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Click on the red title of the forms listed below to access pdf versions of the required forms. All forms were revised in Sept 2006 and approved by SIUE Legal Counsel. These forms should be used across the campus for all SIUE international travel study programs led by SIUE representatives and for which SIUE credit is earned.

Travel Study Course Request Form
All SIUE international travel study courses should be designated with a "TS" section number. Please submit the completed Form I: International Travel Study Course Request Form with signatures from Dept. Chair and Academic Dean to the Office of Study Abroad by the following dates:
Sept. 15 for all programs planned for the following summer term
Feb. 15 for all programs planned for Spring semester of the following year.
This form serves as the initial approval by your academic department and dean to proceed with developing the travel study program. The Office of Study Abroad will work with the Registrar's Office to ensure that travel study courses are on the course schedules for the appropriate terms with TS section numbers. Students enrolled in "TS" section courses will be assessed SIUE tuition and the information technology fee.

Student Instructions:
The following web page has detailed STUDENT instructions on steps to apply for participation in an SIUE short term international Travel Study Program as well as links to all of the required forms. Please refer your students to:

Required SIUE Travel Study Forms:

1. Student Application Form for Travel Study Participation

  • The faculty leader should submit a copy of the application form  to the SIUE Office of Study Abroad for each student who participates in an SIUE international travel study program. This a PDF fillable form which allows students to type most information, then print and sign the form in ink.
  • Faculty leaders should send copies the student applications forms to campus box 1159 or fax to 650-5099. This is the required SIUE travel study student application form that should be completed and submitted by all student applicants before they are accepted to your program and registered in the course(s) associated with your program.
  • Disciplinary Clearance - Upon receipt of copies of the student application forms, the Office of Study Abroad will work with the Office of Student Affairs to check for prior discipline related issues or violations of the Student Code of Conduct. No student should be officially accepted for participation in your program until this check has occurred.

2. Medical Release and Emergency Contact Form
Faculty leading students abroad should carry these completed forms with them abroad. In the event of a medical emergency, this form will enable the faculty travel study leader to authorize necessary medical treatment of a participant. This form also informs participants of the emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains insurance requirement (ISIC for student participants) for participation in any SIUE international travel study program. Send  copies of the medical form to the Office of Study Abroad, Campus Box 1159 at least 2 weeks prior to the program departure date.

3.  Int'l Travel Study Participant Agreement Form
It is the faculty leader's responsibility to have all program participants sign this legal agreement form PRIOR to departure. This is a legal release form and will be maintained on file in a centralized location (SIUE Office of Study Abroad) for all SIUE international travel study programs for a period of at least 3 years. Please send signed ORIGINAL agreement forms for all participants to the Office of Study Abroad, Campus Box 1159, at least 2 weeks prior to the date your group departs

International Travel Study Incident Report Form
Use this form to document details of any emergency situation that may arise during an SIUE international travel study program. All medical emergencies, student illnesses, accidents, crimes, or serious student behavioral problems that happen during SIUE travel study programs should be documented. This form will serve as the official record of what transpired and what actions were taken by the SIUE representatives.

Please contact Dr. Ron Schaefer, Int'l Programs Director at rschaef@siue.edu or by phone at 650-3785 or contact Julie Beall-Marshall, Study Abroad Coordinator at jbeall@siue.edu or by phone at 650-2419.

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