KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "C"
Title Composer Publisher Year
C' Est La Vie White, Edward R.
Wolfson, Mack
Planetary Music Pub. Corp. 1955
C' Est Si Bon Betti, Henri Leeds Music Corp. 1950
C' Est Vous Green, Ab
Silver, Abner
Richman, Harry
Irving Berlin Inc. 1927
Cabaret Russell, Al
Cowan, Joel
Duchess Music Corp. 1948
Cabaret Days Walsh, Virginia Beacon Music Co. 1952
Cabbages And Kings Sutton, Art Chappell & Co. Inc. 1953
Cabin For Two Ryall Ryoth 1942
Cabin On The Hilltop from The RKO Picture " Walking On Air" Kalmar, Bert
Ruby, Harry
Irving Berlin Inc. 1936
Cachita Hernandez, Rafael Peer International Corp. 1936
Café Continental Kennedy, Jimmy
Grosz, Well
Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd. 1936
Café Mozart Waltz, The (Piana Solo) Karas, Anton Chappell & Co. Inc. 1949
Caissons Go Rolling Along, The                       Gruber, Edmund L. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1930
Caldonia Moore, Fleecie Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1945
Calico Sal Roberts, Allan
Gordon, Irving
United Music Corp. 1950
California And You Puck, Harry Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1942
California from The Paramount Picture "California" Robinson, Earl Paramount Music Corp. 1946
California Or Bust from The Paramont Picture "California" Robinson, Earl Paramount Music Corp. 1946
California Rose from The Paramount Picture "Son of Paleface" Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
Famous Music Corp. 1952
California Sunbeam Stept, Sam H. Stept & Powers Inc. 1946
Call Me Back, Pal, O'Mine Dixon, Harold Mills Music Inc. 1921
Call Me Darling Reisfeld, Bert
Fryberg, Mart
Marbot, Rolf
Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1931
Call Me Mister Rome, H. M. Witmark 1946
Call Of Kansas Skilton Carl Fischer Inc. 1930
Call Of The South, The Irving Berlin Irving Berlin Inc. 1954
Call Of The Wild, The Lee, Lester Mills Music Inc. 1953
Call Out The Marines Revel, Harry Greene-Revel 1942
Call To Arms, The Schwartz, Arthur Chappell & Co. Inc. 1936
Call To Love, The Bernes, Cliff
Silverberg, Ben
Evan Georgeoff Music Pub. Co. Ltd. 1937
Call To Your Arms, The Heyman, Edward T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Calla Calla Samuels, Eddie Peer International Corp. 1951
Callers, The Ortmann, William Braun, Hubert J. 1941
Calling All Cars Monaco, James V. Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1934
Calling All Hearts Zaret, Hy
Whitney, Joan
Kramer, Alex
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Calling Me Homeward To You VanAlstyne, Egbert Music Products Corp. 1932
Calling To Thee Cadman Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1943
Calm As The Night Bohm G. Schirmer Inc. 1890
Calypso Moe Ram, Buck
Kanner, Hal
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1945
Camellia Waltz, The Petrae, Raymond Alwin Fred A. Whitfield 1942
Camera Doesn't Lie, The Burke, Joe Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1937
Camp, Camp, Campin' On Your Door-Step Coots, Fred J. Irving Berlin Inc. 1933
Campanitas De Cristal Hernandez, Rafael Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
Campus Moon Coots, Fred J. Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1935
Campus Shadows Pinson, Lois Cine-Mart Music Pub. Co. 1940
Can I Be Falling In Love? Faber, Billy
Royal, Larry                      Engel, Henry H.
Keystone Music Co. 1941
Can I Be Wrong? Vann, Al
Adolphe, Edward
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1936
Can I Canoe You Up The River? Goetschius, Marjorie
Osser, Edna
Leeds Music Corp. 1950
Can I Forget You? from "High, Wide And Handsome" Kern, Jerome Chappell & Co. Inc. 1937
Can I Help It? VanHeusen, Jimmy Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1939
Can I? Nuccio, Joe Crestwood Pub. 1943
Can It Be Love? Madden, Edward Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Can It Be True? Maxwell, Sanders Harrold Flammer Inc. 1937
Can This Be Love? Sutton, Ellen Scow Ellen Scow Sutton 1937
Can This Be Love? Swift, Kay T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1930
Can You Spare A Couple Of Minutes? Val, Jack
Semos, Murray
Vignali, Al
Sunset Music Pub. Inc. 1949
Canadian Capers Chandler, Gus
White, Bert
Cohen, Henry
M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1943
Canadian Sunset Heywood, Eddie Meridian Music Corp. 1956
Canasta Song, The McCoy, Clude
Parman, Cliff
Krum, Jimmy
Dowell, Saxie
Al Gallico Music Co. Inc. 1950
Cancel The Flowers Seiler, Eddie
Marcus, Sol
Benjeman, Bennie
Cherio Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Cancion Lorente Humphries 1935
Candle Burning Blue Tepper, Sid
Brodsky, Toy
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Candle Burns, The Brown, S.
Pine, H.
Ward, J.
Ringle, D.
Dave Ringle Music Pub. 1939
Candle Light Love Burnett, Ernie Brunjes, Carlo & Sanders Inc. 1934
Candlelight And Wine from The RKO Picture "Around The World" McHugh, Jimmy Miller Music Corp. 1943
Candles Klemm Carl Fischer Inc. 1939
Candles And Camelias Twomey, Kay
Scofield Geraldine
Wainer, Lee
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Candles In The Wind Franklin, Dan
David, Hal
Diamond, Leo
Charm Music Co. 1941
Candy David, Mack
Whitney, Joan
Kramer, Alex
Leo Feist Inc. 1944
Candy And Cake Merrilll, Bob Oxford Music Corp. 1950
Candy Kisses Morgan, George Hill & Range Songs Inc. 1948
Can't Cha Guess Who's I Are? Whitney, Joan
Kramer, Alex
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Can't Cha Tell? Hillman, Roc
Walley, Marie
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind Carmichael, Hoagy Santly Joy Select Inc. 1940
Can't Get Out Of Texas Lange
Leeds Music Corp. 1944
Can't Get Out Of This Mood Lange, Johnny
Heath, Hy
DeVol, Frank
Leeds Music Corp. 1944
Can't Get Out Of This Mood McHugh, Jimmy Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
Can't Get Stuff In Your Cuff Oliver, Sy
Cahn, Sammy
Dorsey Brothers Music Inc. 1943
Can't Help Singing from The Universal Picture "Can’t Help Singing" Kern, Jerome T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1944
Can't I? Fain, Sammy Marlo Music Corp. 1937
Can't Make Up My Mind Worth, Leah
Barry, Jean
Charles, Dick
Leeds Music Corp. 1943
Can't Teach My Old Heart New Tricks Whiting, Richard A. T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1937
Can't We Be Sweethearts Again? Handman, Loe Universal Music Co. Ltd. 1930
Can't We Dream A Midsummer Night's Dream? Ahlert, Fred E. Crawford Music Corp. 1935
Can't We Live This Dream Together? Reid, Malcolm Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Can't You Dance The Polka Spreckling Carl Fischer Inc. 1935
Can't You Read Between The Lines? Styne, Jule
Cahn, Sammy
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1945
Can't You Take It Back, And Change It For A Boy? Chattaway, Thurland Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1911
Can't You Take It Back, And Change It For A Boy? Chattaway, Thurland Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1911
Can't You Understand? Young, Victor Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1929
Canteen Bounce Fortis Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1943
Cantique De Noel Adam G. Schirmer Inc. 1935
Cap And Gown, The Rich, Freddie
Shuman, Francis K.
Loman, Jules
Melo-Art Music Pub. 1939
Cape Cod Cottage By The Sea Gerald, John Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Caprice Davis Carl Fischer Inc. 1939
Captain Kid Vincent, Gene
Keene-Carl Bean, Kahn
A-L Music Pub. Of America 1942
Captains Of The Clouds Arlen, Harold Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1942
Cara Cara Bella Bella Carter, Ray
Johnson, Lucille
Alexander, Jean
Sanson Music Co. 1950
Cara Mia Trapani, Tulio
Lange, Lee
Leo Feist Inc. 1954
Caramba, It's The Samba Taylor, Irving
Wyle, George
Pola, Eddie
Martin Music 1948
Caravan Ellington
American Academy Of Music Inc. 1937
Carefree Henderson T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Careful With My Heart Pokrass T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Careless Hands Hillard
Melrose Music Corp. 1939
Careless Rhapsody Rodgers Chappell & Co. Inc. 1942
Carelessly Ellis Ellis Music Pub. 1936
Caresing You Klages
Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1928
Caribbean Clipper Gray Mutual Music Society Inc. 1942
Caribbean Sea Young
Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1930
Carmen Bizet G. Schirmer Inc. 1903
Carmen, Carmela Martin
Maestro Music Co. 1941
Carnival Warren Triangle Music Corp. 1945
Carnival in Cotton Town Ricca Jewel Music Pub. Co. 1936
Caroleena Oliveira
Peer International Corp. 1942
Carolina Brown
Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1934
Carolina In The Morning Donaldson, Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1922
Carolina Sunshine Schmidt Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. Co. 1929
Carolina Town, In A Little Lombardo
Crawford Music Corp. 1937
Carrie VonTilzer, H. Broadway Music Co. 1936
Carry Me Back To Green Pastures Pepper Mills Music Inc. 1933
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Bland Boston Music Co. 1938
Carry Me Back To Old Virginny Bland Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Carry Me Back To The Lone Prairie Robinson Mills Music Inc. 1934
Carry On Dulmage
Jenkins Music Co. 1936
Carry On, Brother, Carry On Carroll
Martin Block Music 1945
Casey Gilbert
Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1946
Castanets And Lace Hillard
Republic Music Corp. 1947
Castilian Moonlight DeSantis, Frances Francis DeSantis 1939
Castle Of Dreams Tierney Leo Feist Inc. 1919
Castles In The Sand Hillard
Advanced Music Corp. 1950
Catch A Falling Star Vance
Marvin Music Co. 1957
Caterina Shuman
Roncom Music Co. 1942
Caterpillar Young Hinds, Hayden & Eldredge Co. 1926
Cathedral In The Pines Kenny Irving Berlin Inc. 1938
Cattle Call Owens Forster Music Pub. 1943
Caught In A Dream Faber
Lewis Music Pub. Co. 1943
Cause I Love You Piaf Hollis Music Inc. 1951
Cause My Baby Says It's So Warren Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1937
Cecilia Dreyer ABC Music Corp. 1925
Celebratin' Harry Woods Irving Berlin Inc. 1935
Celia from The Paramount Picture "The Man I Love"                                               Robin, Leo
Whiting, Richard
Famous Music Corp. 1929
Censored Mail Hoffman, Al
Livingston, Jerry
Kanes Music Pub. 1943
C'est Vows "Say Voo" Green, Ab
Silver, Abner
Richman, Harry
Bourne Inc. 1927
Cha Cha Cha Rizo, Marco
Morgan, Kevin
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1954
Cha Da Boom Sherman, Al Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1945
Chain Store Daisy Rome, Harold J. Mills Music Inc. 1938
Champagne Polka Welk, Lawrence Peer International Corp. 1945
Champagne Waltz, The Conrad, Con
Oakland, Ben
Drake, Milton
Famous Music Corp. 1934
Chance Of Heart, A Styne, Jule      Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1943
Chances Are Allen, Robert Korwin Music Inc. 1957
Change Partners from The RKO Picture "Carefree'" Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1938
Changing My Tune Gershwin, George Gershwin Publishing 1946
Changing Partners Coleman, Larry Porgie Music Corp. 1953
Changing Shadows Evans, Anne M. University Music Co. 1941
Chansonette Friml, Rudolf T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1923
Chant Of The Bayou Cook, H.
Smalla, E.
Bob Miller Inc. 1936
Chant Of The Four Hills (Violin, Cello & Piano) Grunn Boosey & Hawks Inc. 1937
Chant Of The Jungle from The MGM Picture "Untamed'" Brown, Nacio H. MGM 1929
Chant Of The Plains Nolan, Bob Cross & Winge Inc. 1936
Chantez, Chantez Fields, Irving Manchester Music Inc. 1957
Chapel Bells McHugh, Jimmy Robbins Music Corp. 1938
Chapel In The Valley Rene, Leon
Lange, Johnny
Porter, Lew
M. Witmark & Sons 1940
Chapel Of The Roses Baer, Abel Triangle Music Corp. 1951
Chapter In My Life Called Mary, A Kennedy, Jimmy
Simon, Nat
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1949
Charley My Boy Kahn, Gus
Fiorito, Teddy
Bourne Inc. 1924
Charley My Boy Kahn, Gus
Fiorito, Teddy
Irving Berlin Inc. 1924
Charlie Cheer Up Russell, Benee T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Charlie McCarthy Bergen, Edgar
Newman, Alfred
Kalmar & Ruby Music Corp. 1937
Charlie McCarthy Kendis, James
Gaston, Billy
Kendis Music Corp. 1937
Charlie Was A Sailor Keefer, George
Lopez, Vincent
Leo Feist Inc. 1940
Charmed Marx, Fred Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1942
Charming Stothart, Herbert Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Corp. 1929
Charming Little Faker Bean, Keene
Masters, Frankie
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1940
Charms On Your Bracelet Gold, Ernest Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Chasing Flies Off The Old Grey Mare Herscher, Lou Nattrass-Schenck Inc. 1934
Chasing Shadows Silver, Abner Crawford Music Corp. 1935
Chasing The Cows Through The Cowslips Haines, Will E.
Beresford, Maurice
Sherman, Clay & Co. 1931
Chasing You All Over Town DeSantis, Frances Frances DeSantis 1939
Chattanooga Choo Choo Warren, Harry Leo Feist Inc. 1941
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy Stone, Harry
Stapp, Jack
Acuff-Rose Pub. 1950
Chatterbox Brainin, Jerome Chappell & Co. Inc. 1939
Cheatin' On Me Pollack, Lew Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1925
Cheatin' On The Sandman McCrystal, Bill Merrywood Pub. 1942
Cheek To Cheek Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1935
Cheer Leader Charlie Cavanough, James
Edelheit, Harry
Emmerich, Bob
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Cheer Up Agay, Denes
Heim, Emery H.
Foreign & Domestic Music 1941
Cheer Up Greer, Jesse Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Corp. 1930
Cheer Up Del Riego Broadhurst 1935
Cheer Up and Smile Conrad, Con      Red Star Music Co. Inc. 1930
Cherie, I Love You Goodman, Lillian R. T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1926
Cherokee Noble, Ray Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd. 1938
Cherry Redman, Don Melody Lane 1944
Cherry Blossoms On Capitol Hill Meyer, Joseph Chappell & Co. Inc. 1941
Cherry Lips Scott, Winfield Criterion Music Corp. 1956
Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White Louiguy Chappell & Co. Inc. 1950
Cherry Stones Jerome, John Robbins Music Corp. 1949
Chesapeake And Ohio, The Sigman, Carl Famous Music Corp. 1951
Chestnut Tree, The Kennedy, Jimmy
Connor, Tommie
Kennedy, Hamilton
Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd. 1938
Chew-Chew-Chew Fitzgerald, Ella
Webb, Chick
Ram, Buck
Mills Music Inc. 1939
Chiapanecas Romero, Richardo Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1938
Chi-Baba Chi-Baba David, Mack
Hoffman, Al
Livingston, Jerry
Oxford Music Corp. 1947
Chickasaw Limited Manning, Dick Charles K. Harris Music Co. 1947
Chickery Chick Lippman, Sidney Santly Joy Select Inc. 1945
Chico, Chico from The Century Fox Picture "Doll Face" McHugh, Jimmy Robbins Music Corp. 1945
Chimes At Twilight Gradi, R.G. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1939
Chimes Of Spring Lincke, Paul Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1931
Chimney Corner Dream Dolan, Robert E. Cromwell Music Inc. 1951
Chin Up, Cherio, Carry On Burton, Lane Leo Feist Inc. 1941
China Conga Mann, Fred C.
Starr, Tony
Hartmann, Maurice
Cherio Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Chincherinchee Jerome, John John Fields Music Co. 1956
Chinese Garden, A Spindle Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Chinese Love Song Golden, John Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Chinese Lullaby Bowers G. Schirmer Inc. 1919
Chink Of The Miser's Gold, The VonTilzer, Harry Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. 1902
Chinnin' And Chattin' With May Fields, Buddy
Simons, Seymour
M. Witmark & Sons 1930
Chip Off The Old Block Lee, James Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1958
Chiquita Stept, Sam H.   1939
Chirp A Little Ditty Wrubel, Allie Irving Berlin Inc. 1937
Chistmas Tree Angel, The Jerome, M.K. Blossom Music Corp. 1950
Chiu, Chiu Molinare, Nicanor Chart Music Pub. House Inc. 1942
Chizzlin' Sam Williams, Clarence Clarence Williams Music Pub. 1935
Chloe Moret, Neil Robbins Music Corp. 1927
Chloe, I'm Waiting DeKoven, Reginald Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1939
Choc'late Soldier Man Oppenheim, Dave
Rich, Max
Stasny-Lang Music Inc. 1935
Chocolate Sundae On A Saturday Night, A Wise, Fred
David, Hal
Frisch, Al
Barton Music Co. 1947
Choir Boy Oppenheim, Dave
Schuster, Ira
Edwards, Leo
Schuster & Miller Inc. 1937
Chong Weeks, Harold Leo Feist Inc. 1919
Choo'n Gum Mizzy, Vic Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1950
Chopsticks Lawrence, Jack
Daniels, Elliot
Skidmore Music Co. Inc. 1936
Christmas Candles Leveen, Raymond
Breen, Leo
Sampson, Wilbur
Leeds Music Corp. 1943
Christmas Chopsticks Heider, Fred Regent Music Corp. 1951
Christmas Comes But Once A Year Burnett, Ernie Burnett Ltd. Music 1947
Christmas Dreaming Lee, Lester
Gordon, Irving
Leeds Music Corp. 1947
Christmas In Killarney Redmond, John
Cavanaugh, James
Weldon, Frank
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1950
Christmas Island Moraine, Lyle Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd. 1946
Christmas Song, The Torme, Mel
Wells, Robert
Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1946
Christmas Stocking Bonner, Ronnie Talent Music Pub. Co. 1950
Christmas Symphony, The Perry, Phil
Candullo, Joe
Reade, Charles
Walt Disney Music Co. 1950
Christmas Time DeSantis, Frances Frances DeSantis 1939
Chumleigh Fair Holiday Boosey & Hawks Inc. 1927
Cigarette Henderson, Ray T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1935
Cimarron Bond, Johnny Peer International Corp. 1942
Cincinnati Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
George Simon Inc. 1948
Cincinnati Ding Dong King, Erwin
Carlson, Harry
Caroll, Roy
Miller Music Corp. 1952
Cinco Robles Wright, Dorothy Warman Music Inc. 1956
Cinderella Jones Styne, Jule Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1945
Cinderella, Stay In My Arms Kennedy, Jimmy
Carr, Michael
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1938
Cindy, Oh Cindy Barron, Bob
Long, Burt
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1956
Cinnamon Sinner Chase, Lincoln Raleigh Music Co. 1954
Circus Alter, Louis Massey Music Co. Inc. 1949
Ciribiribin Pestalozza, A. Paramount Music Corp. 1939
City Called Heaven Warren, Bob Warren Pub. 1941
Civilian Duke, Vernon Carl Fischer Inc. 1944
Civilization Hilliard, Bob
Sigman, Carl
Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1947
Clancy Knight, Vick Owens-Kemp Music Co. 1942
Clap Hands Meyer, Joseph Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1925
Clara Abbott, Charlie
Lewis, William
Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1940
Clare DeKitchen Rice    
Clarence Worth, Bobby
Cowan, Stanley
Melody Lane 1939
Class Will Tell Burke, Joe Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1939
Cleanin' My Rifle Wrubel, Allie Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1943
Clear Out Of This World McHugh, Jimmy Crawford Music Corp. 1940
Clement Mixer Gaillard, Slim
Ricks Lee
American Academy of Music Inc. 1946
Cliff Walk Ilgenfritz Schuberth & Co. 1937
Climbing The Ladder Of Love Englander, Ludwig Joseph W. Stern & Co. 1907
Cling To Me Burke, Joe Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1935
Clipper Ship Days      
Clock Is Fast, The Seiler, Eddie
Marcus, Sol
Benjeman, Bennie
LaSalle Music Pub. Inc. 1941
Clock Song, The Bresler, Jerry Cooper Music Inc. 1941
Close As Pages In A Book Romberg, Sigmund Williamson Music Inc. 1944
Close To Me DeRose, Peter T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1936
Close To You Hoffman, Al
Livingston, Jerry
Lampl, Carl G.
Barton Music Co. 1943
Close To You Smith, L. Raymond Harry Engel Inc. 1936
Close Your Eyes Petkere, Bernice Miller Music Corp. 1933
Close, Rolalie Porter, Cole Chappell & Co. Inc. 1937
Closer To Me Mitchell Foley 1936
C'Mere Baby Jacobs, Roy
Grey, Lanny
Leeds Music Corp. 1943
Coast To Coast Yuffy, Bernie
Gerald, John
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Coax Me VonTilzer, Harry Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. 1904
Coax Me A Little Bit Simon, Nat   1946
Cobblestones Reisfeld, Bert                                 Mercury Music Corp. 1940
Cock Shall Crow, The Burnkum Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Cockeyed Mayor Of Kaunakakai, The Anderson, R. Alex Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1935
Cocktail Shaker, The Newell, Roy
Ward, Sam
Simon, Nat
Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1938
Cocktail, A Cigarette, And You, A Barris, Harry Melody Lane 1940
Cocktails For Two Johnston, Arthur
Coslow, Sam
Famous Music Corp. 1934
Coconut Song, The Simon, Nat M.  Witmark & Sons 1945
COD Tennessee Fulcher, Charles Rialto Music Pub. Co. 1931
Cody Stampede, The Jack Lee, Power River Melrose Brothers Music Co. Inc. 1936
Coffee And Cakes Carlisle, Una Mae Radiotunes Inc. 1941
Coffee And Kisses Hollander, Frederick Paramount Music Corp. 1938
Coffee Time Warren, Harry Edwin H. Morris & Co. Inc. 1945
Colette Baer, Abel Leo Feist Inc. 1927
College Humor Clinton, Larry Lincoln Music Corp. 1938
College Rhythm from The Paramount Picture "College Rhythm" Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1934
College Swing Carmichael, Hoagy Famous Music Corp. 1938
Collegiate Jaffe, Moe
Bonx, Nat
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1943
Color Of Your Eyes, The Lewis, Al
Sherman, Al
Words & Music Inc. 1936
Colorado Memories Hill, Billy Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1935
Colorado Sunset Conrad, Con Wolfe Gilbert Music Pub. Co. 1938
Colorado's Calling Canon, Dorothy Brouse & Canon 1934
Columbus Stockade Blues Davis, Jimmie                 Sargent, Eva Peer International Corp. 1943
Come Along And Dance Pennington Carl Fischer Inc. 1933
Come Along My Mandy Mellor, Tom
Lawrence, Alf. J.
Gifford, Harry
Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Come Back Christien & Fragson Leeds Music Corp. 1952
Come Back To Angouleme Box, Cox & Roberts Miller Music Corp. 1951
Come CA Marceau, V. B.F. Wood Music Co. Inc. 1956
Come Closer To Me Farres, Osvaldo Peer International Corp. 1945
Come Down To Earth Sour, Robert
McCray, Con
Gold, Ernest
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Come Easy, Go Easy, Love Carmichael, Hoagy Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1931
Come Josephine In My Flying Machine Fisher, Fred Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1938
Come Love To Me Blaufuss Forster Music Pub. Inc. 1939
Come My Love Bove Baron Inc. 1938
Come On And Whistle Piantadosi, Al
Irving, Bibo
Broadcast Music Inc. 1943
Come On, Baby Gottler, Archie
Clare, Sidney
Pinkard, Maceo
Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1928
Come On-A My House Bagdasarian, Ross
Saroyan, William
Duchess Music Corp. 1951
Come Out Of The Kitchen Mary Ann Kendis, James
Bayha, Charles
Kendis Music Corp. 1936
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are Mizzy, Vic Harry Tenney Inc. 1938
Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are Styne, Jule T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1944
Come Rain Or Come Shine Arlen, Harold A-M Music Corp. 1946
Come Right In, Sit Right Down, Make Yourself At Home Dixon, Will H. M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1909
Come Tell Me What's Your Answer from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "My Gal Sal" Dresser, Paul Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1927
Come To Baby, Do James, Inez
Miller, Sidney
Leeds Music Corp. 1945
Come To Me Wadham Stevens Co.  
Come To St. Thomas's from The musical comedy "Billie" Cohan, George O. M.  Witmark & Sons 1928
Come To The Fair Martin, Easthope Enoch & Sons 1917
Come To The Mardi Gras Bulhoes, Max
DeOliveira, Milton
Peer International Corp. 1937
Come Up And See Me Sometime from The Paramount Picture "Take A Chance" Alter, Louis T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Come Wet Your Moustache With Me Stoner, Micky
Shaw, Milton
Manus, Jack
Evan Georgeoff Music Pub. Co. Ltd. 1942
Come With Me My Honey David,  Mack
Whitney, Joan
Kramer, Alex
Santly Joy Select Inc. 1944
Comes A Long A Love Sherman, Al Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1952
Comes Love Brown, Lew
Tobias, Charlie
Stept, Sam  H.
Chappell & Co. Inc. 1939
Comin Around The Corner Wilson, Robert Irving Berlin Inc. 1944
Comin' In On A Wing And Prayer McHugh, Jimmy Robbins Music Corp. 1943
Comin' Thro' The Rye Burns, Robert M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1938
Comin' Thro' The Rye Burns M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1938
Coming And Going Doherty, Fran Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Comme Ci Comme Ca Coquatrix, Bruno Leeds Music Corp. 1949
Comment Allez-Vous? from The RKO Picture "The French Line" Myrow, Josef Mills Music Inc. 1953
Compadre Pedro Juan Alberti, Luis Peer International Corp. 1955
Concentratin' Waller, Thomas Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1931
Concert In The Park Friend, Cliff
Franklin, Dave
M.  Witmark & Sons 1939
Concert To The Stars Hall, Teddy Doraine Music Pub. Co. 1940
Concerto (B Flat Minor By Tschaikowsky) Boguslawski, Moissaye Moderne Pub. 1941
Concerto For Two Lawrence, Jack
Tchaikovsky, Peter T.
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1941
Concerto For Two Lawrence, Jack
Tchaikovsky, Peter T.
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1941
Concerto In B Flat Minor Tchaikovsky, Peter T.
Austin, Ray
Maestro Music Co. 1941
Conchita, Marquita, Lolita, Pepita, Rosita, Juanita Lopez Styne, Jule Famous Music Corp. 1942
Coney Island Warren, Harry Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1935
Coney Island Cowboy Horton, Vaughn
Horton, Roy
Gregory, Bobby
Exclusive Pub. Inc. 1940
Confess Benjamin, Bennie
Weiss, George
Oxford Music Corp. 1948
Confetti Carr, Michael Santly Joy Select Inc. 1952
Confidentially Warren, Harry T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1938
Confucius Say Friend, Cliff
Lombardo, Carmen
Olman Music Corp. 1939
Conga Fever Lawrence, Elliot
Arres, Don
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Congo Rhythm Lucas, Clyde
Lucas, Lyn
Joe Davis Inc. 1936
Congratulate Me Handman, Lou Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1934
Congratulations Pinkard, Maceo
Goetz, Coleman
Green & Stept
Green & Stept Inc. 1929
Connecticut Martin, Hugh
Blane, Ralph
Harry Warren Music Inc. 1946
Connecticut Silver, Abner Starlight Music 1945
Conquering Marines, The Troth, Celeste Heckscher Schuberth & Co. 1944
Conqueror, The DeSantis, Frances Frances DeSantis 1939
Conscription Swing Fox, J.P.
Man, Maurice Roff
A-L Music Pub. Of America 1940
Conscription Waltz Fox, J.P.
Roffman, Maurice
A-L Music Pub. Of America 1940
Consider Yourself Kissed Wainer, Lee Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Consolation Whiting, Richard A. Famous Music Corp. 1931
Conspiracy Of Hearts Lavagnino, Angelo Jaro Music Inc. 1960
Constantly from The Paramount Picture "Road To Morocco" VanHeusen, Jimmy Paramount Music Corp. 1942
Continental Polka, The from The MGM Picture "Easy To Wed" Green, Johny
Blane, Ralph
Leo Feist Inc. 1945
Conversation At Midnight Karp, Otto
Young, Irwin
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Conversation For Two Mysels, Sammy
Hueston, Billy
Emmerich, Bob
Stasny-Lang Music Inc. 1935
Conversation With A Mule Miller, Bob Bob Miller Inc. 1935
Coo Se Coo Shelton, Bob
Shelton, Joe
Harbert, Grundy
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Cool Water Nolan, Bob American Music Inc. 1936
Coothcie, Cootchie, Cootchie, Baby Leveen, Raymond
Stock, Larry
Rose, Vincent
Hollywood Songs Inc. 1939
Copper Colored Gal Davis, Benny
Coots, J. Fred
Mills Music Inc. 1936
Coquette Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1928, 1955
Coquette Lombardo, Carmen
Green, Johnny
Leo Feist Inc. 1953
Coral Sunset Gellere, Irving
Spencer, Ottis
Mills Music Inc. 1939
Corazon Bandolero Urban, Max A. Wagner, Y. Levien Sucs, S. En. C. 1935
Corn Pickin' Warren, Harry Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1939
Corned Beef And Cabbage Turner, Jimmy
Barker, Billy
Evan Georgeoff Music Pub. Co. Ltd. 1934
Corns For My Country Worth, Leah
Barry, Jean
Charles, Dick
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1944
Cornstalk Fiddle And A Shoestring Bow, A Jesters, Kings
Foy, Jack
Lampman, Rex
Peer International Corp. 1943
Coronado Story, Madelon Peer International Corp. 1941
Coronation March (Le Prophets) Meyerbeer NAB  
Coronation Waltz, The Masloff, Irving Major Music Inc. 1936
Corporal Told The Private, The Mizzy, Vic Santly Joy Select Inc. 1942
C-O-R-R-I-G-A-N Vernon, Harry              Harry Vernon 1938
Cosi Cosa from The MGM Picture "A Night At The Opera" Kaper, Bronislaw
Jurmann, Walter
Robbins Music Corp. 1935
Cossack Love Song Kountz G. Schirmer Inc. 1933
Costa Rica from The 20th Century-Fox Picture "Carnival In Costa Rica" Lecuona, Ernesto Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1946
Cottage By The Moon Samuels, Walter G.
Whitcup, Leonard
Powell, Teddy
Crawford Music Corp. 1936
Cottage For Sale, A Robison, Willard DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1930
Cotton Bloom, Rube Mills Music Inc. 1935
Could Be Clarke, Marty Broadcast Music Inc. 1950
Could I Believe Kroeger Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Could I But Write A Song? Pauly, Francis Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Could I Write A Book? Redmond, John
David, Lee
Exclusive Pub. Inc. 1937
Could It Be That Love Is Here? Snyder, Thornton Frank C. Myers 1938
Could It Be You? Porter, Cole Chappell & Co. Inc. 1942
Could You Pass In Love? Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Leo Feist Inc. 1938
Could You Use A New Friend? Berton, Eugene         Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Couldn't Help It If I Tried Shawn, Nelson
Russo, Dan
Burke, Johnny
Mills Music Inc. 1931
Count Me In Stept, Sam H. Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1942
Count Your Blessings Grofe, Ferde T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1933
Counting The Days Kramer, Alex Santly Joy Select Inc. 1945
Counting The Days Until Christmas Ram, Buck
Kanner, Hal
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1945
Country Boy Bascomb, Wilbur (Dud)
Johnson, William
Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1944
Country Cookin' Hilliard, Jamie Sage & Sand Music Pub. 1955
Country Style from The Paramount Pictures "Welcome Stranger" VanHeusen, James Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1947
Covered Wagon Days Jerome, M.K. M. Witmark & Sons 1935
Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along, The from The Paramount Picture "Knights Of The Range"   American Music Inc. 1940
Cow And A Plough And A Frau, A Gould, Morton Chappell & Co. Inc. 1949
Cow Cow Boogie Raye, Don
DePaul, Gene
Carter, Benny
Leeds Music Corp. 1942
Cowboy And The Lady Newman, Lionel Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1938
Cowboy From Brooklyn Warren, Harry M.  Witmark & Sons 1938
Cowboy In The Clouds Cavanaugh, James
Redmond, John
Weldon, Frank            
Leeds Music Corp. 1943
Cowboy Serenade, The Hall, Rich Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1941
Cowboy Serenade, The Hall, Rich Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1941
Cowboy's Cristmas Song, A McAuliffe, Leon
Hill, Jimmy     
Leeds Music Corp. 1947
Cowboy's Heaven Autry, Gene
Marvin, Frankie
M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1933
Cowboy's Lullaby, The Page, W.T
Page, Peggy
Livernast, Will
M.M. Cole Pub. Co. 1935
Cradle And The Music Boy, The Opler, Alfred T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Cradle Song Delbruck Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Cradle Song MacFedyen Pressir Co.  
Cradle Song, A Glazer Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Cradle, A Baby And You, A Fritsch, Babe Peer International Corp. 1941
Crazy In The Heart Wilder, Alec Regent Music Corp. 1956
Crazy Man, Crazy Haley, Bill Eastwick Music Co. 1953
Crazy Over You Jenkins, Jack & Bill Tucker-Marchant Music Pub. 1935
Crazy Things Powell, Walter "Mousie"
Powell, Arthur
Cornston, David
David Gornston 1943
Crazy With Love Sigler, Maurice
Goodhart, Al
Hoffman, Al     
Crawford Music Corp. 1936
Creaking Old Mill On The Creek, The Lewis, Al
Stock, Larry
Rose, Vincent
E. & R. Music Co. 1939
Creep, The Burton, Andy Robbins Music Corp. 1953
Creole Croon Song Rogers, Irene Theodore Presser Co. 1936
Croce Di Oro Gannon, Kim Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1955
Crocodile Tears MacDonald, Jimmy
Weber, Billie
Johnstone Montei Inc. 1949
Crooked Little Brook Labarre, Gene Gene Labarre 1935
Croon Carol Whitehead Carl Fischer Inc. 1934
Crooner's Lullaby Johnston, Arthur
Coslow, Sam
Famous Music Corp. 1934
Cross Eyed Cowboy On The Cross Eyed Horse Stept, Sam H.   1937
Cross Eyed Kelly Sherman, Al
Lewis, Al
Silver, Abner
Leo Feist Inc. 1934
Cross Over Jones, Ollie
Smith, Buddy
Kahl Music Inc. 1957
Cross Over The Bridge Benjamin, Bennie
Weiss, George              
Laurel Music Co. 1954
Cross Patch Lawnhurst, Vee Famous Music Corp. 1936
Cross Roads Ernesto Lecuona Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1932
Cross Roads Of The World Carleton, Bob
Dixon, Cliff
L. Wolfe Gilbert Music Pub. Co. 1938
Cross Town Trolley Kellogg, George Renown Music Inc. 1949
Cross You Used To Wear, The Pennington Schuberth & Co. 1942
Cross Your Heart from "Queen High" Gensler, Lewis E. T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1926
Crosstown Cavanaugh, James
Redmond, John
Simon, Nat           
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1940
Crow Song Wickett National Association Of Broadcasters Inc. 1937
Crueldades Serrano, Alberto Veloso   1936
Cruising Down The River Beadell, Eily
Tollerton, Nell      
Henry Spitzer Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1945
Cry Kohlman, Churchill Mellow Music Pub. 1951
Cry Me A River Hamilton, Arthur Saunders Pub. Inc. 1953
Cry Of Exile Ward Chappell & Co. Inc. 1938
Cry Of The Wild Goose, The Gilkyson, Terry American Music Inc. 1949
Cry, Baby, Cry Eaton, Jimmy
Shand, Terry
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1938
Cry, Cry, Cry Skylar, Sunny Advanced Music Corp. 1950
Crying For Joy Monaco, James V. James V. Monaco Inc. 1948
Crying Myself To Sleep O'Flynn, Charles
Gordon, Ben
Wendling, Pete
Irving Berlin Inc. 1930
Crylin' Mood Razaf, Andy
Webb, Chicxk
Joe Davis Inc. 1937
Crylin' My Heart Out For You Hopkins, Claude Southen Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
Cu Tu Gu Ru Castro, Armando Sinatra Songs Inc. 1946
Cubalita Rizzi, Alberto Harry VonTilzer Music Pub. 1941
Cuban Barbecue Bauza, Frank
Ayala, Victor
Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Cuban Blues Sunshine, Marion      Antobal Music 1944
Cuban Cabby, The Simon, Nat Joe Davis Inc. 1936
Cuban Love Song McHugh
Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Corp. 1931
Cuban Mambo Cugat, Xavier
Angulo, Raphael
Remora Music 1950
Cubanola Rumbanette Marks, Gerals Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1934
Cucalambe DelPino, Ondina Pan-American Co. Inc. 1942
Cucamonga Shay, Larry Mills Music Inc. 1948
Cuckoo In The Clock Donaldson, Walter Irving Berlin Inc. 1939
Cuckoo, The Melillo, P. Peer International Corp. 1952
Cuddle Up A Little Closer, Lovey Mine Hoschna, Karl M.  Witmark & Sons 1908
Cuddles Simon, Nat Santly Joy Select Inc. 1945
Cupful Of Sunshine Jerome, Jerry
Stevenson, Harry P.
Fisher, Roberts  
Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1945
Cupid Cardini, George Howe-Lee Music Pub. Co. 1959
Curly Top Henderson, Ray Movietone Music Corp. 1935
Curly Top's Birthday Pollack, Lew Movietone Music Corp. 1937
Curse Of An Aching Heart, The Piantadosi, Al Leo Feist Inc. 1913
Cute Little Hat Check Girl Stillman, Al
Bloch, Ray
Simon, Nat
Olman Music Corp. 1938
Cute Little Things You Do Hanley, James F. Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1931
Cutting The Cane from The RKO Picture "They Met In Argentina" Rogers, Richard Chappell & Co. Inc. 1941
Cynthia's In Love Gish-White ABC Music Corp. 1942


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