The Aldemaro Romero Jr. Collection

Boxes 606, 653-657: The Political Persecution Papers

About the Romero Collection

The Romero Collection consists of 669 boxes of materials. It is housed in the Louisa H. Bowen University Archives and Special Collections of Lovejoy Library.

The majority of the Romero Collection consists of a comprehensive library of scholarly articles and documents related to biology and the history of science amassed by Dr. Aldemaro Romero over the course of his career. The Collection also contains notes, slides, photographs, and audio and video recordings from Romero's field, laboratory, and archival research. His pedagogical materials as a professor of biology and audio and video recordings of radio and television programs he has hosted are also included in the Collection.

The Political Persecution papers comprise a small portion of the Romero Collection and can be found in boxes 606, 653-657 of the Collection.

Researchers may contact the library to arrange to view the Romero Collection materials by appointment.