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mySIUe Basic Overview

( .pdf version)


  • mySIUe is your portal to SIUe

  • It provides you with single sign-on for many of the applications you currently access

    • CougarNet

    • Connect

    • Blackboard

    • Financial Aid

    • GradesFirst

  • Easy access to announcements, communities

  • Connect to Facebook

  • Create your own public pages

  • mySIUe times out after 30 minutes of inactivity

    • If you opened an application from within mySIUe, there is a separate time out for each

    • Will receive warning message to extend session

      • If extended and try to access an application, will get sign on page for the application

      • Best to logout of mySIUe and log back in

      • Extending allows you access to the portal pages but does not extend the log in to the Central Authentication Service (CAS)

mySIUe Home Page

Warning Message


  • Open browser

  • Navigate to

  • Click

  • Login page opens (CAS)

  • Enter e-ID and password

  • Click
    Note: Do not press Enter and click for the login process. If both are used, the login can freeze up.

  • mySIUe home page opens


Central Authentication Service (CAS) Login Page

Navigate mySIUe

  • Navigation tools

    • Tool Bar

    • Tabs

    • Menu


  • Hover mouse over Menu to expand

    • Home - Returns to home page

    • Control Panel - Manage account and personal pages

    • My Account - Manage account

    • Toggle Edit Control - Show/hide edit controls in portlets

      • Available edit controls vary depending upon responsibilities

    • Collapse Right panel - Collapses (hides) the right panel

      • Collapse Right panel toggles with Restore Right panel

    • Maximize All - Makes the center section full-size

      • Maximize All toggles with Restore All

mySIUe Header



  • • Home - Home page

    • Consist of portlets

    • Portlets are the individual boxes within each page

    • QuickLaunch

      • Access to applications using the single sign-in

      • Items seen will vary among users based on applications accessed

      • Opens in center panel

    • myInformation hold Deeplinks; links to components within the applications without going through the menus (i.e.; Pay Information takes you directly to Pay Information menu within CougarNet for employees)

      • Opens in center panel

    • myLinks are links to other areas or applications

    • myHome cannot be modified other than minimizing a portlet

    • Not all portlets can be minimized

  • Feedback - Leave feedback concerning mySIUe

    • Share an idea

    • Ask questions

    • Report a problem

  • Communities Request - Communities (groups) pages access request

mySIUe Home Page

Tool Bar

  • Tool bar buttons change with page (Tabs)

  • My Messages

  • My Community - Drop down menu to access your profile, groups (communities) you belong to, friends

  • Friends Requests

Tool Bar

General Information

  • To move a portlet

    • Hover mouse over portlet title bar

      • Will change to 4-way arrow

    • Click and hold left mouse button

    • Drag portlet to new position and release mouse button

  • Edit controls are located in the portlet title bar

    • To minimize portlet

      • Click

      • Portlet is reduced to title bar only

    • To restore a minimized portlet

      • Click

    • To maximize a portlet to full page

      • Click

      • Click to return to previous view

    • To expand edit option menu

      • Click

      • Select menu

    • To remove portlet

      • Click add

mySIUe Portlets

Edit Option Menu

Sign Out

  • Click

    • Be sure to always sign out and close browser to prevent someone from accessing the various applications (i.e.; CougarNet, Connect, Blackboard) with your active sign-in

Sign Out

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