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Shifting Course Formats/Moving Online

Moving a course in an online or hybrid environment is a thorough and thoughtful process. Faculty members are encouraged to begin up to a year in advance of when they anticipate teaching the course. This timeline allows sufficient time not only to gain approval for the course, but also to learn new technologies and to being using them in face-to-face courses.

IDLT members are available to meet faculty at any stage of the process and to assist them throughout the design and development of the course in its new format. If you're not sure which format is right for your course, see a few examples of "online," "hybrid," "web-enhanced," and "face-to-face" learning environments at SIUE.

Getting Started:

  1. Assess your own teaching style and motivation for moving to an online, hybrid, or web-enhanced format.
  2. Assess your own comfort level with technology and with the learning management system (e.g. Blackboard) and its tools. Plan to attend a training on “new to you” technologies and begin implementing them in current face-to-face classes.

Getting Approval:

For a hybrid or fully online course, confirm with your department chair that the course has been approved to be offered in these formats. If it has not been approved, complete the Form 94 paperwork.
  1. The Form 94 process, overseen by the Office of the Provost, requires submission of a syllabus for the course as it will be taught online. IDLT members can assist you with reviewing and refining your syllabus.
  2. The Form 94 packet requires the signature of the Information Technology Services director, which is provided after an instructional design consultation with IDLT members. To aid in preparation for the consultation, our team will request a copy of your course syllabus.

Course Planning and Design:

  1. Request a DEV (developmental) course shell for a new blended or online course. This is where you will develop your course in a test environment and later export it to your instructional course shell.
  2. Develop a detailed syllabus for your course that considers:
    • Your students' backgrounds and experiences (e.g. working professionals, tech-savvy freshmen, "non-traditional")
    • What they should know or be able to do upon completion of the course (measurable learning objectives)
    • Meaningful activities will help students meet those learning objectives
    • Relevant assessments will measure student performance.
  1. Develop the course structure in your DEV course. (Contact IDLT for assistance.)
  2. When the course has been approved and is listed in Banner as a blended or online course with you as the instructor, request your academic course shell. Export the structure and content of your DEV course shell and import it into the actual course shell.
  3. Review the course structure and content before making your course available to students.

Course Implementation:

  1. Teach the course.
  2. Use formative assessments throughout the course and a summative assessment at the end to identify areas of the course that worked, as well as those that may need to be re-examined and/or reworked.

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