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General Information

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This page contains information on the TurningTechnologies software and devices that are used by instructors and students to create, present, participate in, and report on interactive sessions. Manuals and instructional handouts designed to provide more information on or step-by-step directions for using the software and devices are also included.

Additional information on TurningTechnologies award-winning software and devices is included on the company's polling software and response devices pages.


The TurningTechnologies devices required to conduct interactive polling sessions are ResponseCard clickers and RF receivers.

ResponseCard Clickers

ResponseWare RF clicker

The ResponseCard RF LCD clicker is the device students will use to participate in TurningTechnologies interactive sessions. These small, lightweight devices, roughly the size of a credit card, are accurate up to a range of 400 feet.

The ResponseCard clicker contains 12 keys (10 for alphanumeric choices students will use to select and submit their answers, a Help button, and a button to check or change the current RF channel). The students receive confirmation of their answer submission via a green LED light (3 second duration) on the face of the ResponseCard. The LCD screen indicates the students' answers. After submitting an answer, the device will go into a sleep mode in order to preserve power. However, the device is active and ready to be used at any time to respond to an active poll question.

Other information displayed on the LCD screen includes confirmation of connectivity during a session, overall battery life, and the current RF channel. All devices are currently programmed to channel 41. Each ResponseCard clicker is powered by a pair of coin cell CR2032 (3.0 volt) lithium batteries.

RF Receivers

RF receiver USB

The RF receiver allows instructors to receive responses from the TurningTechnologies ResponseCard clickers. The RF receiver accepts responses from clickers within a range of 400 feet. LED lights on the device indicate whether the unit is active and receiving responses from the ResponseWare clickers.

This "plug and play" USB receiver requires no drivers and is easily transported from and used with a variety of computers regardless of operating system or which TurningTechnologies software is being utilized.

The receiver is powered by the computer's USB port.

Equipment Checkout

LIS checkout

Textbook Services is responsible for checking out clicker hardware to faculty and students. Faculty wanting to use clickers in their courses must notify Textbook Services by sending a request to Jim Davis ( in Textbook Services. This message shuld include the faculty member's name, e-ID, and contact information as well as the course name and number, section number, and the number of clickers needed. Failure to notify Textbook Services of the number of clickers required for the course may result in some students not receiving clickers.

Students needing to obtain a clicker for a class will need to go to Textbook Services to check out the device. Students will be issued the device for an entire semester. Users are liable for any lost or damaged items. If you experience problems with a clicker during the course of the semester, obtain a replacement from Textbook Services.

Faculty will need to go to the ITS Help Desk (room 0005 in the basement of Lovejoy Library) to obtain a RF receiver. ITS recommends that faculty also check out a clicker to use for testing and troubleshooting purposes. Faculty will need to have a SIUE Cougar Card to check out a clicker or receiver from ITS. Users are liable for any lost or damaged items. For additional information, contact ITS at (618) 650-5500 or via email at


TurningTechnologies TurningPoint must be utilized for the students' clickers to communicate with the instructor's presentation. This product is used to create interactive slides, view response graphs, and configure the session parameters. TurningPoint has been installed in almost all of the computer classrooms supported by ITS. Faculty are strongly encouraged you to test the TurningPoint software and the RF receiver with the ResponseWare clickers in the computer classroom or lab prior to the first session with students to ensure that the hardware and software are functioning correctly. If you experience any issues, contact ITS at (618) 650-5500 or via email at

In addition to the desktop programs, a "no-install" version of TurningPoint is available for use on Windows or Mac operating systems. This product can be stored on and run from a flash drive, meaning that all components (main program as well as user lists and generated session records) are all contained in one location.

Access the main TurningTechnologies Software Downloads page to obtain the last version of TurningPoint. The product is provided free-of-charge by TurningTechnologies and can therefore be installed on any personal or work computers.

TurningPoint: PowerPoint Polling

TP logo

TurningPoint is polling software used to create questions for and accept input from TurningTechnologies's ResponseCard clickers. The PowerPoint Polling option of the software integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office's PowerPoint. Using PowerPoint Polling, instructors can generate interactive slides that are interspersed with the rest of the informational slides in their PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Polling presentations help instructors assess student understanding of lecture concepts and topics, create large or small scale polling opportunities (identifiable or anonymous), and even take attendance. PowerPoint Polling slides can be customized with charts, graphs, countdown timers, and correct answer indicators. Points can be awarded for participation or correct responses and then uploaded into Blackboard's Grade Center. Session data can be extracted into a variety of reports that are generated in either Excel or Word formats.

Conducting a TurningPoint: PowerPoint Polling Session

The sequential steps to conducting a TurningPoint:PowerPoint Polling session include:

  • Plug in the RF receiver.
  • Open the TurningPoint software.
  • Select the PowerPoint Polling option.
  • Open the presentation using the Open option inside PowerPoint.
  • Select a previously downloaded participant list from the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen if you are not running an anonymous session.
  • Clear the session data by using the Reset option.
  • Run the presentation and pose the interactive questions to the participants.
  • Once the presentation is finished, use the Save Session button to preserve the data.
  • Generate reports to see participant data or export the data into Blackboard.

TurningPoint: Anywhere Polling

Unlike TurningPoint's PowePoint Polling option, the Anywhere Polling is not integrated into PowerPoint; instead of being tied directly into a presentation, a Showbar with the TurningPoint polling tools floats on top of whatever is displayed on the screen at the time. Therefore, a variety of content (web pages, documents, articles, images, etc.) can be displayed during the presentation or lecture and polls can be presented to the students at anytime regardless of what is displayed in the background. Although Question Lists can be created in advance, existing presentations can be utilized, as well. Questions can also be asked on the fly; since the reporting feature takes a screen shot that captures question, result, and other relevant information on the screen at the time, question information can be entered later so a Question List can be created after a session, too.

The individual IDs on the ResponseCard clickers enable you to generate a Participant List tying students to their submission data collected during the polls. Tracking the responses of individuals and/or groups is possible using the integrated reporting tool.

Conducting a TurningPoint: Anywhere Polling Session

The sequential steps to conducting a TurningPoint: Anywhere Polling session include:

  • Plug in the RF receiver.
  • Open the TurningPoint software.
  • Select the Anywhere Polling option. The Showbar will launch automatically.
  • Select a previously downloaded Participant List from the Participant List option on the menu if you are not running an anonymous session.
  • Select Load a Question List from the Question option on the toolbar menu if you are using previously created questions.
  • Open and close individual polls using the Showbar.
  • Once the session is finished, choose Save Session As in the File option on the menu to preserve the data.
  • Use the Session Viewer to edit the session details after the fact (add text of questions, edit point values, etc.).
  • Generate reports using Reports on the Window menu to see participant data or use LMS Integrations on the Window menu to export the data to Blackboard.


RW logo

ResponseWare enables students and faculty to participate in sessions using a variety of devices including cell phones and computers. Instead of utilizing a ResponseCard clicker, students use ResponseWare to participate in the interactive polling session, transforming their computer or mobile device into a virtual clicker. Question and answer choices are displayed on the device while polling is open and students use the keypad on their device (either alphanumeric entry on a web-enabled cell phone or the keyboard on smart phones and computers) to submit their answers.

Web-enabled cell phones and laptop and desktop computers will connect to a ResponseWare-enabled polling session using a browser ( ResponseWare is not browser or operating system specific; since all of the services integral to conducting a ResponseWare session are handled by TurningTechnologies, the only thing students need to participate in a session is an Internet connection. However, in order to allow students to take full advantage of the features of some mobile devices, a device-specific ResponseWare application is also available to download for use with iOS, Android, or BlackBerry devices.

Instructors can run a ResponseWare session at the same time they are conducting a traditional TurningPoint (PowerPoint or Anywhere Polling) session. This allows the students to respond to the polling questions using either ResponseCard clickers or the devices listed above. NOTE: If students are only using ResponseWare, the faculty member does not have to utilize a RF receiver during the session.

Using ResponseWare in a TurningPoint session

Use these directions to configure and enable ResponseWare (as a presenter):

  • Open the TurningPoint software.
  • Click the ResponseWare link in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your Username and Password.
  • Select the Participant Options.
  • Click the Login button to preserve the settings and begin the ResponseWare session. A Session ID number will be displayed. Be sure to convey this to the participants so they know which session to access when they open ResponseWare (either by using the mobile app or going to ).
  • Back on the main TurningPoint page, select either the PowerPoint or Anywhere Polling options to begin the session.

Logging into a ResponseWare session (Student)

  • Access the ResponseWare login page at:
  • Enter the Session ID number provided by your instructor.
  • Click the Join Session button.
  • On the next page, enter your ResponseWare Username and Password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • On the next page, enter your first and last name in the specified fields (the User Data area can be left blank).
  • Click the Continue button.
  • You will be entered into the active session and can respond to polls as they are presented by the instructor.

Participation in a ResponseWare session requires an active ResponseWare account. Purchasing ResponseWare accounts is the responsibility of the department, professor, or student; ITS does not provide these accounts. For information on ordering ResponseWare accounts, please contact ITS at (618) 650-5500 or via email at

NOTE: Students and faculty in the School of Pharmacy who have questions about ResponseWare accounts should contact Victor Buehler (

Blackboard Integration

Blackboard logo

The TurningPoint software can be used in conjunction with the Blackboard Learning Management System in a variety of ways. Using a building block within Blackboard, students can register their ResponseCard clickers; registration will allow instructors to create a participant list that links the students' names on a Bb roster with the ID of the clicker used during an interactive session. Not only will professors be able to determine which responses came from which student, but they can also, if assigning points to students' responses, interface with the Bb Grade Center to add those points to the students' grades.

Registration Tool in Blackboard

Students can access the registration tool in the Tools section of the Blackboard course shell. To register a device so that it can be linked to a particular person in a participant list, students need to enter the alphanumeric code on the back of the ResponseCard clicker (or their ResponseWare ID if they are utilizing that option).

Blackboard Guide

Consult the resource below for information on downloading a participant list from Bb, using a participant list in TurningPoint, updating participant lists (for consolidating data for students who participated in sessions as anonymous users prior to registering their clickers), or exporting a session to the Bb Grade Center. Please note: When you access the PDF directions below, you will asked for a server name. Please enter as the server name. 


Manuals (Instructor)

Manuals (Student)

Quick User Guides (Instructor)

  • TurningPoint 5 (overview of all functions including PowerPoint, Anywhere, and ResponseWare pollling)

Additional training documents are available from the TurningTechnolgies sites at: and

Technical Support

TT support

A comprehensive knowledge base for TurningTechnologies hardware and software is accessible from the company's support page. If a solution to the problem cannot be found in the knowledge base or a manual, instructors and students needing technical support with TurningTechnologies devices or software should send an email to or contact ITS at (618) 650-5500. Users can also consult the Technical Support Forum for further information and assistance.

Since ITS might be unable to resolve your problem, TurningTechnologies offers several types of support to supplement our local service. Use this form to notify TurningTechnologies of the problem you are having, making certain to mention the specific hardware or software. You can also contact TurningTechnologies support at (866) 746-3015.

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