KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "N"
Title Composer Librettist Publisher Year
Nagasaki Warren, Harry
Dixon, Mort
  Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1928
Nami Nami Nam Myrow, Josef
Mills, Irving
Redman, John
  Exclusive Pub. Inc. 1938
Nancy Brown Crawford, Clifton   Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Nancy, With The Laughing Face VanHeusen, Jimmy Silvers, Phil Stanwood Music 1944
Nango, The Warren, Harry Gordon, Mack Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1941
Nannie, My Mountain Girl Ayres, H.T. Merrill, Clifton E. Clifton E. Merrill 1938
Napoleon Abrams, Vic   Kahl Music 1954
Natch Dennis, Matt Cooper, Paul Crystal Music 1947
Naturally Barris, Harris McCarty, Joe Lincoln Music Corp. 1938
Nature's Symphony Dorfman, Wilbur
Schwartz, Bernie
  Merrell Schwarz Music 1937
Naughty Angeline Roberts, Allen
Lee, Lester
  George Simon 1947
Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane, The Bennett, Roy C. Tepper, Sid George Paxton Music Inc. 1954
Naughty, Naughty, I'm Surprised At You Oakland, Ben Drake, Milton M. Whitmark & Sons 1937
Naval March Song Pasarich, Pierre   P. Pasarich 1933
Navy Gets The Gravy But The Army Gets The Beans, The Livingston, Jerry   Paramount Music Corp. 1950
Near You Craig, Francis Goell, Kermitt Supreme Music 1947
Nearness Of You, The Hoagy Carmichael Washington, Ned Famous Music Corp. 1940
Neatest Trick Of The Week McCray, Don
Sour, Robert
Gold, Ernest
  Broadcast Music Inc. 1942
Neath' The Crest Of The Western Moon Hull, Russ Light, Carl W. Bell Music 1939
Neath' The Moon At Saskatoon Akst, Harry Wolfe, Gilbert L. L. Wolfe Gilbert 1937
Neath' The Old Cherry Tree Sweet Marie VanAlstyne, E. Williams, Harry Jerome H. Remick 1907
Necessity Lane, Burton Harburg, E.Y. The Player Music 1946
Need Me Curtis, Ernesto   Peer International Corp. 1952
Need You Blackburn, J.
Mitchell, Teepee
Porter, L.
  Choice Music 1949
Needin' You Like I Do DeVoll, Cal
Cameron, Al
Bontsema, Pete
  Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1929
Needle In A Haystack, A Conrad, Con Magidson, Herb T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Neglected Taylor, Larry
Mott, Harold
Greiner, Lynn
  Reis & Taylor Inc. 1941
Negra Consentida Pardava, Joaquin   Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1945
Nenita Warren, Harry Gordon, Mack Mills Music Inc. 1940
Neopolitan Nights Zamecnik, J. S. Kerr, Harry D. Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1935
Nero Razaf, Andy
Denniker, Paul
Davis, Joe
  Joe Davis Inc. 1937
Nesting Time Dixon, Mort
Monaco, James V.
  Henry Waterson 1927
Nevada Donaldson, Walter
Greene, Mort
  Dorsey Brothers Music Inc. 1943
Nevada Moon Healy, Lon   W.A. Quinke 1931
Never Denniker, Paul   Joe Davis Inc. 1931
Never A Day Goes By Donaldson, W.
DeRose, Peter
Parish, M.
  Mills Music Inc. 1943
Never Again Coward, Noel   Chappell & Co. Inc. 1938
Never Be Afraid Keith, M.
Bergman, A.
Spence, L.
  Walton Music 1957
Never Before Livingston, Jerry David, Mack Paramount Music Corp. 1951
Never Felt Better, Never Had Less Baer, Abel
Hess, Cliff
  Mills Music Inc. 1938
Never Gonna Dance Kern, Jerome Fields, Dorothy Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Never In All My Life Schneider, John J.   Songtex Music 1935
Never Knew I'd Miss You Quite So Much Novelli, Syl Dee, Sylvia Broadcast Music Inc. 1945
Never Let Me Go Livingston, Jerry
Evans, Ray
  Famous Music Corp. 1956
Never Should Have Told You Franklin, Dave Friend, Cliff Popular Melodies Inc. 1936
Never Too Late To Pray Livingston, Fud Robison, Willard Seneca Music 1945
Never Took A Lesson In My Life Lawrence, J.
Foore, Diana
  ABC Music Corp. 1940
Never Water A Lily With Wine Cavanaugh, James
Simon, Nat
Raymond, Harold
  Superior Music Co. Inc. 1942
Nevermore Marks, Gerald Lerner, Sam G. Marks & Sam Lerner 1948
New Aloha Moon, A Beecher, Gordon   Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
New Deal In Love Robinson, J. Russel
Livingston, Bill
  Harry Engel Inc. 1934
New Deal Review, The Clark, Luther A. Rudy, C.I. C.I. Rudy 1936
New Faces Henderson, Charles   Leo Feist Inc. 1937
New Friends, True Friends Pike, Fred W. Stuart, Streeter F.W. Pike 1937
New Look, The Allen, Barclay
Hillman, Roc
Ide, Barney
  Martin Music 1948
New Love In Old Mexico Wainer, Lee Twomey, Kay Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
New Moon And An Old Serenade Silver, Abner
Block, Martin
Coslow, Sam
  Irving Berlin Inc. 1939
New Moon Is Over My Shoulder, A Brown, Nacio Herb Freed, Arthur Metro-Goldwyn Mayer 1934
New O'Leans from The Picture "Thanks A Million" Kahn, Gus
Johnson, Arthur
  Robbins Music Corp. 1935
New Orleans Alter, Louis DeLange, Eddie Edwin H. Morris 1946
New Shade Of Blue, A Smith, Russ
Flora, James
  Sheldon-Mitchell 1941
New Shoes Irwin, Will Carrol, June Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1943
New Sun In The Sky Swartz, Arthur Dietz, Howard T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1931
New Trail In The Sky, A Stone, Eddie
Graham, B.
Bergman, Dewey
  Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1943
New York Papa Leach, Ernest   Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
Next Time You Feel Important, The Lippman, Sid   Pickwick Music Corp. 1954
Nice Dreamin' Baby Bergman, Dewey
Wirges, William
Wise, Fred
Leeds, Milton
London Music Corp. 1941
Nice To Know You Care Baguley, Leslie Newell, Norman Mogull Music Corp. 1949
Nice To See You Again (Popular Piano And Voice) Stutz, Carl
Barefoot, Carl
  Mills Music Inc. 1956
Nice Work If You Can Get It Gershwin, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin Pub. Corp. 1937
Nickel Ain't Worth A Cent Today, A Segal, Jack
Norman, Fredbee
  Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1951
Nickel Serenade, The Remark, Axel
Stanton, Frank
Sharbutt, Del
  Nationwide Songs Inc. 1941
Nickel To My Name, A Duke, Vernon Latouche, John Robbins Music Corp. 1941
Nicknames Hoffman, Al
Kent, Walter
Kurtz, Manny
  Lincoln Music Corp. 1939
Nicolasa Brito, Ernesto R. Duarte   Peer International Corp.
(Sole Selling Agent)
Night Pascal, Milton
Fairchild, Edgar
  Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1936
Night After Night After You Wayne, Mabel Swanstrom, Arthur Words & Music Inc. 1939
Night Before Christmas Baer, Abel Lewis, Sam M. Chappell & Co. Inc. 1938
Night Game In Brooklyn Boutelle, Charles   Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Night Glow Dallin, Jacques   Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1939
Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The Mizzy, Vic Taylor, Irving Harry Tenney Inc. 1940
Night Has A Thousand Eyes, The Brainin, Jerry Bernier, Buddy Paramount Music Corp. 1948
Night In Manhattan Robins, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
  Famous Music Corp. 1936
Night Is Filled With Memories, The Grant, Bruno Whitney, Joan Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Night Is Filled With Music, The from The RKO Picture "Carefree" Berlin, Irving   Irving Berlin Inc. 1938
Night Is Young, The Romberg, Sigmund Hammerstein,
Oscar II
Robbins Music Corp. 1935
Night Lights Conn, Chester Gallop, Sammy Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1956
Night Mists In The Canyon Grant, Allan DuMond, Joe Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1939
Night Must Come James, Carleton Muenzen, Margaret Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Night Must Fall Cugat, Xavier
Shaw, Barnett
  Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1939
Night Of Nights Corday Leo
Weiss, Stephan
Mann, Paul
  Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1941
Night Over Mexico Kinske, Georgia   Carl Sobie Music Pub. 1942
Night Over Shanghai from The Warner Brothers Picture "The Singing Marine" Mercer, Johnny
Warren, Harry
  Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1937
Night Over Tahiti Dee, Sylvia
Boutelle, Charles
Taiani, Hugo
  Latin American Pub. Corp. 1942
Night Shall Be Filled With Music, The Kalet, Paul
Franklin, Dan
  Peer International Corp. 1942
Night Shift (Piano Solo) Butterfield, Erskine Gitre, Anna B. Joe Davis Music 1942
Night That Gave Me You, The Gregory, Bobby McCaffrey, James Joe McDaniel Music Co. 1938
Night That She Cried In My Beer, The Stept, Sam H. Washington, Ned T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Night That You Were Mine, The Foote, Herbert Stewart, Phil Hubert J. Braun Music Co. 1937
Night The Wind And Me, The Ruben, Louis A. Razaf, Andy Louis A. Ruben 1935
Night Time Arthur, Gene
Emmett, Dick
Arthur, Gene
Fox, Joe
Apex Music Inc. 1942
Night Train Forrest, Jimmy Washington, Oscar
Simpkins, Lewis C.
Pamlee Music Co. 1952
Night Train To Memphis Smith, Beasley
Hughes, Marvin
Bradley, Owen
  Peer International Corp. 1942
Night Was Filled With Stars Cesana, Otto Moore, Arthur Carl Fischer Inc. 1935
Night Was Given To You, The Miller, Ashley   Cooper Music Inc. 1941
Night We Called It A Day, The Dennis, Matt Adair, Tom Embassy Music Corp. 1941
Night We Met In Honomu, The Ross, Lanny   Nationwide Songs Inc. 1941
Night We Met, The Gifford, Gene
Gray, Glen
Pease, Harry
  Irving Berlin Inc. 1933
Night We Said Goodbye, The Scarborough, Elmer   Peer International Corp. 1942
Night Wind Rothberg, Bob
Pollock, Dave
Link, Harry
  Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1934
Night You Said Goodbye, The Stept, Sam H.   Kalmar & Ruby Music Corp. 1938
Nightfall In Louisiana Coots, J. Fred Davis, Benny Mills Music Inc. 1937
Nightingale Cugat, Xavier
Rosner, George
Wise, Fred Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1942
Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square, A Sherwin, Manning Maschwitz, Eric Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1940
Nightingale Song, A Grobling, John   Carl Sobie 1942
Nights Of Splendor Zamecnik, J.S. Kerr, Harry D. Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1925
Nighty Night Beacon, Leslie   Beacon Music Co. 1941
Nighty Night Davis, Joe   Joe Davis Inc. 1941
Nimitz And Halsey And Me Barnhart, Ralph Beecher, Gordon Robbins Music Corp. 1945
Nina Sunshine, Marion
Nieto, "Johnny"
  Antobal Music 1946
Nina Samuels, Walter G. Whitcup, Leonard Santly Brothers 1934
Nina Never Knew Alter, Louis Drake, Milton Jefferson Music Co. Inc. 1952
Nina Non Lewis, Doug
Yuffy, Bernard
Raye, Ricky
  Frederick Music Co. 1953
Ninety Nine (99) Out Of A Hundred Wanna Be Loved Sherman, Al Lewis, Al    
Ninna Nanna Guaraldi, Romeo Emilio   M. Baron Inc. 1939
Ninnetta Mia Viggiani, Frank   Ideal Music Pub. Co. 1942
Ninon Kaper, Bronislau
Jurmann, Walter
Adamson, Harold Robbins Music Corp. 1935
Nitee Nite Kaye, Sammy
Dennis, George
Adelson, Lenny Republic Music Corp. 1941
No Carpenter, Imogen   Goday Music Corp. 1952
No Arms Can Ever Hold You Crafer, Art
Nebb, Jimmy
  Gil Music Corp. 1955
No Can Do Simon, Nat Tobias, Charlie Robbins Music Corp. 1945
No Foolin' Graham, Berkeley
Mills, Carley
  Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
No Good Alvin & Melisande   Nusong Music Pub. 1941
No Good River Stone, Irving   Ted Browne Music Co. Inc. 1935
No Good Son Of A Gun, A Nolan, Bob   Cross & Winge Inc. 1938
No Help Wanted Carlisle, Bill   Acuff-Rose Pub. 1952
No Letter From You Today Money, Louis J. Peterson, K.J. Broadcast Music Inc. 1945
No Letter Today Brown, Frankie   Peer International Corp. 1943
No Love Myles, Billy   Weiss & Barry Inc. 1957
No Love Blues Gershwin, Arthur DeLainge, Eddie Cherio Music Pub. 1940
No Lover from "Out Of This World" Porter, Cole   Buxton Hill Music Corp. 1950
No Mama No Mizzy, Vic
Taylor, Irving
Arnold, Buddy
Gould, Jack
  Harry Tenney Inc. 1939
No Me Hables De Amor Porta, Mario Fernandez   Peer International Corp. 1947
No Moon At All Evans, Redd
Mann, Dave
  Jefferson Music Co. Inc. 1948
No More DeJohn, Julie
DeJohn, Dux
DeJohn, Leo J.
  Maple Leaf Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1954
No More Coffee In The Pot Rock, Jack C.   Broadcast Music Inc. 1943
No More Goodbyes Francken, Jock Honeck, Dorothy Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
No More Orchids From You Evans, Reed   Modern Melodies Pub. Co. 1937
No More Rain Silver, Abner
Kent, Walt
Reichner, Bick
  Joe Davis Inc. 1940
No More Tears Lane, Burton Freed, Ralph Popular Melodies Inc. 1937
No Need To Be Sorry Nelson, Kennedy Surgal, Alan M.
Chase, Eddie
Chase Music Co. 1941
No No Nora Fiorito, Ted
Erdman, Ernie
Kahn, Gus Leo Feist Inc. 1923
No One Cordell, Frank Roberts, Paddy Peer International Corp. 1959
No One But You Faith, Percy   T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1950
No One But You (Popular Piano And Voice) Brodszky, Nicholas   Loews Inc. 1954
No Orchids For My Lady Strachey, Jack Stranks, Alan Leeds Music Corp. 1948
No Ordinary Autumn Faith, Russell
Kehner, Clarence Way
  Leeds Music Corp. 1954
No Other Love Russell, Bob
Weston, Paul
  Walt Disney Music Co. 1950
No Other One Lawnhurst, Vee Seymour, Tot   1935
No Regrets Ingraham, Roy Tobias, Harry Sherman, Clay & Co. 1936
No Romance In Your Soul Abbott, Charles   Majestic Music Co. 1941
No Spring This Year Segal, Jack
Russell, Maddy
  Mills Music Inc. 1957
No Star Is Lost Fisher, Fred   Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1939
No Strings from The RKO Picture "Top Hat" Berlin, Irving   Irving Berlin Inc. 1935
No Taboleiro Da Bahiana from RKO's Picture "Pan Americana" Barroso, Ary   Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1945
No Time For Tears Nettles, Bill
Roark, Richard
  Leeds Music Corp. 1944
No Use Pretending Romberg, Sigmund Harbach, Otto Robbins Music Corp. 1936
No Wonder Bernier, Buddy
Emmerich, Bob
  Crawford Music Corp. 1938
No! No! A Thousand Times No! Sherman, Al
Lewis, Al
Silver, Abner
  Leo Feist Inc. 1934
No, No, No Tucker, Tommy
McKelvy, Lige
  World Music Inc. 1943
No, Not Much! Allen, Robert Stillman, Al Beaver Music Pub. Corp. 1956
Nobody Williams, Bert A.   Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc.  
Nobody But Me Paris, J.B.   J.B. Paris & M.R. Patton 1934
Nobody Cares If I'm Blue Akst, Harry Clarke, Grant M. Whitmark & Sons 1929
Nobody Else But You Handman, Lou Tracey, William Broadway Music Corp. 1943
Nobody Ever Looks At Me Sullivan, Will   Englewood Music House 1929
Nobody from The MGM Picture "Strike Up The Band" Edens, Roger   Leo Feist Inc. 1940
Nobody Knows Welk, Lawrence Aron, Sammy Peer International Corp. 1945
Nobody Loves No Baby Donaldson, Walter   Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1931
Nobody Makes A Pass At Me from "Pins And Needles" Rome, Harold J.   Mills Music Inc. 1938
Nobody Wants Me from The Allied Artist Picture "Disc Jockey" Gordon, Roz   Kirk Music Co. 1951
Nobody's Chasing Me from "Out Of This World" Porter, Cole   Buxton Hill Music Corp. 1950
Nobody's Darlin' But Mine Davis, Jimmie   Leeds Music Corp. 1935
Nobody's Darling On Earth Davis, Joe   Joe Davis Inc. 1938
Nobody's Sorry But Me Normann, Ted   Viking Song Pub. 1939
Nobody's Sweetheart Kahn, Gus
Erdman, Ernie
Meyers, Billy
Schoebel, Elmer
  Mills Music Inc. 1924
Nola (Piano Solo) Arndt, Felix   Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1921
Non Dimenticar Redi, P.G.   Hollis Music Inc. 1953
Nonchalant Davenport, Pem Linz, Joe Famous Music Corp. 1935
Noon At Midnight Kogen, Harry Holzer, Lou Chappell & Co. Inc. 1935
N'Orleans Wiggins, Jack
Standring, Bill
Shea, D. Modern Music 1934
Normandy Price, George
Silver, Abner
  T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1927
North, South, East, And West Germaine, Jack   Joseph Pub. Co. 1939
Nostalgia Fomeen, Basil   Am-Rus Music Corp. 1942
Not A Care In The World Duke, Vernon Latouche, John Robbins Music Corp. 1941
Not Bad Green, John W. Dyrenforth, James Chappell & Co. Inc. 1934
Not Because Your Hair Is Curly Adams, Bob   Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1935
Not Mine Schertzinger, Victor Mercer, Johnny Paramount Music Corp. 1942
Not So Long Ago Reichner, Bickley
Boland, Clay
  Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1940
Not Tonight, Josephine Grant, Harold   Colonial Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Not Too Good, Not Too Bad Welsh, Frank
Joyce, Tom
Macomber, Ken
  Forrest S. Chilton 1927
Not Too Young To Have Memories Adler, Richard
Ross, Jerry
  Frank Music Corp. 1954
Nothin' Borne, Hal Kuller, Sid
Golden, Ray
Robbins Music Corp. 1941
Nothing At All Fain, Sammy   Dan Shapiro
(Chappell & Co. Owners)
Nothing But You from "Higher And Higher" Rodgers, Richard Hart, Lorenz Chappell & Co. Inc. 1940
Nothing Less Than Beautiful Wrubel, Allie   Keit-Engel Inc. 1933
Nothing Lives Longer Than Love Wendling, Pete Lewis, S.M. T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1935
Nothing's Blue But The Sky Spina, Harold Newman, Charles Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1936
Now And Forever Pollack, Lew Young, Joe Famous Music Corp. 1934
Now And Forever Kaempfert, Bert
Gabler, Milton
  Roosevelt Music Co. Inc. 1961
Now And Forever from "Tschaikowsky's Sixth Symphony" Stillman, Al
Savitt, Jan
  Robbins Music Corp. 1941
Now And Then Green, Bud
  Green Brothers & Knight Inc. 1939
Now And Then Prosser, Ruth   Prosser Music Pub. Co. 1937
Now from "The Show Is On" Duke, Vernon Fetter, Ted Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Now I Know Arlen, Harold Koehler, Ted T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1943
Now I Lay Me Down To Dream Fiorito, Ted
Howard, Eddy
  Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1940
Now I'm A Lady Coslow, Sam
Kahal, Irving
Fain, Sammy
  Famous Music Corp. 1935
Now I'm In Love Shapiro, Ted Yellen, Jack Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1929
Now Is The Hour Kaihan, Maewa
Scott, Clement
Stewart, Dorothy
  Leeds Music Corp. 1946
Now Is The Time Lafferty, Perry Shevelove, Burton Joe Davis Inc. 1939
Now It Can Be Told from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "Alexander's Ragtime Band" Berlin, Irving     1938
Now Or Never Lewis, Sam M.
DeRose, Peter
  Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1936
Now That I Need You Loesser, Frank   Famous Music Corp. 1949
Now That I'm In Love Rogan, K.C.   Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1953
Now That Summer Is Gone Simons, Seymour   Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1936
Now That Summer Is Here Andreoli, Peter
Poncia, Vincent
  Peer International Corp. 1960
Now That You're Gone Cser, Alexander Sears, Julius Carl Sobie 1942
Now That You're Gone Fiorito, Ted Kahn, Gus Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1931
Now The Old Mill Wheel Is Silent Hedrick, Stella M.
Clark, Luther A.
Kerth, Jack
Perkins, Walton
  Ted Browne Music Co. Inc. 1935
Now They Call It Swing Cloutier, Norman
Handman, Lou
Hirsch, Walter
DeLeath, Vaughn
Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1938
Now We Know Robison, Willard Mayer, Ray Mutual Music Society Inc. 1943
Now Will You Be Good Jentes, Harry Pease, Harry
Terker, Arthur
Melody Music Inc. 1938
Now You've Got Me Doing It Spina, Harold Burke, Johnny Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1935
Now, Now, Now Howe, George
Burns, Bobby
  Fremart Music Co. 1949
Nowhere Solomon, Joe Conley, Larry Orpheum Music Co. 1943
Now's The Time To Fall In Love Sherman, Al
Lewis, Al
  DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1931
Number Ten Lullaby Lane Carlton, Bob
Warren, Bob
  Warren Pub. 1940
Nursie, Nursie Noel, Art
Pelosi, Don
  T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1942


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