane 1938
Road To Victory, The Loesser, Frank Saunders Pub. Inc. 1943
Roamin' Grant, Sterling
Smith, Chuck
Casale, Mike
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1930
Robin And A Rainbow And A Red, Red Rose, A Sachs, Jerome
Lowe, Jules
Republic Music Corp. 1951
Robin Hood Prima, Louis
Miketta, Bob
Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1944
Robin Hood Sigman, Carl Official Music 1955
Robin Hood Of The Ozarks Thomas, Luke
Braxton, Hank
Harrison Smith 1943
Robins & Roses Burke, Joe Bourne Inc. 1936
Rock & Roll Waltz, The Allen, Shorty Sheldon Music 1955
Rock & Roll Wedding Brandt, Eddie
Motola, George
Simon House Inc. 1956
Rock & Rye Polka Wellington, Larry Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Rock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody Schwartz, Jean Mills Music Inc. 1946
Rock Around The Clock Freedman, Max C.
DeKnight, J.
Meyers Music 1953
Rock Island Line Doegan, Lonnie Hollis Music Inc. 1956
Rock It For Me Werner, Kay
Werner, Sue
Words & Music Inc. 1938
Rock Me In The Cradle Of Kalua Wendling, Pete Irving Berlin 1931
Rock Me To Sleep In My Rocky Mountain Home Hill, B.
Brown, G.
Rasking, W.
Howard, Fred
Vincent, Nat
Vincent, Howard & Preeman 1930
Rock Right Edwards, Sherman Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1946
Rockambo Baby Prado, Perez Peer International Corp. 1960
Rockin' Chair Carmichael, H. Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1930
Rockin Chair Swing Schaeffer, Mary
Lopez, V.
Red Star Songs Inc. 1937
Rockin' The Town Green, J. M. Witmark & Sons 1937
Rocking Horse Parade, The Freniere, E. Roy Music Co. 1934
Rocky Mountain Express Tobias, C.
Tobias, H.
VonTilzer, Albert
Cross & Winge Inc. 1935
Rocky Mountain Trail Sooter, Rudy Cross & Winge Inc. 1938
Rodeo In Heaven Lohrman, Roger New Music Pub. 1941
Rodeo Rhythm Moore, Morrill
Moore, Eugene
Del Cal Theatres 1941
Roll Along Covered Wagon Kennedy, Jimmy Irving Berlin 1934
Roll Tanks Roll Waring, Fred
Dolph, Jack
Words & Music Inc. 1942
Roll Wagons Roll Rosoff, Charles Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Rolleo Rolling Along Tobias, Harry
Reid, Don
Tobias, Henry
Miller Music Inc. 1942
Roller Skating On A Rainbow Rose, Billy
Kahal, Irving
Warren, Harry
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1939
Rollin' Home DeRose, Peter Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1934
Rollin' Off A Log Provost, William Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Rollin' Plains Samuels, W.
Whitcup, L.
Powell, T.
Schuster & Miller Inc. 1937
Rollin' Westward Rellish, Bert   1939
Rolling Eggs On Easter Morn Sterling, Raymond A. Stirling Music Pub. Co. 1955
Rolling Home Porter, Cole Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Roman Guitar DiLazzaro, Eldo Alfred Music Co. Inc. 1937
Romance A La Mode Altman, Arthur Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1942
Romance In The Dark from The Paramount Picture "Romance In The Dark" Coslow, Sam
Neisen, Gertrude
Paramount Music Corp. 1938
Romance In The Rain from The Associated Features, Inc. Picture "Harlem On The Prairie" Womack, Lyle
Schaeffer, Mary
Porter, Lew
Red Star Songs Inc. 1937
Romance Me Mizzy, Vic Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1952
Romance Runs In The Family Hoffman, Al
Goodhart, Al
Kurtz, Manny
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1939
Romantic Guy, I, A Sharbutt, Del
Uhl, Richard
Stanton, Frank
Nationwide Songs Inc. 1941
Romeo Smith And Juliet Jones from The RKO Picture "Playmates" VanHeusen, Jimmy Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Room Five Hundred (500) Hammers, Gene David Gornston 1944
Room Full Of Roses Spencer, Tim Hill & Range Songs Inc. 1949
Room With A View, A  Swan, Einar Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1938
Room With A View, A from "This Year Of Grace" Coward Noel Chappell & Co. Inc. 1928
Rooster Song, The Babo, Lamartine
Barbosa, Paulo
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Rosa Bella LaFreniere, E.P. Roy Music Co. 1942
Rosa Lee Roth, Chas. H. Hamilton S. Gordon Inc. 1936
Rosa Mia Frasetto, Joe
Berk, Morty
Hays, Billy
Campbell, Loft & Porgie Inc. 1942
Rosa, Rosa Belasco, Leon Stept-Mitchell Inc. 1938
Rosalie Hibbeler, Ray Lena D. Moos 1935
Rosalita Dexter, Al Peer International Corp. 1942
Rose And A Prayer, A Harris, Remus
Woodward, Dan
Conn, Chester
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1941
Rose Ann Of Charing Cross Wayne, Mabel Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1942
Rose De Montmarte (Montmartre Rose) Lyman, Tommy Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1932
Rose I Bring You, The Conner, Tommie
Reine, Johnny
Cornell Music Inc. 1951
Rose In Her Hair, The Warren, Harry M. Witmark & Sons 1935
Rose O'Day Tobias, Charlie
Lewis, Al
Tobias & Lewis 1941
Rose Of Mandalay Koehler, Ted
Magine, Frank
Leo Feist Inc. 1928
Rose Of Maunawai Levine, Louis
Jones, Trevor
Joe Davis Inc. 1936
Rose Of Russia Lapham, Claude Claude Lapham Music Corp. 1942
Rose Of Santa Fe Willingham, Foy American Music Inc. 1942
Rose Of The World Herbert, Victor M. Witmark & Sons 1940
Rose Of Washington Square from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "Rose Of Washington Square" Hanley, James F. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1920
Rose Tattoo, The from Paramount's Picture "The Rose Tattoo" Warren, Harry Paramount Music Corp. 1955
Rose, Rose, I Love You Thomas, Wilfrid Chappell & Co. Inc. 1951
Rose, The Davis, Louis A. Davis & Ostergard 1940
Rosebuds Mason, Margaret Margaret Mason 1937
Rosemary Dodd, Jimmie
Loeb, John Jacob
Famous Music Corp. 1945
Roses Tobias, Henry Frank Clark Inc. 1926
Roses In December from The RKO Picture "Life Of The Party" Magidson, Herb
Oakland, Ben
Jessel, George
Irving Berlin 1937
Roses of Yesterday Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin 1952
Rosetta Hines, Earl
Woode, Henri
Joe Davis Inc. 1935
Rosewood Spinet, A Simon, Nat Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1948
Rosie Donohue, Lou
Schael, Gus
Hull, Russ
Bell Music Co. 1941
Rosie The Redskin Jacobs, Al Stasny-Lang Music Inc. 1938
Rosie The Riveter Evans, Redd
Loeb, John Jacob
Paramount Music Corp. 1942
Rosie's In Love Wid A Real Guy Foy, Bryan
Corbell, Paul
Villa-Moret Inc. 1929
Rosina Mia Augenti, Antonio T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Rough Idea Of My Old Kentucky Home, A Scholl, Jack
Browne, Bardford
Rich, Max
F.B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc. 1933
Round And Round Stallman, Lou
Shapiro, Joe
Rush Music Corp. 1956
Round Her Neck She Wears A Yeller Ribbon Norton, George A. Leo Feist Inc. 1917
Round My Old Deserted Farm Robison, Willard ABC Standard Music Pub. Inc. 1937
Route Sixty Six (66) Troup, Bobby Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1946
Roving Kind, The Cavanaugh, Jessie
Stanton, Arnold
Hollis Music Inc. 1950
Rowin' Up The River After Dark Whitcup, Leonard Broadway Music Corp. 1942
Rubber Bounce Williams, Enoch (Sonny Boy) Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1943
Ruby And The Pearl, The Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
Famous Music Corp. 1952
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Marks, Johnny St. Nicholas Music Inc. 1949
Rug Cuttin' At The Prison Roe, Gilbert
Krippene, Kenneth
Roe-Krippene Music Pub. 1941
Rumba Jumps, The Carmichael, Hoagy Mercer & Morris Inc. 1939
Rumba Rumba Pafumy, Jose' Peer International Corp. 1942
Rumba Tambah Hernandez, Rafael Alpha Music 1944
Rumble, Rumble, Rumble from The Paramount Picture "The Perils Of Pauline" Loesser, Frank Famous Music Corp. 1947
Rumors Are Flying Benjamin, Bennie
Weiss, George
Oxford Music Corp. 1946
Rumpel Stilts Kin Tobias, Charles
Lewis, Al
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1939
Run, Rabbit, Run Gay, Noel Noel Gay Music Co. 1939
Runaway Boy, The Keene, Hank T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1931
Runnin' Down Vaughan, Walt
Simon, Howard
Davis, Joe
Joe Davis Inc. 1939
Running A Temperature Fairchild, Edgar Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1936
Running Through My Mind Kenny, Charles
Kenny, Nick
ABC Standard Music Pub. Inc. 1939
Rushin' Around On Rush Street Ballantine, Ed
Craig, Doug
M.M. Cole 1940
Rushin' Around On Rush Street Ballantine, Ed
Craid, Doug
M.M. Cole 1940
Russian Rag Cobb, Geo. L. Will Rossiter 1918
Russian Rhumba Fisher, Fred
Jentes, Harry
Adelman, Sam
Adelman, Ben
Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1936
Russian Rose Miller, Sonny
Charles, Hugh
Irwin Dash Music Co. Ltd. 1941
Russians Are Crushing The Prussians, The Pearl, Lee
Shelly, Lou
Original Music Pub. Co. 1944
Rustic Rhapsody Erickson, Jack RegenT Music Corp. 1941
Rustling Leaves Are Whispering Williams, Frances Harold Flammer Inc. 1936
Rusty Hinge Brown, Burgess
LaFreniere, E.P.
Roy Music Co. 1930
Rutza, Rutza Laub, Paul
Hurwitz, Sadie
Conlan, Robert
Sheldon Music 1952


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