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What is an e-ID?

Your e-ID is the username you will use to log in to many of the SIUE systems while you are a student at the University. You will use your e-ID and the password associated with it to log in to your SIUE e-mail, Blackboard, CougarNet (you can also use your student ID number to log in to CougarNet), and the SIUE portal, among other things. If you do not have your e-ID you can sign up for it at the e-ID creation and maintenance page. Setting up your e-ID is required for online student authentication. To protect your privacy, never share your passwords or provide them to anyone.

Why doesn't my e-ID password work?

This page shows some of the most common reasons an e-ID password will not work and how you can fix them.

Changing your e-ID password.

Your e-ID password must be changed every 60 days. Those wanting or needing to change their password should begin that process by reviewing the applicable rules for passwords.

If you know your current password:

•Go to the e-ID Maintenance page and select, "I know what my password is and I want to change it."

If you do not know your current password and you have activated your e-ID:

•If you created a secret phrase to help you remember your password (this was required after January 1, 2003). Go to the e-ID Maintenance page and select: "I have an e-ID but I forgot my password". You will be asked for some basic information about yourself and for the secret phrase you set up when you received your e-ID. Upon successful entry of your secret phrase, you will be given a new password. If you fill out everything except the secret phrase and click continue the clue you created with your secret phrase will be displayed on the left hand side of the screen. The secret phrase is punctuation and case sensitive. You are allowed five attempts at your secret phrase in a 24 hour period.

If you DO NOT know your password or secret phrase:

•If you are available to come to campus we can change your password at the ITS Help Desk. Just bring a government issued ID card (driver's license, passport, military ID, SIUE ID card) to the Help Desk located in room 0005 in the basement of Lovejoy Library.

•Call the ITS Help Desk (618-650-5500). We will ask you for your University ID# (800xxxx) and a time that you can be reached at the phone number the university has on file. (If your number is no longer current, please update your phone number using CougarNet or by completing the Address Change form in the Forms section of the Registrar's website.) A technician will contact you at the phone number you have on file with the University and ask you a series of questions to verify your identity. They will then reset your account so you can reapply for your e-ID (you will not lose any data and will receive the same username once you have completed the process). You will then need to go to the e-ID maintenance page and choose "I would like to get an e-ID." Complete the e-ID application process like you did when you first received your e-ID and the computer will issue you a new password. You will need to be a current SIUE student to reset your e-ID account.

If you need additional information after consulting this source, you are encouraged to contact the ITS Help Desk at (618) 650-5500.

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