KMOX Pop Sheet Music - "B"
Title Composer Publisher Year
Ba Ba Ba Ba Bashful Russell, Willard Broadcast Music Inc. 1942
Babalu Lecuona, Margarita Peer International Corp. 1941
Babalu Lecuona, Margarita Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Babble-ee Babble-o Kaye, Buddy
Wise, Fred
Lippman, Sidney
Words & Music Inc. 1942
Babs Ahlert, Fred E. Leo Feist Inc. 1935
Baby Chile Melrose, Walter Melrose Brothers Music Co. Inc. 1937
Baby Doll Warren, Harry Leo Feist Inc. 1951
Baby Don't Be Mad At Me Freeman, Ticker Paramount Music Corp. 1946
Baby Eyes Rubel, Henry Scott
Colby, Carleton
National Music Co. 1932
Baby Girl Clauser, Al American Music Inc. 1941
Baby Knows Best Brown, Lew
Jacobs, Al
Meyer, Joseph
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1943
Baby Me Handman, Lou
Harris, Harry
Gottler, Archie
ABC Music Corp. 1939
Baby Me Manning, Dick Leeds Music Corp. 1950
Baby Sittin' Zeigler, John Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1951
Baby Song To Mother, A Gilbert, Jewell
Cheshier, Pappy
M.M. Cole 1940
Baby, I Ain't Satisfied Fritsch, Babe Peer International Corp. 1942
Baby, Obey Me Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
Famous Music Corp. 1950
Baby, Oh Where Can You Be? Koehler, Ted
Magine, Frank
Irving Berlin Inc. 1929
Baby, Please Stop And Think About Me Ellington, Duke Allied Music Corp. 1943
Baby, What Else Can I Do? Marks, Gerald Mills Music Inc. 1939
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? Warfield, Charles
Williams, Clarence
Pickwick Music Corp. 1919
Baby, Won't You Say You Love Me? Myrow, Josef Leo Feist Inc. 1950
Baby, You Can Count On Me Stewart, Freddie Indigo Music Inc. 1946
Baby's Swing Lassich, Anton Julius S. Hage 1935
Bachelor And The Bobby Soxer, The Meyer, Joseph Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1947
Back Home Hathway, Frank National Music Co. 1931
Back Home Again In Georgia Evans, Anne M. University Music Co. 1942
Back Home For Keeps Lombardo, Carmen Irving Berlin Inc. 1945
Back In '67 from "Rollin' Westward" Lange, Johnny
Porter, Lew
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1939
Back In The Old Routine Stone, Wilson Famous Music Corp. 1951
Back In The Saddle Again Whitley, Ray
Autry, Gene
Western Music Pub. Co. 1940
Back The Red, White And Blue With Gold Hoffman, Al
Curtis, Mann
Livingston, Jerry
Words & Music Inc. 1942
Back To Back from "Second Fiddle" Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1939
Back To Donegal Graham, Steve Leeds Music Corp. 1942
Back Track Becaud, Gilbert Duchess Music Corp. 1955
Back Up Our Buck Privates With Our Private Bucks Hayes, Billy Broadcast Music Inc. 1942
Backward, Turn Backward Coleman, Dave Sheldon Music Inc. 1954
Bad Boy Armstrong, Lil Leeds Music Corp. 1957
Bad Girl Nation, Buck Peer International Corp. 1941
Bad Humor Man, The McHugh, Jimmy Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1940
Bagel And Lox Tepper, Eid
Brodsky, Roy
American Academy Of Music Inc. 1946
Bahama Mama Dixon, Luther Winneton Music Corp. 1957
Baia Barroso, Ary Peer International Corp. 1944
Baker's Wife, The Begley, Silvia Peer International Corp. 1942
Bakiff Tizol, Juan Tempo Music Inc. 1942
Balboa, The Pollack, Lew Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1936
Bald Parrot, The Schein, Alfred Doremi Music Co. 1950
Ballad Of Davy Crockett Bruns, George Wonderland Music Co. 1954
Ballad Of Sloppy Joe, The Rome, Harold J. Kaycee Music Co. Inc. 1943
Ballad Of Thunder Road from "Thunder Road" Raye, Don
Mitchum, Robert
Leeds Music Corp. 1958
Ballerina Sigman, Carl Jefferson Music Co. Inc. 1947
Ballin' The Jack Smith, Chris Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1932
Balloon Man's Refrain Magine, Frank O'Kay Music Co. 1939
Bamba from "Maria Elena" Cortazar, Ernesto M. Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
Bambalina from "The Wildflower" Youmans, Vincent
Stothart, Herbert
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1923
Bambambamy Shore Henderson, Ray Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1925
Bambina Walter, Serge
Spier, Larry
Stillman, Al
Larry Spier Inc. 1938
Bambina Mia Raleigh, Ben
Wayne, Bernie
Newman, Murray
Roxy Music Corp. 1948
Bamboo Simon, Nat Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1950
Banana Boat Song, The Darling, Erik
Carey, Bob
Arkin, Alan
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1956
Band Of Gold Taylor, Jack Ludlow Music Inc. 1955
Band Played On, The Ward, Charles B. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Bandit, The Ricardo Do Nascimento, Alfredo Leeds Music Corp. 1954
Bang! The Bell Rang from "Flying Hostess" Actman, Irving Chappell & Co Inc. 1936
Banjo Song, A Homer, Sidney Doubleday, Page & Co. 1910
Banking On The Weather Fain, Sammy M. Whitmark & Sons 1932
Barbara Silver, Abner T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1927
Barbara Allen Fitzgerald, E.J. National Association Of Broadcasters Inc. 1937
Barbary Coast Silver, Abner
Sherman, Al
Lewis, Al
Harry Engel Inc. 1935
Barbary Coast Blues Williams, Spencer Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Barcelona Evans, Tolchard Leo Feist Inc. 1926
Barefoot Days Wilson, Al
Brennan, James A.
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1951
Barnacle Bill Robison, Carson
Luther, Frank
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Barnum Had The Right Idea Cohan, George M. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1939
Barnyard Band, The Littlefield, Jimmy
Filler, Harry
Fortis, Johnny
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1944
Barnyard Parade, The Barnet, Rebecca
Harrison, Michael
Blossom Music Corp. 1943
Barnyard Rag, The Smith, Chris M.M. Cole 1938
Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street Styne, Jule ABC Music Corp. 1942
Bartender Polka Gerlach, H.
Demey, Tedy
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Bashful O'Flynn, Charles
Redmond, John
David, Lee
Isham Jones Music Corp. 1934
Bashful Baby Friend, Cliff
Silver, Abner
George & Arthur Piantadosi Inc. 1929
Bashful Bull Frog, The Bear, Noel
Herman, Lenny
Sermour, Roy
Top Music Pub. 1942
Bathtub Ran Over Again, The Cleary, Michael H. Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1934
Bathtub Serenade Fiore, Armond
Fondo, Dom
Ideal Music Pub. Co. 1942
Be A Good Little Soldier Vincent, Gene
Patrick, Fred
A-1 Music Pub. of America 1942
Be A Good Soldier Caesar, Irving
Koppell, Al
Marks, Gerald
Irving Caesar 1942
Be A Good Sport from "Love and Hisses" Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Leo Feist Inc. 1937
Be A Little Bit Careful Zee, Allan
Allison, Elektra
Clarence Williams Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1938
Be Anything, But Be Mine Gordon, Irving Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1952
Be Bop Baby Lendhurst, Pearl Travis Music Inc. 1957
Be Bop Spoken Here Malneck, Matty
DeLugg, Milton
Blossom Music Corp. 1949
Be Brave, Beloved Altman, Arthur Leeds Music Corp. 1942
Be Careful Of My Heart Wright, Bob
Forrest, Chet
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. 1936
Be Fair Wayne, Mabel Campbell-Loft Music Co. 1941
Be Goody, Good, Good To Me Lange, Johnny
Heath, Hy
Loring, Richard
United Music Corp. 1949
Be Honest With Me Autry, Gene
Rose, Fred
Western Music Pub. Co. 1941
Be It Ever So Humble Statkus, Joe Joe Statkus 1948
Be Mine Fields, Harold Chappell & Co Inc. 1948
Be Mine Menke, J.
Panas, M.
Luth, T.
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1959
Be Mine Tonight Lara, Maria T. Peer International Corp. 1951
Be My Life's Companion Hilliard, Bob
DeLugg, Milton
Edwin H. Morris & Co Inc.  
Be Not Disencouraged Bishop, Joe Charling Music Corp.  
Be Still, My Heart Flynn, Allan
Egan, Jack
Broadway Music Corp. 1934
Be Sweet To Me Kid Howard, Joseph E. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1936
Be Sweet To Me Kid Howard, Joseph E. Joseph E. Howard 1934
Be True To Me Carrillo, Alvaro Peer International Corp. 1960
Be Young Again Worth, Bobby
Cowan, Stanley
Melody Lane Music Inc. 1941
Be Young Again Worth, Bobby
Cowan, Stanley
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Beale Street Serenade VanOrmer, Gene
Grainger, Porter
Handy, W.C.
Handy Brothers Music Co. Inc. 1938
Beans, Beans, Beans Smith, Chris
Furlett, Frank
F.B. Haviland Pub. Co. Inc. 1912
Beans, Beans, Beans Smith, Chris M.M. Cole 1939
Bear Down Dowell, J. Edgar
Fox, Lou
Chappell & Co Inc. 1937
Beat It Out Emmerich, Bob Crawford Music Corp. 1937
Beatrice Nevins, Morty
Dunn, Artie
Nevins, Al
Alba Music Inc. 1947
Beaucoup Emer, Michel Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1942
Beautiful Shay, Larry Milton Weil Music Co. Inc. 1927
Beautiful Dreamer Foster, Stephen Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1936
Beautiful Girl from "Singin' In The Rain" Brown, Nacio Herb Robbins Music Corp. 1933
Beautiful Girl Of The Prairie Fernandez, C. Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1940
Beautiful Hawaiian Shores Nettles, Norman Peer International Corp. 1943
Beautiful Isle Of Love Berg, Leon Joseph W. Stern & Co. 1911
Beautiful Lady In Blue, A Coots, J. Fred Chappell & Co Inc. 1935
Beautiful Love from "Sing A Jingle" Young, Victor
King, Wayne
Van Alstyne, E.
Movietone Music Corp. 1944
Beautiful Threads Of Gold Jaynes, S. Lester S. Lester Jaynes 1936
Because Scott, John P.
Borchers, Dorothy E.
W.A. Quincke & Co. 1932
Because I Care So Much Jacobs, Al
Gunsky, Maurice
Villa-Moret Inc. 1934
Because Of Love Arkuss, Albert Mann Music Co. Inc. 1942
Because Of Once Upon A Time Stride, Harry
Maltin, Bernard
Sherman, Clay & Co. 1934
Because Of Rain Poll, Ruth
Cole, Nate
Harrington, Bill
Maypole Music Inc. 1950
Because Of You Hammerstein, Arthur
Wilkinson, Dudley
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Because You Love Me Seiler, Eddie
Marcus, Sol
Remick Music Corp. 1949
Because You Said "I Love You" Sanders, Joe
Grossman, Bernie
Sizemore, Arthur
Grossman-Lewis Music Pub. 1929
Because You're Mine from "Because You're Mine" Brodszky, Nicholas Leo Feist Inc. 1952
Beer Barrel Polka Brown, Lew
Timm, Wladimir A.
Vejoda, Jamomir
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1939
Beer Joint Blues Alley, Shelly Lee Peer International Corp. 1942
Before We Know It Tobias, Charles Leeds Music Corp. 1954
Before You Gold, Ernest Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Before You Came Pachernegg, A. Associated Music Pub. Inc. 1928
Beg Your Pardon Craig, Francis
Smith, Beasley
Robbins Music Corp. 1947
Bi-Bi Russell, Sky
Freeland, Judy & Beverly
Charles Rinker Music 1941
Bible Stories Johns, Al Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1938
Bible Tells Me So, The Evans, Dale Paramount-Roy Rodgers 1955
Bicycle Built For Two, A Darce, Harry M.M. Cole 1935
Bicycle Built For Two, A (Daisy Bell) Darce, Harry   1937
Big Apple David, Lee
Redmond, John
Exclusive Pub. Inc. 1937
Big Apple, The Emmerick, Bob Crawford Music Corp. 1937
Big Bad Bill, From The Badlands Jones, Alan Rankin
Russell, Henry
Vanguard Songs 1941
Big Bass Viol, The Bohannon, M.T. M.M. Cole 1938
Big Bell And The Little Bell, The Kalmanoff, Martin Monument Music 1954
Big Boy Blue Lawrence, Jack
Howell, Dan
Tinturn, Peter
Schuster & Miller Inc. 1937
Big Brass Band From Brazil Hilliard, Bob
Sigman, Carl
Edwin H. Morris & Co Inc. 1947
Big Broad Smile McGrane, Paul Mutual Music Society Inc. 1942
Big Chief "Swing It" Pollack, Lew Movietone Music Corp. 1937
Big Chief DeSota Arbelo, Fernando Joe Davis Inc. 1936
Big Circus, The Fain, Sammy Miller Music Corp. 1959
Big Daddy Pockriss, Lee Empress Music 1958
Big Dipper, The Clinton, Larry Lincoln Music Corp. 1937
Big House Blues Alley, Shelly Lee Peer International Corp. 1942
Big Mouth Bill Deane, Eddie V. RFD Pub. Co. Inc. 1962
Big Movie In The Sky, The Dolon, R.E. Chappell & Co Inc. 1949
Big Noise From Winnetka Haggart, Bob
Bauduc, Ray
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1940
Big Wig In The Wigwam Alexander, Roe
Case, Kenneth
Bradley, Byron
Gem Music 1939
Bigger And Better Than Ever Friend, Cliff
White, George
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1929
Bigger The Figure, The Barer, Marshall
Wilder, Alec
Darmouth Music 1952
Billie Cohen, George M. M. Whitmark & Sons 1928
Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill) Paley, Kendis Mills Music Inc. 1938
Bimbo Morris, Rod Fairway Music Co. 1953
Bird On Nellie's Hat, The Solman, Alfred Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1932
Birds And The Bees, The Warren, Harry Famous Music Corp. 1956
Birmingham Bertha Akst, Harry M. Whitmark & Sons 1929
Birthday Of A Kiss, The Loeb, J.J.
Vallee, Rudy
Leo Feist Inc. 1931
Birthday Song, The (Congratulations To You) Madden, Frank
Nattrass, Frank E.
Nattrass-Schenck Inc. 1941
Bit Of Hawaii In The Ozarks, A Roberts, Allan
Fisher, Doris
Leeds Music Corp. 1944
Bittersweet Cloud, White Charles A. Rutter 1938
Black And Blue Waller, Thomas
Brooks, Harry
Mills Music Inc. 1929
Black Bottom Henderson, Ray T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1926
Black Cat, The Mariani, Hugo
Kanner, Jerry
Miller, Irving
Donaldson, Douglas & Gumble Inc. 1938
Black Coffee Sigler, Maurice
Goodhart, Al
Hoffman, Al
Remick Music 1935
Black Denim Trousers And Motorcyle Boots Stoller, Mike
Leiber, Jerry
Quintet Music 1955
Black Joe Johnson, Ray Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1935
Black Maria Rose, Fred Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1939
Black Out In My Heart Lewis, Jerry Claude Lapham Music  
Blackout On Broadway Lapham, Claude Claude Lapham Music 1942
Blacksmith Blues, The Holmes, Jack Hill & Range Songs Inc. 1952
Blame It On My Last Affair Nemo, Henry
Mills, Irving
Mills Music Inc. 1938
Blame It On The Danube Akst, Harry
Loesser, Frank
Marlo Music 1937
Blame It On Your Beautiful Eyes Sherman, Al
Lewis, Al
Burke, Joe
Joe Morris 1929
Blazin' The Trail Samuels, Walter G.
Whitcup, Leonard
Powell, Teddy
Schuster & Miller Inc. 1936
Bless 'em All Hughs, J.
Lake, F.
Stillman, A
Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1941
Bless My Stars Lillie, K.C. Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Bless You For Being An Angel Lane, Eddie
Baker, Don
Words & Music Inc. 1939
Bless Your Little Heart Gillespie, Harvey
Bennett, Joe
Straight, Charlie
DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1930
Blond Sailor, The Pfeil, J. Mills Music Inc. 1945
Blondy Brown, Nacio Herb Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. 1929
Bloop, Bleep Loesser, Frank Paramount Music Corp. 1947
Blossom Fell, A Barnes, Howard
Cormelius, Harold
John, Dominic
John Fields 1955
Blossoms Of Bali Salisian, Ralph Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Blossoms On Broadway Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Famous Music Corp. 1937
Blossoms On The Bough, The Sigman, Carl ABC Music Corp. 1949
Blow Me A Bubble, Dream Me A Dream Mosby, Ben E.
Haubrich, Earl
Modern Standard Music 1940
Blow Out The Candle Moore, Phil Chappell & Co Inc. 1951
Blow The Smoke Away Howard, Joseph E. Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1934
Blow The Smoke Away Howard, Joseph E. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Blow, Blow, Winds Of The Sea Duncan, Harold Lion Music 1951
Blow, Gabriel, Blow Porter, Cole T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Blowing Smoke At The Moon Eastwood, Howard Ballinger & Eastwood 1937
Blue Handman, Lou Mills Music Inc. 1922
Blue Silver, Abner Starlight Music 1945
Blue Afterglow Hall, Rich New Era Music Corp. 1940
Blue Angel Ortmann, William Hubert J. Braun Music Co. 1940
Blue Baby Klages, Raumond
Green, Grace
Haid, William
Robbins Music Corp. 1927
Blue Bayou LaFreniere, E.P. Roy Music Co. Inc. 1937
Blue Bird Of Happiness Harmati, Sandor T.B. Harms Co. 1940
Blue Canary Fiorino, Vincent Valando Music Corp. 1953
Blue Champagne Watts, Grady
Ryerson, Frank
Encore Music 1941
Blue Clouds Lecuona, Ernesto Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1941
Blue December Care, Raph
Kahn, Marvin
Berman, Arthur
Redd Evans Music Co. 1951
Blue Echoes Carreras, Justo
Farver, Joe
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1941
Blue Evening Bishop, Joe Miller Music Corp. 1939
Blue Eyes Ringle, Dave Dave Ringle Music Pub. 1942
Blue Fantasy Carle, Frankie Jewel Music Pub. Co. 1939
Blue Gardenia Russell, Bob
Lee, Lester
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1953
Blue Grass Region Gold, Ernest
Kavelin, Al
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Blue Hours King, Wayne
Castillo, Jerry
Leo Feist Inc. 1933
Blue Illusion Musicant, B.
Gindhart, T.
LaFreniere, E.P.
Roy Music Co. Inc. 1935
Blue Indiana Skies Gould, Jay Bells Music Co. 1942
Blue Interlude Carter, Benny Exclusive Pub. Inc. 1938
Blue Is My Heart Davis, Benny
Silver, Abner
Lincoln Music Corp. 1941
Blue Lament Miller, Harry Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Blue Lily Hanson, Eddy
Frank, Ruth
Peer International Corp. 1942
Blue Lovebird from "Lillian Russell" Kaper, Bronislaw Leo Feist Inc. 1940
Blue Mirage Olias, Lotar B.F. Wood Music Co. 1954
Blue Missouri Moon Dusterhoff, Flo
Tucker, Stan
Golden Gate Pub. 1939
Blue Mist Feller, Sid Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Blue Mist Herscher, Louis
Iona, Andy
Southern Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1943
Blue Monday Bartholomew, Dave
Domino, Antoine
Commodore Music Corp. 1957
Blue Night Powell, Teddy
Whitcup, Leonard
Mills Music Inc. 1938
Blue Orchids Carmichael, Hoagy Famous Music Corp. 1939
Blue Poke Bonnet And A Stove Pipe Hat, A Correa, Eric
Mason, Leni
Lampl, Carl
Arrow Music Co. 1944
Blue Prelude Bishop, Joe Words & Music Inc. 1944
Blue Rain VanHeusen, Jimmy Mercer & Morris Inc. 1939
Blue Room from "Words & Music" Rodgers, Richard T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1926
Blue Roses Ahlert, Fred E.
Leslie, Edgar
Irving Berlin Inc. 1933
Blue Sea Brown, Emmett
Johnson, William
Dash, Julian
Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1944
Blue September DeRose, Peter Robbins Music Corp. 1940
Blue Shadows Alter, Louis Robbins Music Corp. 1928
Blue Shadows And White Gardenias Gordon, Mack
Owens, Harry
Twentieth Century Music Corp. 1942
Blue Shadows And White Gardenias from "Song of the Islands" Gordon, Mack
Owens, Harry
Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1942
Blue Shadows On The Trail Daniel, Eliot Santly Joy Select Inc. 1947
Blue Skies Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1927
Blue Skies Are 'Round The Corner Parker, Ross
Charles, Hughie
Irwin Dash Music Co. 1938
Blue Skirt Waltz, The Blaha, Vaclav Mills Music Inc. 1948
Blue Sky Avenue Conrad, Con T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Blue Stars Russell, Mary-Louise Will Lewis Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1936
Blue Suede Shoes Parkins, Carl Lee Hi Lo Music 1956
Blue Sweetheart Shand, Terry Forster Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1937
Blue Tahitian Moon Newman, Alfred Triangle Music Corp. 1942
Blue Tahitian Moonlight Rich, Freddie
Burton, Nat
Altman, Arthur
Shuman, Francis K.
Melo-Art Music Pub. 1939
Blue Valley Carver, Edgar New York Music Pub. Co. 1941
Blue Venetian Waters Kaper, Bronislaw
Jurmann, Walter
Robbins Music Corp. 1937
Blue, And Broken Hearted Handman, Lou Mills Music Inc. 1922
Bluebeard Goldsmith, Leo
Walker, Eddie
Kanner, Jerry
Clef Music Co. 1940
Bluebell Livingston, Jerry Frank Music Corp. 1958
Blueberry Hill Lewis, Al
Stock, Larry
Rose, Vincent
Chappell & Co Inc. 1940
Bluebird Singing In My Heart, A Emer, Michel Advanced Music Corp. 1948
Bluebirds In The Moonlight from "Gullivers Travels" Robin, Leo
Rainger, Ralph
Famous Music Corp. 1939
Bluebonnet Fain, Sammy Leo Feist Inc. 1937
Bluer Than Blue Pollack, Lew Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1933
Blues (My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me) Swanstone, Arthur N.
McCarron, Charles R.
Morgan, Carey
Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1932
Blues Are Brewin', The Alter, Louis Edwin H. Morris & Co Inc. 1946
Blues In Advance Drummond, Nell Hollis Music Inc. 1952
Blues In Jail Atcher, Randall I Peer International Corp. 1941
Blues In Paradise Kay, Herbie
Hampartz, Anna
Ted Browne Music Co. Inc. 1936
Blues In The Night Arlen, Harold Remick Music Corp. 1941
Blues In The Night Arlen, Harold T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1941
Blues Serenade, A Signorelli, Frank Mills Music Inc. 1935
Blues Stay Away From Me Delmore, Alton & Rabon
Raney, Wayne
Glover, Henry
Lois Pub. Co. 1949
Blues, Why Don't You Let Me Alone? Blake, Eubie Clarence Williams Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1937
Boardwalk Parade, The Sisson, Kenn
LaFreniere, E.P.
Roy Music Co. Inc. 1935
Bob White Hanighen, Bernie Remick Music Corp. 1937
Bobby Sox Tune, The Stocco, Sal
Welk, Lawrence
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1944
Bojangles Of Harlem from "Swing Time" Kern, Jerome Chappell & Co Inc. 1936
Bombardier Song, The Rodgers, Richard Chappell & Co Inc. 1942
Bomber Command Taubman, Paul Carl Fischer Inc. 1943
Bombs For The Enemy Freeman, Leonard Freeman Associates 1943
Bon Jour Mam' Selle from "Paris In Spring" Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Bonfire Season, The Evans, Anne M. Harvest Songs Co. 1941
Bonne Nuit Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
Famous Music Corp. 1951
Boo Hoo Heyman, Edward
Lombardo, Carmen
Loeb, John Jacob
Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1937
Boogie de Concerto Butterfield, Erskine Georgia Music Corp. 1941
Boogie Ride Wagner, Larry
Hammond, Con
Cason Music Corp. 1941
Boogie Woogie Cowboy Statham, Jack
Snow, Gus
Tune Towne Tunes 1944
Boogie Woogie Piggy, The Jacobs, Roy Mutual Music Society Inc. 1941
Boogie Woogie Polka Weller, S. Pan-O-Ram Music Service 1943
Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Rene, Leon Leon Rene Pub. 1950
Boogie Woogie To You McCray, Don
Gold, Ernest
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Book Was So Much Better Than The Picture, The Leven, Mel Johnstone Montei Inc. 1952
Boom Trenet, Charles Irving Berlin Inc. 1938
Boom Ta Ra Ra Boom Beresford, Maurice
Somner, Frank
Nattrass-Schenck Inc. 1932
Boomp, Pa-Deedle Doddle Hughes, Glenn
Phalen, Ruth, Rex, Todd, Dorothy & Arthur
Fowler Music Co. 1950
Boots And Saddle Samuels, Walter G.
Whitcup, Leonard
Powell, Teddy
Schuster & Miller Inc. 1935
Border Rose Nation, Buck Peer International Corp. 1942
Born To Be Blue Silver, Abner Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1930
Born To Be Kissed Schwartz, Arthur T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1934
Born To Be With You Robertson, Don Mayfair Music Corp. 1956
Born To Lose Brown, Frankie Peer International Corp. 1943
Born To Love from "Talent Scout" Jerome, M.K. T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1937
Born To The Sky Crawford, Robert Capt. ATC Carl Fischer Inc. 1945
Boston Tea Party, The Ryerson, Frank Select Music Pub. Inc. 1936
Botch A Me Morbelli, R.
Astore, L.
Hollis Music Inc. 1952
Bottoms Up Friend, Cliff
White, George
T.B. Harms Co. Inc. 1929
Boulevard Of Memories Loeb, John Jacob Mutual Music Society Inc. 1947
Bounce Olsen & Johnson
Levison, Jay
Evans, Ray
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Bounce Me Brother With A Solid Four from "Buck Privates" Raye, Don
Prince, Hughie
Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Boutonniere Mann, Dave Oxford Music Corp. 1951
Bowery, The Gaunt, Percy Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Boy And A Girl Were Dancing, A Revel, Harry DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1932
Boy In Khaki, A Girl In Lace, A Wrubel, Allie ABC Music Corp. 1942
Boy Meets Girl Fain, Sammy Remick Music Corp. 1936
Boy Meets Horn Ellington, Duke
Stewart, Rex
American Academy Of Music Inc. 1940
Boy Named Lem, A Brown, Lew
Tobias, Charlie
Stept, Sam H.
Chappell & Co Inc. 1939
Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy Cross, Sylvester L.
Melville, Leo
Wright, Eliot
American Music Inc. 1940
Boy Scout Parade, The Johnson, J.K. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1939
Boy With The Wistful Eyes, The from "Keep 'Em Flying" Raye, Don
DePaul, Gene
Leeds Music Corp. 1941
Boy, Oh Boy from Mr. Bug Goes To Town" Timberg, Sammy Famous Music Corp. 1941
Boys And Girls Like You And Me from "Away We Go!" Rodgers, Richard Crawford Music Corp. 1943
Boys Town Harris, Will J Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1938
Boys Town On Parade Ward, Edward Leo Feist Inc. 1938
Braggin' Manners, Henry Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Brand New Castle In The Air McCray, Don
Gold, Ernest
Robert Sour
Branded Maverick, A Dickson, Art Peer International Corp. 1943
Brazil Barroso, Ary Peer International Corp. 1942
Brazilian Boogie Martin, Hugh
Blane, Ralph
Leo Feist Inc. 1941
Brazilian Moon Saller, Anton
Autry, Gene
O'Kay Music Co. 1939
Brazilian Night Cobian, Juan Carlos Edward B. Marks Music Corp. 1938
Brazilly Willy Lobo, Haroldo
DeOliveira, Milton
Peer International Corp. 1942
Break The News To Mother Harris, Charles K. Charles K. Harris 1924
Break Y Blues Conrad, Con
Mitchell, Sidney D.
Gottler, Archie
DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1929
Breakfast For Two Mckiernan, Joe
Wilson, Art
Knighton, Merrill
Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Breakin' In A Pair Of Shoes Stept, Sam H. Leo Feist Inc. 1936
Breaking My Heart To Keep Away From You Bremman, Dan Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1937
Breathless Press, Jaques Campbell, Loft & Porgie Inc. 1942
Breeze, Blow My Baby Back To Me Hanley, James F. Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1919
Breeze, The Sacco, Tony
Smith, Dick
Lewis, Al
Leeds Music Corp. 1934
Breezin' Along, With The Breeze Gillespie, Haven
Simons, Seymour
Whiting, Richard A.
Jerome H. Remick & Co. 1926
Bridal Waltz, The Burke, Joe Kornheiser-Schuster Inc. 1935
Bride and Groom Polka Roberts, Allan
Lee, Lester
George Simon 1948
Bride Comes Home, The Lawnhurst, Vee Popular Melodies Inc. 1936
Bridge Builders Fraser, George M. Carl Fischer Inc. 1936
Bridge Of Sighs, The Reid, Billy Leeds Music Corp. 1953
Bridge, The Alstone, Alex
Manus, Jack
Martin Block Music 1951
Bring Back That Old Fashioned Christmas DeVoll, Cal
Carroll, Gene
Rowell, Glenn
Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1942
Bring Back The Days Of Childhood Hosick, H.C. H.C. Clark  
Bring Back The Thrill Rugolo, Pete Maypole Music Inc. 1950
Bring Me A Rose Shisler, Charles Mills Music Inc. 1943
Bring Me Back My Lovin' Honey Boy Cobb, George L. Will Rossiter 1913
Bring Your Roses To Her Now Ennis, John
Giles, Lem
Large, Freddie
M.M. Cole 1939
Bringin' Home The Season Bannister, Frank
Volwell, Lew
Van & Schenk
M.M. Cole 1936
Broadway Woode, Henri Masters Music 1940
Broadway Tucker, Johnny
Val, Jack
Eddie, Rod
Sunset Music Pub. Co. 1948
Broadway And The Farm Post, Bill Bill Post 1940
Broadway Caballero Russel, Henry Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Broadway Gone Hawaii Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Leo Feist Inc. 1937
Broadway Jamboree McHugh, Jimmy Universal Music 1937
Broadway Rhythm Brown, Nacio Herb Robbins Music Corp. 1935
Broke Barefoot And Starry Eyed Roseland, Don Leeds Music Corp. 1954
Broken Down Merry Go Round Wakely, Jimmy
Herbert, Arthur
Stryker, Fred
Fairway Music Co. 1950
Broken Hearted Hillebrand, Fred Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Broken Hearted DeSylva, B.G.
Brown, Lew
Henderson, Ray
DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Inc. 1927
Broken Hearted In The Moonlight Christy, Hal
Frisch, Billy
Motzan, Otto
Mills Music Inc. 1930
Broken Hearts Simpson, G. Morgan G.M. Simpson 1935
Broken Melody, A Blade, James H.J. Braun 1937
Broken Record, The Friend, Cliff
Tobias, Charlie
Bunch, Boyd
Chappell & Co Inc. 1935
Brooklyn Polka Manners, Zeke Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1944
Brother Bill Armstrong, Louis Motor Parts 1942
Brother Love Zucca, Mana Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1939
Brown Bird Singing, A Wood, Haydn Chappell & Co Inc. 1922
Brown Eyes, Why Are You Blue? Meyer, George W. Harry Waterson Inc. 1925
Bubble Gum Song, The Hoelfe, Carl Tune Towne Tunes 1947
Bubble-Loo Bubble-Loo Carmichael, Hoagy
Webster, Paul F.
Burke & VanHeusen Inc. 1948
Buck In The Bank Marks, Gerald Sam Fox Pub. Co. 1948
Buckle Down Buck Private Blane, Ralph
Martin, Hugh
Chappell & Co Inc. 1942
Buckle Down, Winsocki Martin, Hugh
Blane, Ralph
Chappell & Co Inc. 1941
Buffalo Billy Redmond, John
Cavanaugh, James
Weldon, Frank
Laurel Music Co. 1950
Bugle Woogie Andrews, Gordon Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Building Of Boulder Dam, The Kanter, Ben Peer International Corp. 1941
Bull Frog Jump Porter, Lew Urban Music 1943
Bully Song Trevanthan, Charles E. Jerry Vogel Music Co. Inc. 1940
Bumpa Jumpa Beal, Charlie Broadcast Music Inc. 1940
Bundle Of Blue Kassel, Art Robbins Music Corp. 1942
Bunny Brown Greeley, Joe
Carrol, Rita
Broadcast Music Inc. 1941
Burn Firewood Burn Abner Silver Joe Davis Inc. 1940
Burn It Up Simon, Nat
Raymond, Harold
Superior Music Co. Inc. 1943
Burning Fleet Stone, Al
Allen, Ed
Sunray Music Pub. Co. 1940
Burning Love Robbins, Redda
Harris, Jeanette
Peer International Corp. 1960
Burnt Fingers Wright, Bob
Forrest, Chet
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. 1936
Busy Doing Nothing VanHeusen, James Burke & Van Heusen 1948
Busy Little Bee Ross, Leo
Manning, Laura
Ross Music 1952
Busy Making Love Clemens, Jack
Lee, Dottie
Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1938
But Beautiful VanHeusen, James Burke & Van Heusen 1947
But Definitely Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Robbins Music Corp. 1936
But I Did Meyer, Joseph
Jacobs, Al
Remick Music Corp. 1945
But I Never Do Jones, Isham Forster Music Pub. Co. Inc. 1942
But In The Morning, No Porter, Cole Chappell & Co Inc. 1939
But It Didn't Mean A Thing Livingston, Jerry Ager, Yellen & Bornstein Inc. 1939
But Me, I Love You Levitan, Cy Campbell Music Co. 1950
But None Like You Noble, Ray Sinatra Songs Inc. 1948
But Not For Me from "Girl Crazy" Gershwin, George New World Corp. 1930
But Where Are You? Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1936
Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestickmaker, The Zucca-Mana Paull-Pioneer Music Corp. 1939
Buttefly Wayne, Mabel Santly Brothers Joy Inc. 1934
Buttercup Lane Nation, Louise
Kelly, Rex
Peer International Corp. 1942
Butterfingers Berlin, Irving Irving Berlin Inc. 1934
Button Up Your Overcoat Desylva, B.G.
Brown, Lew
Henderson, Ray
Crawford Music Corp. 1928
Buttons And Bows Livingston, Jay
Evans, Ray
Famous Music Corp. 1948
Buy A Bond McHugh, Jimmy
Adamson, Harold
Jimmy Hugh & Harold Adamson 1945
Buzz Buzz Buzz Simms, Alice D.
Trace, Al
Lunceford, Jimmy
Advanced Music Corp. 1945
Buzz Me Baxter, Danny Preview Music 1946
By A Rippling Stream, Waiting For You Petkere, Bernice M.Whitmark & Sons 1932
By A Wishing Well Gordon, Mack
Revel, Harry
Leo Feist Inc. 1938
By Myself Schwartz, Arthur Crawford Music Corp. 1937
By Special Permission Of The Copyright Owners I Love You Gensler, Lewis. E. Fred Fisher Music Co. Inc. 1931
By The Dear Old Delaware Rennie, Ryerson
Armstrong, Paul B.
Victor Kremer Co. 1904
By The Light Of The Christmas Tree Gilbert, Ray
O'Brien, Bob
Melody Lane Music Inc. 1941
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Edwards, Gus Remick Music Corp. 1909
By The River Of The Roses Burke, Joe Shapiro, Bernstein & Co. Inc. 1948
By The River Sainte Marie Warren, Harry Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. 1931
By The Sycamore Tree Wendling, Pete Irving Berlin Inc. 1931
By The Taj Mahal Brown, Nacio Herb Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Corp. 1934
By The Watermelon Vine Allen, Thomas S. Mills Music Inc. 1935
By The Way Myrow, Joseph Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc. 1948
By The Way Myrow, Joseph Twentieth Century Music Corp. 1948
Bye Bye Baby Handman, Lou Irving Berlin Inc. 1936
Bye Bye Blackbird Henderson, Ray Remick Music Corp. 1948
Bye Bye Blues Hamm, Fred
Bennett, Dave
Lown, Bert
Gray, Chauncey
Bourne Inc. 1930
Bye Bye Blues Hamm, Fred                    Bennett, Dave                           Lown, Bert Gray, Chauncey Irving Berlin Inc. 1930
Bye Lo Perkins, Ray Mills Music Inc. 1932
Bye Lo Baby Buntin Walker, Cindy American Music Inc. 1942
By-u By-u (The Lou'siana Lullaby) Owens, Jack
McMichael, Ted
Killion, Leo V.
Majestic Music 1941


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