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Introduction to Blackboard

This course will serve as an introduction to and general overview of the Blackboard system. We will review:

  1. Logging into Blackboard
  2. The content available on each of the three Blackboard tabs once logged in:
  • My Blackboard: what's available and how to personalize it
  • My Courses: configuration of the look of a course, use of the Control Panel as well as the Quick Edit features to add content to a course
  • Content and Files: organizing, naming, and loading course content into the Content Collection (rather than into the course itself), as well as editing those files.
Blackboard's Content Collection and Bb Drive

This course will look at how the Content Collection is used in Blackboard. We will review:

  1. How to access the Content Collection
  2. Why course content should sit in the Course Content folder rather than the My Content: your e-ID folder
  3. The importance of organizing the Content Collection using folders and subfolders
  4. How to add content to the Content Collection
  5. How content in the Content Collection gets into a course
  6. How content can be edited within the Content Collection using Bb Drive
Blackboard's Course Shell

This course will look at how to build a course and add content to it. We will review:

  1. The basic navigational links in a blank Blackboard course shell
  2. What might be included under "About This Course" and "Coursework"
  3. How to organize content within a course through folders, learning units or lesson plans
  4. How to add content into a course
  5. How to link to assessments and tools in a course
  6. How to customize the course navigation
  7. How to customize a course (colors, banners, links)
  8. How to make content available to students

Blackboard Essentials

This course is a 3 hour (1.5 +1.5) covering the same content outlined in Introduction to Blackboard, Blackboard's Content Collection, and Blackboard's Course Shell. This class is generally scheduled during break weeks.

Discussion Boards

This course will look at how to set up and/or use the Discussion Boards within a course. We will review:

  1. How to create Discussion Boards
  2. How to manage Discussion Boards
  3. How to grade Discussion Boards
Assignments and Turnitin Assignments

This course will look at how to set up Assignments and Turnitin Assignments within a course. We will review:

  1. Pros and cons of using the Assignment tool versus the Turnitin Assignments
  2. How to create an Assignment or Turnitin Assignment
  3. How to manage Assignments or Turnitin Assignments
  4. How to grade Assignments or Turnitin Assignments
Blackboard's Grade Center

This course will look at how to set up and use the Grade Center. We will review:

  1. How to set up and organize the Grade Center
  2. How columns are added in the Grade Center (for both internally and externally graded items)
  3. How to manage the Grade Center
  4. How to enter grades into the Grade Center
  5. How to configure the Total and/or Weighted Total columns to assure accurate calculations
  6. How to download and upload the Grade Center

Blackboard's Groups

This course will look at how to set up and use Groups. We will review:

  1. Methods for setting up groups
  2. How students are added to a group
  3. How to make various tools available for the groups to use (discussion boards, virtual classroom, file exchange, e-mail)
StudyMate Class

This course will look at how to use StudyMate Class to create game-like, review activities for students. StudyMate Class, a Respondus product, allows for the creation of such activities by faculty and/or students. Faculty can use existing pools of questions or publisher test banks to create their StudyMate Class activities. We will review:

  1. Where to get StudyMateAuthor and Respondus
  2. How to add a StudyMate Author activity to a Blackboard course
  3. How to manually create StudyMate Class activities
  4. How to import existing pools of questions into StudyMate Class
  5. How to grade StudyMate Class activities
Test Creation & Administration Using Respondus and LockDownBrowser

This course will look at how to create pools, surveys and/or tests using Respondus, and how to set those tests to require the use of LockDown Browser by students taking them. We will review:

  1. Where to get both Respondus and LockDown Browser
  2. How to create pools, surveys and/or tests using Respondus
  3. How to pull existing tests and pools out of Blackboard into Respondus
  4. How to upload pools, surveys, and/or tests into Blackboard through Respondus.
Blackboard Collaborate Overview (Advanced Communication)

This course will be a training session on synchronous and asynchronous uses of the Blackboard Collaborate system. We will review:

  1. Best practices for conducting a Bb Collaborate session
  2. How to set up a Bb Collaborate session
  3. How to upload and manage content in Bb Collaborate
  4. How to record a Bb Collaborate session
  5. How to use the communication, whiteboard, and polling tools in Bb Collaborate
  6. How to conduct a web tour or desktop application sharing session in Bb Collaborate
  7. Details on offering sessions via the Bb Collaborate mobile app (iPhone and iPad only)
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