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1. Turn in a Petition to Organize Form to indicate the intent to start a new group. These forms are available in the Kimmel Student Involvement Center. You must list those individuals (with addresses and phone numbers) organizing the group. You must also include the name of the adviser, organization name, and purpose of the group. The two-month Petitioning Status begins on the date the Petition to Organize Form is submitted to the Kimmel Student Involvement Center.

2. Meet with the Associate Director of the Kimmel Student Involvement Center (Michelle Welter, email to review the recognition process and to review your constitution.

3. Start promoting the organization and recruiting new members.

4. Hold organization meeting to discuss the purpose and activities of the organization.

5. Develop a constitution and bylaws for the organization base on the input from the members. A group's constitution is its license to exist. Please use the following guidelines:

a. Refer to the sample constitution that contains formatting examples for the ten articles required in every constitution: Name, Purpose, Nondiscrimination, Membership, Qualifications for Officers, Advisers, Meetings, Quorum, Amendments, and Ratification. The sample is intended for use as a guide. Please note: Adviser is spelled with an "E" instead of an "O". It is done that way purposely. Please spell Adviser with an "E".

b. Type the constitution in a legible, final draft form and include the date. Please save all documents in such a manner that they can be easily changed should changes be necessary. Follow all MLA guidelines throughout.

c. Ensure that the constitution is in proper outline form so that it can be easily read and understood.

d. Be sure that the constitution contains no contradictory statements.

e. Anticipate the future and ensure that the constitution does not limit the organization's options for growth and change.

6. Elect officers in accordance with the Constitution

7. Complete the following registration materials available in the Kimmel Student Involvement Center with the two-month Petition Status period.

a. Officer/Membership form listing the organizations officers and adviser, their addresses and telephone numbers (along with the organization information)

b. Statement of the Organizational Purpose, Goals, and Proposed Activities.

c. Membership Statement signifying at least three officers and five enrolled SIUE students. This is to ensure sufficient membership to sustain future existence.

d. Adviser Authorization Form signed by a University employee agreeing to advise the organization.

8. Submit the above-referenced recognition materials and the proposed constitution and bylaws to the Kimmel Student Involvement Center within the two-month petitioning status period.

9. Submit a copy of the Constitution and membership requirements of any local, state, regional or national organization with which the intended organization is or will be affiliated with.

10. Arrange for a representative of the group to attend a SOAB meeting. The organization adviser is also encouraged to attend, but is not necessary. The representatives should being a copy of the constitution on which to write recommendations and changes.

11. Make recommended changes to the constitution and submit the final draft of the constitution to the Kimmel Student Involvement center. The Student Organization Advisory Board Chairperson will review the final draft and forward the draft to the Student Senate for official recognition and final approval.

12. A letter of recognition and copy of the constitution will be forwarded to the president and adviser after the Student Senate approves official recognition of the organization.

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