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Blackboard Collaborate can be used to pre-record class lectures or other course materials such as a course overview or welcome video for online classes. The resources below offer step-by-step instructions for recording and linking captured lectures in a Blackboard course. 

A Few Recording Tips

  • Run the audio wizard before you start recording to make sure your microphone is set up properly. (In Collaborate, go to Tools > Audio Wizard > follow the steps on the screen.)

  • After you've run the audio wizard, click Talk to open your mic, then click Record.

  • When using PowerPoint slides or other media, make sure that you're ready to record when you upload your slides. If you close the session after uploading your slides (before you've conducted the recording), the slides will be removed from the session.

  • You can pause your recording by clicking the Record button, and resume by clicking Record again. If there is an interruption for some reason (the phone rings, you need to walk into the other room, etc.) and you don't pause the presentation, Collaborate can detect prolonged periods of inactivity and remove that dead space from the final recording.

  • If you are recording a session and decide that you want to start completely over (but don't want to close the session and have to re-load the slides), you can do this by going to the Tools option in the menu at the top of the application. From this drop-down menu, select the Recorder option. On this sub-menu, select the Erase Recording option. This will remove everything that you have previously recorded during the current session. (Before you do this, make sure you have the Recording button turned off.)

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