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Tips From the Help Desk: Keeping Your Mobile Device Safe

April 19, 2014
Has your cell phone or tablet ever come up missing? If so, you’re not alone. But did you know that without a pin or password set up, your device (and all of your personal data) could be compromised? Setting a pin or password is just one way to protect your mobile device, your data, and your money. Below are a few easy things you can do to keep your mobile device safe:

  • Set up a pin or password: As mentioned above, locking your device is a simple step to keep your information out of the wrong hands. Make your pin or password memorable to you, but not easy to guess (not your birthday, for example). Your device may have a setting to automatically delete personal data after a certain number of failed password attempts. This may be a good option if you have confidential data, such as a credit card number, linked to your device.

  • Rename your personal contacts: Saving your family members by their first names rather than by “mom” or “grandpa” could prevent them from being spammed if your device is stolen. Thieves may appeal to your family members via text, pretending to be you and asking for emergency money.

  • Get a phone finder: Whether you download a reliable phone finder app or you use a service built into your device, location-based services can let you track your lost or stolen phone and erase your data, all from an Internet browser.

  • Back it up. Backup your device regularly. If you are not automatically prompted to do so, go to your settings and look for the backup option. Saving your data somewhere other than your device will prevent you from losing everything if it does happen to get lost or stolen.

These are some of the simpler steps you can take to protect your mobile device.  If you have any questions about keeping your device or data safe, feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk by phone at 618-650-5500 or by email at

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