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Telephone Security and Safety Information

SIUE Telecom users need to be aware of security issues related to the usage of their SIUE Student Telephone Account Number (STAN); as well as safety issues related to making emergency calls; handling nuisance, obscene or harassing calls; and general telephone safety items.

Cordless phones pose security risks. Any time you use a cordless phone there is a possibility of your conversation being overheard by someone using another cordless phone, a radio, or some other type of wireless audio device. Due to phones being in very close proximity of your neighbors when living on campus, a cordless phone may experience interruptions in service due to static, cross talk, or other issues. By using a regular "corded" phone, you will be assured of having a clear connection, and you will not be taking the chance of your conversations being overheard.

Maintaining STAN Security

It is imperative to maintain the highest level of security with your Student Telephone Account Number (STAN). Your STAN should be treated like a credit card. In the same way you wouldn't leave your credit card lying around you should not leave your STAN number out for others to see. Students are responsible for any and all charges associated with their STAN. Carelessness may result in significant unwanted charges for which you will be held accountable. Safeguard your STAN by following these common sense guidelines:
  1. Do not write your STAN where someone may see it or leave it where someone may find it.
  2. Do not leave your STAN written on anything near your telephone.
  3. Keep your door locked when you are not in your room.
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, share your STAN with other students .
  5. Keep your STAN card in a secure place like a wallet or a purse.
  6. Do not program your STAN into any auto dial function on your telephone.

If you do not recognize all the charges associated with your STAN, please contact Telecommunications immediately by calling 650-5777 and leave a message, or e-mail us at Remember all messages are time-stamped and it is imperative to report any problems as soon as possible to alleviate potential additional charges. You can also visit Information Technology Services, Customer Support Center, located in the basement of Lovejoy Library, Room 0005. If you neglect to notify Telecommunication with problems associated with your STAN, you will be held responsible for all charges incurred.

Calls for Safety and Assistance

From Residence Halls, Cougar Village Apartments, or any office.

Dial 9-1-1 . University police will respond to calls placed from any university phone located at the Edwardsville, East St. Louis or Alton campus. From any SIUE university phone, you can contact assistance by picking up the receiver and dialing 911. The University Police automatically receive location identification and will dispatch an officer to assist you.

From Campus Emergency Phones

Emergency telephones are located around the campus, along the bike trail and in every major parking lot. They are typically found outdoors and have a blue light on top. There are also emergency phones located throughout the University buildings. The inside emergency phones are easy to identify by their fire engine red color. If you need assistance or would like to report a problem, lift the receiver and report your need or concern to University Police. Like 9-1-1 from normal university phone, the University Police receive location identification and quickly dispatch an officer to assist you. There are also tan colored wall phones located in most buildings. Dial 3324 from these courtesy phones to reach the SIUE Police dispatcher.

Handling Harassing Calls

Nuisance Calls

Nuisance calls come from strangers and acquaintances. Generally, these calls are made at random. Always use the telephone on your terms, not those of the caller. Do not talk to anyone unless you want to.

If the caller asks, "Who is this?" do not give them your name. Instead ask, "What number did you call?" or "With whom do you want to speak?" Do not give your name or address. If the caller remains silent or becomes abusive, HANG UP!

Obscene, Threatening or Harassing calls

If you receive an obscene, threatening, or harassing call, hang up on the first word. Hang up if the caller remains silent the second time you say hello. Remember: you control the telephone, not the person calling. The person calling would like nothing better than for you to ask repeatedly what he or she wants. HANG UP! If you feel threatened or endangered by any such call, contact University Police immediately at 3324.

Help from University Police and Telecommunications Call Trace*

In most cases, a harassing phone call made from within the University can be traced by Telecommunications by filing a request through the University Police. If you receive a harassing call:
  1. Hang up the telephone: be certain the call is disconnected.
  2. Lift the receiver and dial University Police at 3324 to initiate a trace. The University Police will instruct you on how to proceed.
  3. In all circumstances, you should log the date and time of the call and what was said.

If you have a harassing message left on your Voice Mail Box:

  1. Do not erase the message.
  2. Press # 5 to record the time of the original call.
  3. Call the University Police at 3324 and provide the above information.

Safe Use of Your Phone

To avoid the risk of electrical shock:

  1. There is a small electrical current associated your phone. Remember that water and electricity do not mix. Avoid using your telephone in a bathtub or shower.
  2. Do not use your telephone during an electrical storm.
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