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The School of Nursing has adopted a new testing program, which is designed to assist students in the development of skills by identifying areas of knowledge deficits, assessing student critical thinking skills, and predicting individual student potential for academic success through testing. The Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI, Inc) entrance, exit, and clinical specialty exams were adopted as part of the curriculum beginning Fall, 2004. All students will be required to take nationally normed tests in each semester. Students who do not pass at a minimum level will be required to meet with a representative of the School of Nursing to develop an education action plan, which may include a review of testing materials, determining areas of needed improvement and developing individual academic achievement goals. A student may be asked to purchase additional materials as part of the plan. Please see the HESI website for information on additional learning materials for purchase, if interested, at

Level/Semester Test Fee
Pre-Nursing A² Admission Exam $53 (effective August 19, 2013)
Semester 4 Fundamentals Covered in course fees - do not register
Semester 5 Pharmacology Covered in course fees - do not register
Semester 6 Maternity / Pediatrics Covered in course fees - do not register
Semester 7 Psychiatric/Mental Health Covered in course fees - do not register
Semester 8 HESI E² Exit Exam 1st time: Covered in course fees / Retake: $50.00 (+$3 service fee) non-refundable

Examinees who have documentation stating that they will need accommodations when taking tests must complete a TERM TESTING SCHEDULE in accordance with the TEST TAKING PROCEDURE of Disability Support Services. Testing Services will be the "Professor/Instructor" for these examinations.

Basic Exam Information: All tests are administered in the Student Success Center, Room 1246. You will need a photo ID to take the test. Students will be given specific testing instructions by the exam proctor. All tests will provide immediate feedback to students with regard to scoring. Please refer to the School of Nursing Plan for Standardized Examination Policy for details regarding policy and procedure, pass rates, and retake information.

A2 Admission Assessment: Individual scores are given for each academic area and composite score. The exam is designed to assess prospective student readiness for higher education in a health care field. Time allotted: 120 minutes. If you have any questions please contact: Julia Stanfill at (618) 650-3956 or

  • Math: 50 item exam. Focuses on math needed for calculation of Drugs and Solutions.
  • Reading Comprehension: 38 item exam. Reading scenarios are health related. Questions in a multiple choice format.
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge: 50 item exam. Contains basic vocabulary that is often used in health care fields.
  • Grammar: 50 item exam. Contains basic grammar.

HESI Specialty Exams: Composite score and HESI score. All tests are 50 item tests. Time allotted: 2 hours

  • Fundamentals of Nursing: Foundations of nursing practice. Taken after completion of N 232.
  • Pharmacology: Principles of pharmacology and nursing. Some calculations. Taken after completion of N 314.
  • Maternity: Principles of maternal/newborn nursing. Taken after completion of N 342.
  • Principles of Care of the Child: Taken after completion of N 343.
  • Psych/Mental Health: Principles of care of the mentally ill client. Taken after completion of N 445.
  • E2 Exit Exam: Standardized, comprehensive exam designed in the same format as NCLEX. Student will receive a HESI score and a conversion score. Taken during last half of semester of graduation.

If you have any questions please contact:
Dr. Roberta Harrison, PhD, RN
School of Nursing, Assistant Dean
Box 1066

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