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Career Planning

AD 117 Career Planning & Development - (2credits)


  • To gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world of work.
  • To become familiar with a variety of career-related resources.
  • To understand the process of career development.
  • To compose a resume and cover letter.
  • To register with the Career Development Center.
  • To become familiar with job search strategies including networking and interviewing.
  • To foster a classroom environment in which students feel comfortable expressing thoughts and ideas.


The Career Fitness Program, 8e, (2007), by D. Sukiennik, W. Bendat, & L. Raufman, Prentice Hall, 2006.


Class Participation: Students are expected to come to class prepared to participate in discussions and class activities. Chapters should be read before classroom discussion. Habitual lateness to class will adversely affect your participation points.

Attendance: Each student is allowed two (2) absences. However, for each absence after two, 18 points will be deducted from the student's final grade. Both excused and unexcused absences are included in these two allowable absences. Since this is a shortened semester course, it is imperative that students come to each and every class.

Take-Home Activities: Small activities will be assigned throughout the semester. Students should be prepared to discuss each activity and turn them in on the listed due date.

Career Comparison: Give a 5 to 10 minute presentation on two careers you are considering. Discuss personal advantages and disadvantages of each. A class discussion will follow.

Career Interview: Interview a professional from a career field you are considering for yourself and type a 2-3 page report of your findings.

Resume/Registration with CDC: Register with the Career Development Center and prepare a resume.

Final Exam: A comprehensive final exam will be given on the information taught from the textbook and in-class lectures.



Points Available

Class Participation & Attendance


Take Home Activities (4) - 10 pts. each


Career Comparison Presentation


Job Search Strategy Sheet


Career Interview Paper




Cover Letter


Registration with CDC


Final Exam


Total Points Available



Grading Scale

A = 900 - 1000

B = 800 - 899

C = 700 - 799

D = 600 - 699

E = 500 - 599

NOTE: All assignments are due as indicated on this syllabus. Late assignments will result in a letter grade reduction for EACH class period it is late. It is the student's responsibility to find out any missed information during an absence.


Students needing special academic accommodations must have a documented disability and an ID CARD from Disability Support Services and must discuss with the instructors those accommodations that are needed by the end of the first week of classes.


SIUE will not tolerate inappropriate behavior, cheating, or plagiarism. Failure to follow these rules may result in a zero on a paper or test, a failing grade for a course, or even expulsion from school. Students may refer to the SIUE booklet "Student Conduct and Student Grievances: Rights and Responsibilities", if they have questions about the policy.

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