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Blackboard's Content Collection & Course Shell

Organization is a key element of any successful course, and the Content Collection provides an easy way to store, share, and manage content within Blackboard.  In this workshop, you will learn about the different types of content and how to use the Content Collection to upload and link content within your Blackboard courses.  You will also learn how to organize course content through folders, learning modules, and lesson plans and how to customize the course navigation menu.

Blackboard Discussion Boards

Classroom discussion is often at the heart of University learning. A Blackboard Discussion Board brings that interaction online, letting students post original thoughts, respond to others, debate course concepts, and share their work.  In this workshop, you will learn how to create a Discussion Board forum, how to apply settings that meet the needs of your class (ex: moderation, assigning points), how to use the forum as a communication tool, and how to grade student contributions.

Blackboard Assignments

Faculty wanting a centralized place to accept and grade students' work: Blackboard's Assignment tool might be it. Blackboard Assignments let students submit papers and other projects online and give faculty an easy grading interface, with an option to use rubrics. In this workshop, you will learn how to set up a Blackboard Assignment, attach a rubric, and grade student submissions. 

Blackboard Turnitin Assignments

Do you think your students copy and paste information from the Internet? With Turnitin, you can find out for certain. Do you have a hard time making comments on student papers? Turnitin can help with that, too.  This workshop demonstrates how to use Turnitin Originality Check and GradeMark tools for plagiarism detection and adding text and voice comments to assignments.

Blackboard Groups

Collaboration is a cornerstone of online education, and utilizing Groups in Blackboard is an essential tool for instructors who are looking to structure collaboration in a course. Attendees will discuss strategies for employing groups online, and be presented to on the creation of groups, group assignments, and best practices for grading group work.

Blackboard Journals, Blogs, and Wikis

To build a successful online learning community, Blackboard Learn includes communication tools for self-reflection, collaboration, and communication. The wiki, blog, and journal tools allow you to offer meaningful assignments where students can share and create knowledge. They also lead to evaluating students in an authentic manner. In this workshop, you will learn about these tools and how to grade student contributions.

Blackboard Grade Center

Sit back and let Blackboard’s Grade Center do your dirty work. When formatted correctly, the Grade Center can calculate grades throughout the semester so students know exactly where they stand in your course. During this workshop you will learn how to create columns and categories, enter grades, learn the meaning of the icons that display in the Grade Center, and how to create a smart view that will create a shortcut on your course menu to a selected group of columns. Finally, you will learn how to create reports and export your grades to an Excel spreadsheet.

Blackboard Tests & Surveys

In this hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to explore the variety of options for online assessment using the test and survey tools. Participants will learn how to create question pools, surveys, and tests. Strategies for reducing glitches as well as issues involving academic integrity with online testing.

Blackboard Organization (Community)

Blackboard Organizations are a solution for faculty and staff who need online space for orientations, learning communities, departmental training, and other activities that might not be bound to the traditional academic semester. In this one-on-one session, you will meet with an instructional designer to discuss your specific needs and decide how a Blackboard Organization could help address them. After the session, a designer will work with you to create the right learning space for your situation.


Learn how the web conferencing and screen-sharing tool Zoom can be used to promote creativity and engagement.  Zoom can be used for synchronous online meetings, lecture capture, screen sharing, live or recorded student presentations, and much more.  In this workshop, you will learn how to create online meetings, invite and manage participants, create breakout sessions, utilize screen sharing, record video with and without screen sharing, and how to link and post your recordings in Blackboard.  You will also hear some examples of how Zoom is being used around campus to enhance the student learning experience.

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