KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "P"
Title Composer Publisher Year
Pack Up Your Love And Kisses Dillon, William A. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1942
Paddler Man Brodszky, Nicholas Loews Inc. 1953
Paddlin' Madelin' Home Woods, Harry Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1954
Paddy DeFrancesco, L.E. Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1933
Paddy McGinty's Goat Weston, R.P.
Lee, Bert
The Two Bobs
Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1945
Paducah from The 20th Century Fox Picture
"The Gangs All Here"
Warren, Harry Triangle Music Corp. 1943
Pagan Moon Brent, Stan Stanford F. Brent 1940
Pagan Star Carmichael, Hoagy M. Witmark & Sons 1935
Page Miss Glory Warren, Harry M. Witmark & Sons 1935
Painissimo Benjamin, Bennie
Weiss, George
Santly Joy Select Inc. 1947
Paint In The Sky Harold, Charles Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1938
Painted Desert Lullaby McCray, Don
George, Don
Gold, Ernest
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Painting The Clouds With Sunshine Burke, Joe M. Witmark & Sons 1929
Pair Of Dimples And A Picture Hat, A Ager, Milton Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1935
Pal Of Mine Lambert, Eddie
Ray, Matt
Raybert Music Co. 1942
Pal Of My Cradle Days Piantado, Al Leo Feist Inc. 1925
Pal Of Pals Hightower, Daisy D. Sher 1930
Pal Sie, Wal Sie Stept, Sam H. Crawford Music Corp. 1934
Pale Moon Logan, Frederic Knight Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1922
Pale Moonlight Wenrich, Percy Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc.  
Pale Potomac Moon Godfrey, Arthur Joe Davis Inc. 1933
Paling Around With You Keyes, Gladys
Kelly, Mildred
Pickwick Music Corp. 1949
Palm Beach Duke, Vernon Lieut. Carl Fischer Inc. 1944
Palm Springs from The Paramount Picture "Palm Springs" Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Famous Music Corp. 1936
Palmera DeLara, Maria Teresa Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Palms Of Paradise from The Paramount Picture "Typhoon" Hollander, Frederick Famous Music Corp. 1940
Palooka Ronell, Ann
Burke, Johnny
Irving Berlin Inc. 1933
Pals Forever from The Tiffany-Stahl Production "New Orleans" Riesenfeld, Hugo
Shapiro, Ted
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1929
Panama Gypsy E.C. Musgrave 1930
Panama Lambert, Edward J.
Dolin, Gerald
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1934
Panamania Coslow, Sam
Siegel, Al
Famous Music Corp. 1937
Pancho Maximillian Hernandez Hilliard, Bob
Frisch, Al
United Music Corp. 1947
Panic Is On, The Clarke, George & Bert
Tharp, Winston
Waller, "Fats"
Irving Berlin Inc. 1936
Papa Don't Like Boogie Woogie Stuff Brown, Thelma Mary L.R. Matlock Music Pub. Co. 1942
Papa Loves Mambo Hoffman, Al
Manning, Dick
Reichner, Bix
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1954
Papa Niccolini Edwards, Anne Jean
George, Don
Mutual Music Society Inc. 1941
Papa, Won't You Dance With Me? Styne, Jule Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1947
Papaya Simon, Nat
Newell, Roy
Superior Music Co. Inc. 1938
Papaya Mama Sandler, George
Coleman, Larry
Gimbel, Norman
Sheldon Music Inc. 1953
Paper Doll Black, Johnny S. Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1943
Paper Doll Parade, The Michels, Walt Will Rossiter 1938
Parade Of The Little White Mice Faxioli, Caesar
Fazioli, Bernardo
Alpert, Mickey
Santly Joy Select Inc. 1939
Parade Of The Lollypops Roth, Charles H. Hamilton S. Gordon Inc. 1936
Parade Of The Penguins Roth, Charles H. H.S. Gordon Inc.
E.B. Marks, Agents
Paradise Brown, Nacio Herb Nacio Herb Brown 1931
Paradise In The Moonlight Autry, Gene
Rose, Fred
Western Music Pub. Co. 1939
Paradise In Waltz Time from The Paramount Picture "Champagne Waltz" Coslow, Sam
Hollander, Frederick
Popular Melodies Inc. 1936
Paradise Isle Koki, Sam Mills Music Corp. 1937
Paradise Lane O'Flynn, Charles
McCarthy, Charlie
Addy, Mickey
Leo Feist Inc. 1933
Paradise Moon Meany, Ray
Kaai, Bernie Keoki
Peer International Corp. 1942
Pardon Me, Cherie Brown, Keith Crosby Harold Flammer Inc. 1937
Pardon Me, For Falling In Love Williams, Griff
Rigdon, Elmer (Joe)
Chart Music Pub. House Inc. 1941
Pardon Me, Pretty Baby Rose, Vincent Kornheiser-Schuster Inc. 1931
Paris North, John Ringling
Coots, J. Fred
Carl Fischer Inc. 1944
Paris In Tears Lapham, Claude Claude Lapham 1941
Paris Valentine, A  from The 20th Century Fox Production "The Man Who Understood Women" Dolan, Robert E. Robbins Music Corp. 1959
Paris Will Be Paris Once Again Rosenberg, Jack
Cunningham, Paul
Schuster, Ira
Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1944
Parrot, The from The RKO Production "George White's Scandals" Abreu, Zequinha Peer International Corp. 1945
Partner, It's The Parting Of The Way Barry, Bill Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Partners from The United Artist Film "The Powers Girl" Styne, Jule Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1942
Pass Me By Johnston, Vera Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Pass The Peace Pipe Edens, Roger
Martin, Hugh
Blane, Ralph
Robbins Music Corp. 1947
Passe' DeLange, Eddie
Sigman, Carl
Meyer, Joseph
Leo Feist Inc. 1946
Passing By Hess, John
Misraki, Paul
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1947
Passing Fancy Hilliard, Bob
Mann, Dave
Broadcast Music Inc. 1947
Passport Photographer, Go To A Perkins, Ray Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Pat, Me Darlin' Evans, Anne M. University Music Co. 1942
Patch Up My Heart Felton, "Happy"
Troy, Caroline J.
Luz Brothers Music Pub. 1937
Patches, In An Old Fashioned Quilt Kuhn, Bobbie
Clarke, Sylvia
Frank, Ruth
M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1941
Patience And Fortitude Warren, Blackie
Moore, Billy Jr.
Leeds Music Corp. 1946
Patiently Watson, Art Merrell Schwarz Music Co. 1940
Patricia Davis, Benny Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1950
Patricia Mine Paula, C.W. Richards Pub. Co. & Herman Darewski 1934
Patty Cake Man, The Jordan, Roy Capitol Songs Inc. 1944
Patty Cake, Patty Cake Razaf, Andy
Johnson, J.C.
Waller, Thomas "Fats"
Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1938
Pavanne (Piano Solo) Gould, Morton Mills Music Corp. 1938
Pay Day Raneri, Guy Guy Raneri 1936
Pay The Fiddler Goyer, Lois Lois Goyer 1950
Peace And Love For All Carr, Leon New Era Music Corp. 1941
Peace Of Mind Gibbons, Carroll Campbell, Connelly & Co. Ltd. 1929
Peace, Brother VanHeusen, Jimmy Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1939
Peace, Brother, Peace Williams, Clarence Clarence Williams 1937
Peaceful Valley Robison, Willard Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Peach Tree Street Razaf, Andy
Bonds, Margaret
Davis, Joe
Georgia Music Corp. 1939
Peanuts And Kisses Alter, Louis T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Pebbles In The Pond Kanner, Jerry Top Music Pub. Inc. 1956
Peckin' Pollack, Ben
James, Harry
Mills Music Corp. 1937
Pedal Your Blues Away Wells, Bob
Griffin, Gerald
Miller, Bob
Bob Miller Inc. 1936
Peelin' The Peach Dick, Dorothy
Link, Harry
ABC Music Corp. 1938
Peggy Moret, Neil Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1946
Peggy O'Neil Pease, Harry
Nelson, Ed. G.
Dodge, Gilbert
Leo Feist Inc. 1921
Pele Livingston, Jerry Belwin Inc. 1940
Pell Street Bells Fisher, Fred Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1931
Penelope Rene, Leon
Alexander, Red
Saunders Pub. 1943
Pennies In A Tea Cup Carry, Myrtle Louise Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Pennsylvania Polka Lee, Lester
Manners, Zeke
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1942
Penny For Your Thoughts, A Johnson, George Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Penny Serenade Weersma, Nellie World Wide Music 1938
Pensive Mize, J.T.H. David Gornston 1941
Penthouse For Rent, A Silver, Abner
Schaeffer, Mary
Red Star Music Co. Inc. 1939
Penthouse In The Basement Lehr, Lew
Bishop, Walter
LaFreniere, E.P.
Roy Music Co. Inc. 1940
Penthouse On The Palisades Pronin, Michael Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Peony Bush, The Willson, Meredith Leeds Music Corp. 1949
People Like You Cooke, Harold Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
People Like You And Me Warren, Harry Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1942
Pepito And His Violin Bloch, R.
Breuder, W.E.
Rusincky, P.
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1938
Pepper Hot Baby Evelyn, Alicia Sheldon Music Inc. 1955
Perdido (Lost) Lenk, Harry
Drake, Ervin
Tempo Music 1942
Perfect Dream, The Baskette, B.
Alban, Theodore
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Perfidia Dominquez, Alberto Peer International Corp. 1941
Perhaps Barnes, Cliff Evan Georgeoff Music 1936
Periquito Guizar, Toto Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1935
Pernambuco Loesser, Frank Susan Pub. 1948
Persian Rug Kahn, Gus
Moret, Neil
Villa-Moret Inc. 1927
Personality VanHeusen, Jimmy Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1945
Personality Stept, Sam H. Stept & Powers Inc. 1932
Pessimistic Character, The Monoco, James V. Santly Joy Select Inc. 1940
Pete The Piper Russell, Henry Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Peter Cottontail Nelson, Steve
Rollins, Jack
Hill & Range Songs 1950
Peter Piper Whiting, R.A. Robbins Music Corp. 1936
Petite Waltz, The Heyne, Joe Duchess Music Corp. 1950
Petticoats Of Portugal Durso, Michael
Mitchell, M.
Kahn, M.
Christopher Music 1956
Peyton Place Yuffy, B.
Tate, Hal
Bass, David
Brandon Music Co. 1957
Phantom In The Dark Carroll, Laurette Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Phantom Of The Blues Rose, Fred Larry Conley Inc. 1927
Phantom Pianist, The Salon, Jeanette
Menzies, Hamish
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1951
Phil The Fluter's Ball French, W.P. Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1937
Pianissimo Benjamin, Bennie
Weiss, George
Santly Joy Select Inc. 1947
Piccolino, The from The RKO Film "Top Hat" Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1935
Piccolo Pete Baxter, Phil J.W. Jenkins & Sons Music Co. 1929
Piccolo Polka Meade, Sam Banner Music Co. 1941
Pick Me A Star Maxwell, Sanders Harold Flammer Inc. 1937
Pick Yourself Up Hanley, James F. Red Star Music Co. Inc. 1930
Picnic Song, The Dello, Carmen
Dello, Theresa
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1950
Picture Me Without You from The 20th Century Fox Picture "Picture Me Without You" McHugh, Jimmy Leo Feist Inc. 1936
Pied Piper Of Harlem, The Anderson, Gordon Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Pig Foot Pete Raye, Don
DePaul, Gene
Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Pig Got Up And Slowly Walked Away, The Burt, Benjamin H. F.B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc. 1933
Pigalle Ulmer, Georges Leeds Music Corp. 1949
Piggy Wiggy Woo Baer, Abel
Cunningham, Paul
Schuster, Ira
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1939
Pigskin Parade (Football Medley) from The 20th Century Fox Picture "Pigskin Parade" Pollack, Lew
McKay, Art
Movietone Music Corp. 1936
Pillow Wet With Tears, A Moret, Neil Villa-Moret Inc. 1931
Pin Striped Pants Gilbert, Ray
Russell, Bob
Massey Music Co. 1949
Pineapple Swing Fisher, Fred
Fisher, Doris
Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1937
Pink Elephants Dixon, Mort
Woods, Harry
Keit-Engel Inc. 1932
Pink Sweater Angel Wood, Guy Planetary Music Pub. Corp. 1957
Pipe Dreaming Porter, Cole   1946
Pistol Packin' Mama Dexter, Al Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1943
Pitter Patter Serenade, The Modugno, Domenico Miller Music Corp. 1958
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Merrill, Bob Oxford Music Corp. 1952
Pizzicato Polka, The Lava, Bill Transamerican Music Corp. 1940
Plain Old Me Ramano, Tony
Amsterdam, Morey
Crosby, Larry
Crawford Music Corp. 1935
Plains Of Old Wyoming, The Cool, Gomer Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Plans LaFreniere, E.P.
Ginhart, T.
Musicant, B.
Roy Music Co. Inc. 1936
Plant A Little Garden In Your Own Back Yard Leopold, Walter Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1942
Plant Some Flowers By My Grave McClendon, Ruppert
Davis, Jimmie
Peer International Corp. 1942
Play A Simple Melody Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1942
Play Me A Hurtin' Tune Lippman, Sid Pickwick Music Corp. 1951
Play Me Hearts And Flowers Green, Sanford Advanced Music Corp. 1955
Play The Playera Cugat, Xavier
Drake, Ervin
Shirl, Jim
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1948
Play To Me, Gipsy Vacek, Karel Irving Berlin Inc. 1934
Play, Hurdy-Gurdy, Play Conn, Chester
Harvey, Al
Grant, Fred
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1949
Playboy Of Paree from The Warner Brothers Picture "Broadway Hostess" Wrubel, Allie Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1935
Playground In The Sky from "Sidewalks Of New York" Dowling, Eddie
Hanley, James
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1927
Pleasant Dreams Davis, Joe Beacon Music Co. 1941
Please Believe Me Jacobs, Al Sherman, Clay & Co. 1935
Please Come Out Of Your Dream Sigman, Carl Words & Music Inc. 1938
Please Don't Say No from The MGM Picture "Thrill Of Romance" Fain, Sammy Leo Feist Inc. 1944
Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone Clare, Sidney
Stept, Sam H.
Palmer, Bee
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1930
Please Don't Tell Her I Told You Wartell, Max
Wallman, Irving
Wartell & Wallman 1939
Please Keep Me In Your Dreams Lawnhurst, Vee Famous Music Corp. 1936
Please Kiss Me Good Night Cassel, Milton
Cassel, Charlotte
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Please Mr. Sun Getzov, Ray Weiss & Barry Inc. 1951
Please My Nerves Ager, Milton Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1928
Please No Squeeza Da Banana Prima, Louis
Zero, Jack
Jaffe, Ben
Leeds Music Corp. 1944
Please Pardon Us, We're In Love Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Miller Music Corp. 1937
Please Play Our Song Marcus, Bob
Stewart, Larry
Sheldon Music Inc. 1953
Please Put On Your Wraps And Toddle Home Wayne, Mabel Chappell & Co. Inc. 1935
Please Send Me To Jail, Judge Redmond, John
David, Lee
Gordon, Ben
Joe Davis Inc. 1939
Please Think Of Me Davis, Benny
Morgan, Russ
Murry, Ted
M. Witmark & Sons 1942
Please Won't You Leave My Girl Alone McHugh, Jimmy Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Plenty To Be Thankful For from The Paramount Picture "Holiday Inn" Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1942
Poem Set To Music, A Warren, Harry Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1942
Poinciana Simon, Nat Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1936
Point Of View Song, The Allen, Robert Frank Music Corp. 1954
Polly Put The Kettle On Shalit, Joseph Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Polly Put Your Slippers On Redmond, John
Sanford, Dick
Weldon, Frank
Joe Davis Inc. 1938
Polly Wolly Doodle from The Fox Picture "The Littlest Rebel" Clare, Signey
DeSylva, B.G.
Movietone Music Corp. 1935
Polynesian Hideaway Brent, Stan Stanford F. Brent 1940
Pompanola from "Three Cheers" Hubbell, Raymond DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1928
Pon My Soul Longfellow, Maury J.W. Jenkins & Sons Music Co. 1933
Poor As A Church Mouse from "Sadie Thompson" Duke, Vernon Paramount Music Corp. 1944
Poor Butterfly Hubbell, Raymond T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1916
Poor Lenore Ayers, Lita
Ayers, Bob
Drake, Ervin
Peer International Corp. 1945
Poor Little Angeline Grosz, Will Gershwin Pub. Corp. 1936
Poor Little Penguin Donnelly, Jim
Packham, Eldridge
Peer International Corp. 1941
Poor Little Rhode Island from The Columbia Picture "Carolina Blues" Styne, Jule Skidmore Music Co. Inc. 1944
Poor Little Sub, Deb Touchette, Charles A-1 Music Pub. Of America 1941
Poor Moon Forshew, Robert Pierpont II Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Poor Old Joe Carmichael, Hoagy Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Poor Pauline Walker, Raymond Broadcast Music Inc. 1914
Poor People Lombardo, Carmen Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1928
Poor People Of Paris, The Monnot, Marguerite Reg Connelly Music Inc. 1954
Poor Pinocchio's Nose Newman, Alfred Green Brothers & Knight Inc. 1939
Poor Robinson Crusoe Stillman, Al
Hyde, Alex
Adlam, Basil G.
Luz Brothers Music Pub. 1937
Poor You from The MGM Picture "Ship Ahoy" Lane, Burton   1942
Pop, Goes Your Heart Wrubel, Allie
Weirick, Paul
M. Witmark & Sons 1934
Pop, Pop, Poppin' Pop, Corn Dawson, Eli
Donez, Ian
Dupree, Harry
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Popocatepetl Duning, George Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Poppa Piccolino Mascheroni Chappell & Co. Inc. 1953
Poppa, Don't Preach To Me from The Paramount Picture "The Perils Of Pauline" Loesser, Frank Famous Music Corp. 1947
Poppy from The Paramount Picture "Poppy" Coslow, Sam
Hollander, Frederick
Famous Music Corp. 1936
Port Au Prince Wayne, Bernie Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1956
Portrait Of A Lady Forrest, Ben
Furlett, Frank
A-1 Music Pub. Of America 1939
Portrait Of Jennie Robinson, J. Russel Chappell & Co. Inc. 1948
Posin' Cahn, Sammy
Chaplin, Saul
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1937
Positively No Dancing Roman, Martin Weiss & Barry Inc. 1954
Possum Song Shand, Terry Harry Warren Music Inc. 1947
Postman Passes My Door, The Smith, Kenneth Lesle Select Music Pub. Inc. 1935
Pot Luck Hoffman, Al
Manning, Dick
Supreme Music Corp. 1952
Pots And Pans Ross, Lanny Nationwide Songs Inc. 1941
Pound Your Table Polka Zattas, D. Colonial Music Pub. Co. 1941
Powder Blue Shelley, Gladys
BcGrane, Paul
Moss, Harry
Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1944
Powder Your Face With Sunshine Lombardo, Carmen
Rochinski, Stanley
Lombardo Music Inc. 1948
Practice Makes Perfect Roberts, Don
Gold Ernest
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Prairie Boy Sherman, Al Joe Morris Music Co. 1939
Prairie Is My Home, The Jerome, M.K. Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1936
Prairie Road's A Windin' Mitchell, Maude J.
Coburn, Richard
Syndicate Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Prairie Rose Williams, Jess
Dill, Walter
J.W. Jenkins & Sons Music Co. 1924
Prairie Schooner Pease, Harry
Nelson, E.G.
Haid, Billy
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition Loesser, Frank Famous Music Corp. 1942
Pray Together And We'll Stay Together Redmond, John Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1948
Preacher And The Bear, The Arzonia, Joe Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1936
Precious Little One Samuels, Walt G.
Whitcup, L.
Powell, Teddy
Leo Feist Inc. 1935
Precious Little Thing Called Love, A Davis, Lou
Coots, J. Fred
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1928
Precious Memory, A Tillman, Floyd Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Prelude To A Kiss Ellington, Duke American Academy Of Music Inc. 1938
Prelude To A Kiss Ellington, Duke Mills Music Corp. 1938
President Roosevelt Williams, Mr. & Mrs. John E. John E. Williams 1934
President's Lady, The Newman, Alfred Leo Feist Inc. 1953
Pretend Douglas, Lew
Parman, Cliff
Lavere, Frank
Brandon Music Co. 1952
Pretend You Don't See Her Allen, Steve Resemeadow Pub. Co. 1954 & 1957
Pretending Sherman, Al Criterion Music Corp. 1946
Pretty Baby Jackson, Tony
VanAlstyne, Egbert
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1916
Pretty Co-ed Has Gone To My Head, A Fogarty, Paul Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Pretty Eyed Baby Williams, Mary Lou
Johnson, William
Pickwick Music Corp. 1951
Pretty Eyes Lunceford, Jimmie
Welsh, Ona
Reddie, J. Milton
New Era Music Corp. 1940
Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow, A Edens, Roger Leo Feist Inc. 1940
Pretty Girl, A Lovely Evening, A Fiorite, Ted
Tobias, Harry
Moret, Neil
Mills Music Corp. 1934
Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes Mizzy, Vic Santly Joy Inc. 1944
Pretty Kitty Kelly Pease, Harry
Nelson, Ed. G.
Stasny-Lang Music Inc. 1945
Pretty Little Bells Skylar, Sunny World Music Inc. 1951
Pretty Little Busy Body Lewis, Al
Stock, Larry
Rose, Vincent
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1941
Pretty Little Dinah Jones Mullen, J.B. Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. Co. 1902
Pretty Prairie Belle Yuffy, Bernie Bourne Inc. 1945
Pretty Quadroon Vincent, Nat
Howard, Fred
M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1935
Pride Of The Prairie, Mary Botsford, George Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc.  
Pride Of The Prairie, Mary Botsford, George Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1943
Prisoner Of Love Robin, Leo
Gaskill, Clarence
Columbo, Russ
Mayfair Music Corp. 1931
Prisoner Of Love Columbo, Russ Mayfair Music Corp. 1931
Private Jimmy Johnson Foster, Warren Fletcher Pub. Co. 1942
Prom Waltz, The Meyer, Walter Lanford Ted Browne Music Co. Inc. 1935
Promise Fischer, Carl Royal Music Publisher 1946
Promise To Be True While I'm Away Whelan, Ekko Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Promises Hoffman, Al
Drake, Milton
Livingston, Jerry
Marchant Music Pub. 1945
Proposal Waltz, The Levinson, Jery Crawford Music Corp. 1936
Proud Davis, Benny
Coots, J. Fred
Mills Music Corp. 1936
Proud Frenchmen, Arise Kane, Henry Patriotic Music Publishing Co. 1943
Proud Ones, The Newman, Lionel Weise & Barry Inc. 1956
Prove It By The Things You Do Roberts, Allan
Fisher, Doris
Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1945
Public Heartbreaker Number One Lee, Bob
Romano, Tony
Amsterdam, Morey
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Public Melody Number One Arlen, Harold Famous Music Corp. 1937
Pucker Up Your Lips, Miss Lindy VonTilzer, Albert Broadcast Music Inc. 1939
Puddin' Head Jones Handman, Lou Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1933
Punchinello Wright, Bob
Forrest, Chet
ABC Music Corp. 1939
Puppchen Kalmar, Bert
Ruby, Harry
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1935
Puppy Love Raye, Don
Oakland, Ben
Hub Music Co. 1952
Purple Heather, The Evans, Anne M. University Music Co. 1941
Purple Pyramids Twomey, Kathleen
Thomas, Peter
Wainer, Lee
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Pushin' Along Evans, Redd
Gomez, Johnny
Mutual Music Society Inc. 1941
Pushin' Sand Simmons, George Regent Music Corp. 1942
Put A Ring On My Finger Duke, Robert Allegro Music 1958
Put Another Chair At The Table Nelson, Richard
Gant, Cecil Pvt.
Leeds Music Corp. 1945
Put Away A Little Ray Of Golden Sunshine Ahlert, Fred E. Henry Waterson Inc. 1924
Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon Styne, Jule Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1948
Put It Here, Uncle Sam Thompson, Ralph Somerville Fredric Watson Association 1941
Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Billy Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1935
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet Wenrich, Percy Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1909
Put On Your Slippers And Fill Up Your Pipe VonTilzer, Albert Broadcast Music Inc. 1916
Put That Down In Writing Warren Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1939
Put That Kiss Back Where You Found It DeRose, Peter Robbins Music Corp. 1946
Put That Ring On My Finger Skylar, Sunny
Ryan, Randy
ABC Music Corp. 1945
Put That Sun Back In The Sky Meyer, Joseph M. Witmark & Sons 1931
Put The Blame On Mame Roberts, Allan
Fisher, Doris
Sun Music Co. Inc. 1946
Put The Swanee Up In Bottles Marks, Gerald Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1939
Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey VonTilzer, Albert Broadway Music Corp. 1937
Put Your Heart In A Song Churchill, Frank Miller Music Corp. 1938
Put Your Little Foot Right Out Spier, Larry Larry Spier Inc. 1939
Put Your Little Foot There Skyler, Sunny Melody Lane Inc. 1940
Put Your Shoes On, Lucy Fort, Hank Bourne Inc. 1947
Put Your Trust In The Moon Callender, Charles Art Music Co. 1941
Put Yourself In My Place, Baby Carmichael, Hoagy
Laine, Frankie
Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1947
Put, Put, Put Hoffman, Al
Curtis, Mann
Livingston, Jerry
Miller Music Corp. 1942
Puttin' On The Ritz Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1929


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