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Frequently Asked Questions for Advisers


To learn more about funding for organizations, visit the Student Organization Funding Manual here

What types of funding are available for student organizations?

Annual Allocations--up to $200 per academic year 
Travel Funding--up to $600 per academic year for travel to a conference, convention, competition (1 per year)
Program Funding--up to $4,000 per academic year for up to 5 programs

Who completes the paperwork for funding requests, the officers or the advisers?

Student organization members should complete all funding paperwork.  Advisers should provide assistance as needed.

What is the timeline for funding requests for each type of funding (beginning/ending request dates, beginning/ending spending dates, notifications, receipt of funds, etc.)?

Annual Allocations--Applications are due the Friday before Spring Break annually and the funding becomes available at the start of the fall semester.

Travel Funding--Applications must be submitted at least 45 days prior to the date of travel

Program Funding--An initial meeting with the Director of the Kimmel Student Involvement Center (or her proxy) must occur at least 12 weeks prior to the date of the program.  All paperwork must be submitted no later than 10 weeks prior to the date of travel. 

**Note that all expenditures run through the Student Government office.  The organization will not be given any of the funds directly. Additionally, no expenses can be reimbursed. 

How soon/early can we request funding for travel expenses?  What are the opening and closing dates for making these funding requests?

You can request funding as soon as you have the details for your travel.  Travel funding typically runs out each year, so early submission is highly encouraged.  You will be required to submit documentation for your travel (this can include conference materials, mailings, etc.).

Can requests for funding be made for food items?

No.  Food items are not allowed for any type of funding. 

What do the $200 Annual Allocation funds cover?  Is it necessary to complete a line item request form for these funds?

Annual allocations are available for: office supplies, copying, printing, name tags, postage, table cloths, banners, items branded for the organization (pens, keychains, etc.).  Refer to the Funding Manual  for more information on what can and cannot be paid for under annual allocations. 

Are any funds available to assist with fundraisers for organizations?

No.  Student organization cannot use any Student Government funds to assist with fundraisers on or off campus. 

Fundraising & Soliciting

Can student organizations fundraise?

Yes.  Student organizations can participate in on campus fundraising and off campus fundraising.  

What do we need to do to hold a fundraiser on campus?

There are a few steps needed to hold a fundraiser on campus. 

1. Complete a solicitation form.  This form is required to collect money, goods, etc. on campus.  The adviser/fiscal officer will need to sign off on this form.  Bring the form to Kimmel for our approval. 

2. Schedule the space where you want to hold your fundraiser.  Follow the scheduling policies as outlined below.  

3. Hold your event.  Ensure that funds are deposited into the appropriate accounts following the event.  It is imperative that these funds are deposited the same day they are collected so there is little chance for them to go missing. 

We would like to hold a collection drive on campus.  How do we do that?

If you would like to collect any items on campus (canned goods, toiletries, coats, toys, etc.), you will complete a solicitation form and a scheduling request form.  The scheduling request form should indicate the locations you would like to place collection boxes.  Bring these two forms to Event Services and we will help get all locations scheduled for your group.  Please note that only one type of "collection drive" can occur at a time.  (Only one canned food drive, one coat drive, etc.).  However, multiple varieties of drives can take place at the same time.  It is the organizations responsibility to collect the items and ensure that the items are taken to the appropriate location. 

Ensure that the collection boxes include the following information: Name of the organization collecting items, where the items will be donated, when the drive is occurring (dates), and who to contact for more information. 

We are holding an off campus fundraiser, what do we need to do?  

There are no requirements to report any off campus fundraising to the university. 

We would like to approach local businesses about donations for an event/cash donations for our organization.  What do we need to do?

Many organizations would like to ask for donations from area businesses.  Please note that these requests must be approved by the University Foundation.  Provide a list of the name of the businesses, locations, and what you would like to ask that business for (cash, gift cards, products, etc.) to Sarah Laux at  This list will be forwarded to the Foundation for their review and approval/denial.  This process can take up to 2 weeks, so submit your lists as soon as possible.  

Student Organization Registration

How often do organizations need to register?

Organizations need to register annually.  Registration opens April 1 each spring and organizations are expected to register prior to Spring Commencement.  After May 15, all unregistered organizations will be placed in bad standing and will be unable to schedule space, hold events/meetings, request funds, hang fliers, etc. 

How do organizations register?

All registration is done online through the Get Involved website.  Visit  Log in with your SIUE e-ID and password. Find your organization in the list of organizations.  Click the button in the blue bar that says "register".  You will need the names, SIUE email addresses, and 800#'s for at least three of your officers as well as the names and SIUE email addresses of at least two other members.  Once submitted, your registration will be reviewed and then either approved or denied.  If denied, information on how to fix the submission will be given. 

We are already registered for the year but just had a change in our officers or adviser/fiscal officer.  What do we do? 

To change your officers, you must complete the following steps:

1. Go to your organizations page on Get Involved at SIUE and adjust your roster.  Give officer titles and permissions to each new officer and end the positions of the outgoing officers.

2. Submit an officer change form here.

To change your adviser/fiscal officer follow the same instructions in step 1 above.  Then, submit the adviser/fiscal officer change form here.

Event Planning

What are the requirements to book space for a student organization?

Organizations must be in good standing with the University (no outstanding debts owed) and must be registered for the current academic year. 

What is the process for requesting a room/space for a meeting or event?

The process varies based on the space you would like to request.  Look for your preferred space below and follow the instructions.  

Morris University Center, Quad, Classroom Spaces, Student Success Center, Bake Sale/Information Tables

Complete a Scheduling Request Form.  Please note that if ANY charges will be incurred (basically if any technical items are requested, there will be a charge) the University adviser will need to sign off on the request.  If no charges will be incurred (just a simple meeting, etc.), no adviser signature if required.  Take the Scheduling Request Form directly to Event Services (2nd Floor of the Morris University Center).  The staff will help schedule the space.  Your group will receive an event confirmation that will include any estimated charges.  This document will need to be signed and returned to Event Services to confirm your event.  

**If you will be collecting money (selling tickets to get into your event, selling an item at a table, etc.), you will need to have a completed Solicitation Form--this form must be signed off on by the Kimmel Staff before you take it to Event Services. 

**Note that you may request space in the Morris University Center or the Quad up to one year in advance of your event.  Classroom spaces do not become available until the second week of classes each semester.

Campus Recreation Facilities (including outdoor recplex, cougar lake pavillion, pools, etc.)

Visit the Student Fitness Center front desk to complete a Campus Recreation scheduling request form.  They will schedule the space for you.

University Housing Facilities

Go directly to the Housing Building you want to request (if wanting to book a sand volleyball court, go to the building the court is adjacent to) space from.  You will complete a scheduling form with the facility and they will schedule for you. 

Athletics Facilities

Contact Emily Skowron at for information on scheduling University Athletics Facilities including the Cross Country Course, Korte Stadium, and the Vadalabene Center (among others).  

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