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If you change from one school within the United States to another, you must carefully follow the immigration procedures to maintain lawful F-1 status.


  • You must have been maintaining status as a full-time student
  • You must enroll at the new school in the next available term after leaving your previous school or in the first term following an authorized vacation.


Transferring to SIUE:

You must apply and be admitted to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Once you are admitted (approved by both the dept. you are applying to and the International Admissions dept.), you must notify the international student advisor at your current school of your intention to transfer. Ask your international student advisor at your current school to complete the SIUE Transfer-In Form notifying SIUE of the date they will "release" your record in SEVIS (U.S. government tracking system). Only your current school has access to your record in SEVIS; consequently, SIUE cannot issue your I-20, until the "release date" has been reached. In most cases, the release date is the last day of your last term at your current school.

You must physically report to the International Student Services (ISS) office in Student Success Center (SSC) Room 0300. ISS will update your SEVIS record to complete the transfer process after you have registered for classes at SIUE.


Transferring From SIUE to another school within the US:

If you plan to transfer from SIUE to another school in the US, you must apply and be accepted as a student at the new school, then notify International Student Services office at SIUE that you intend to transfer. You will need to complete the SIUE Transfer-Out Form indicating the school you intend to transfer to and your expected completion date at SIUE. In most cases, the release date will be the last day of your last semester at SIUE. The International Student Advisor will update SEVIS to indicate that you are transferring to the new school. Your new school cannot issue your I-20 until after the "release date", at which point SIUE will no longer have access to your SEVIS record


If you are leaving the US, you must re-enter the U.S. with the I-20 of the new school you are transferring to.

If you are re-entering the US with an I-20 that indicates "transfer pending", you may use a valid F-1 visa issued for attendance at a previous school in the US.

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