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Instructional Services
Instructional Services
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Student Outcomes

The following benchmark documents are available for inspection below:

Instructional Services Outcomes Assessment

(Essential Elements)
Measure Benchmark When
for Measure

Developmental Coursework

Learning Communities

Linked courses

On-line course

Elective credit courses

Institutional credit courses

Out-of-class contacts

1. # of students

2. # of students progressing through course work

3. Out of class contact sheets

4. Student Recognition/ retention/graduation rates

5. Course evaluation

6. Self-Study Guides

7. CAS Characteristics

1. # of sections offered: # proportional to # placed in DE courses based on placement tests

2. >75% course pass rate

3. >3 out-of-class contacts per student

4a. >20% of graduates began w/DE courses

4b. 2nd year retention rate for DE students-to retention rate of all freshmen

4c. DE students represented in various student recognitions

5&6. >80% of students express satisfaction w/courses/instructors

7. Use of guides promotes curriculum review & program assessment

End of Term

Annual report



Area Heads


Evaluation for Program Improvements

Program Improvement Strategies Analysis of Results
1. Retention Activities

2. Curriculum Design

3. Choosing texts, supplemental materials and programs

4. Staff Development

5. Workshops, retreats and conference attendance

6. Program Review Evaluation

7. Resource People

8. Student and Instructor Evaluation


Area Heads


Teaching Strategies for Formative Assessment in Developmental Math, Reading and Writing

Characteristics Math Reading Writing
Communication Cooperative learning groups; group projects; explain process through essay questions; teacher communicates using language of mathematics; use of web sites, email and listserves Cooperative learning groups, small group discussions; class discussions; conferences with students; short research projects; Newsweek Magazine Debates; focus on specific problems; critical analysis of issues and peer & professional writing; conferences with students; tutoring; learning communities
Projects require discovery of concepts through observation & prediction; software program Derive; graphing calculators; construct tables & graphs; clarify understanding of functions & stressing visualization; use inductive/deductive reasoning Analyze reading/writing material; find author's purpose & biases; argumentative & expository readings; learning communities; summary and journal writing Objective analysis of written/visual materials; synthesis of information from sources; self-evaluation of skills; weekly news magazines; summaries; critiques; mini research paper; expository and argumentative essays
and Solving
Solve real-life applications; analyze, draw diagrams, estimate results, outline plan of action; students examine problems for alternative procedures and creative approaches Cooperative learning groups; draw on strengths; make connections to writing/reading; identify main idea and support; choose effective strategies for specific coursework Peer groups; utilize individual learning styles; model writing strategies; examine various viewpoints; develop own writing process; choose effective strategies for specific purpose/assignment
Knowledge Teach Concepts by using tools of mathematics; measuring devices, manipulatives, calculators, computer software; generate questions to develop and enhance student learning Research methods; library comprehension skills; vocabulary building; reading rate theory; skimming, scanning, study and leisure reading Develop proficient written and verbal skills; readings and discussion; review grammar & rhetoric in lab; learning communities-learn content area
Integration &
Application of
Reinforce constant synthesis and review; real data used in word problems; examples in workplace incorporated to increase student interest Analyze good writing; Newsweek Magazine; use as models for own writing; note taking skills Promote writing across curriculum; facilitate integration and application of knowledge; debates; synthesis of information; critical analysis
Non-threatening environment; encourage active learning; Support Services; Math Resource Area, videotapes; lab assistants; Math contest Conferences with students; out of class contacts; Tutoring; Identify learning styles; diagnostic pre/post tests; KWL reading strategies Self assessment; Basic Writing Essay Contest; former students as mentors; conferences; evaluate skills; set realistic goals; journal writing; peer interaction
Citizenship Newspapers and government/corporate reports to evaluate accuracy of math and statistics; cooperative learning groups and collaborative activities Newsweek magazine and other media for awareness of current events/social events; cooperative learning groups and collaborative activities Newsweek and other media for assigned topics on current issues; attend on-campus activities; foster and promote tolerance, acceptance & understanding
Encourage to keep up with technological changes; emphasis given to reading to textbook carefully Encourage to read outside course material; magazines; novels Encourage writing as a method for learning and communicating ideas and concepts in college and future; learning communities

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