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Scholarships & Employment Options

SIUE does not offer loans, grants, scholarships or financial aid to international students.

However, graduate international students may apply to their academic department regarding graduate assistantships and awards, however, general information can be found here. Currently over 70% of the international graduate students at SIUE have a graduate assistantship and 30% of CGA are awarded to international students.

International students may work on-campus and under certain conditions may also be eligible for off-campus employment. However, international students should not plan to meet their educational or personal living expenses through employment earnings.

We also compiled a list of external financial aid resources, scholarships and alternative loans for international students below.

Geographic Enhancement Opportunity (GEO)

Admitted international undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible to receive the SIUE International GEO Award. This award is a reduced tuition rate that recognizes outstanding academic achievement and early admission to the University. The award is good for up to eight undergraduate semesters. Criteria for the award include:

  • First-time, full-time admitted out-of-state freshmen with an SAT ERW + M only ≥ 1130 and/or ACT ≥23,
  • transfers (3.0 GPA in at least 24 hours of transferable coursework),
  • international students (3.0 GPA and 79 TOEFL, or equivalent), or
  • students who have been recognized through a competitive departmental process.

Graduate Assistantships

International graduate students that have already been admitted to the Graduate School are eligible to apply for graduate assistantships which are awarded by individual departments on a competitive basis. Applications must be made directly to the student's academic department.

A 50% assistantship provides a semester tuition waiver and a monthly stipend of $790 to $930. Appointees are required to work for the department for 20 hours per week. Assignments may be teaching, research or general duties. Most appointments are for 9 months; some are for 12 months.

A 25% assistantship also provides a semester tuition waiver. The monthly stipend is between $395 and $465 for 10 hours of work per week.

Prospective graduate assistants should allow at least 8 weeks between the signing of an assistantship contract and the issuance of the first stipend check. The first stipend check usually will not be received until the sixth week of school. Graduate assistants still must bring a minimum of $2,000 to pay for housing, food, books, fees, etc., prior to receiving the first stipend.

You can find more information about graduate assistantships, including currently available assistantships at Graduate Assistantships on the Graduate School website.

Competitive Graduate Award

This award offers highly qualified incoming graduate students a tuition waiver and stipend for their first year at SIUE. There will be approximately 19 CGA awards for the nine-month academic year. They will include a monthly stipend, as well as waiver of tuition. The amount of the stipend is $8,370 ($930 per month). Applications for the CGA including the application to the graduate program have to be received by the second Friday of January each year.

You can find more information about the Competitive Graduate Award on the Graduate School website.

On-campus employment

SIUE offers a variety of on-campus employment opportunities for students. Salaries are set near the U.S. minimum hourly wage of $8.00 per hour. Students must interview for such positions in person after arrival. Moreover, students have to be enrolled and financially cleared in order to apply for on-campus employment. Government regulations and University Policy limit international student employment to 20 hours per week in an on-campus position.

You can find more information about on-campus employment on the International Student and Scholars Student Employment website.

Off-campus employment

All off-campus work requires the processing of work applications with the International Student Advisor and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Students may never work off-campus without processing the legal work permission.

In accordance with immigration regulations, degree-seeking students are ineligible for off-campus employment for 9 months. (Exchange students must refer to their department and International Student Services regarding off-campus internship agreements with their home institution.)

Employment with various companies may be possible after 9 months of full-time study. Any such employment must be approved through the Career Development Center, and legal permission must be granted by the International Student Advisor.

You can find more information about off-campus employment on the International Student and Scholars Student Employment website.

Practical Training Work Experience

The U.S. Government allows international students to apply for optional practical training (OPT) in their academic field of study. This form of work permission is usually deferred until graduation. The application process is facilitated by the International Student Advisor and is limited to 12 months.

You can find more information about optional practical training on the International Student and Scholars Student Employment website.

Financial Aid Resources, Scholarships and Alternative Loans for International Students

The following are websites US students use and international students may find them helpful as well. Each of these sites offers a free scholarship search:

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