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What To Do First - Checklist #1

Determine Travel Study Application and Admission Procedures:
Are students from all majors welcome or must a student be from a specific major? Undergraduates? Graduates? What types of students will be interested in the program? What are the minimum requirements for participation? How do students apply for participation in the program? When are applications due? What is the minimum number of students needed to make the program feasible? What is the maximum number? What are the payment deadlines and amounts due? Have your dean and department chair approved the program?

Faculty are responsible for all travel arrangements and budgets related to their travel study or service learning program. They are also responsible for establishing any financial accounts related to the program (department and school/college administrative accounting personnel can assist with this) and obtaining necessary approvals and signatures. Students should have a clear statement of the various costs associated with a program.

Set up Travel Courses
Complete " Travel Study Course Request" form and submit to SIUE Office of Study Abroad (Campus Box 1159, MUC room 2053). The Study Coordinator will work with the Registrar's Office to establish the requested courses with international travel study section numbers (TS_). Students enrolled in "TS" section courses will be charged SIUE tuition, but not fees

Advertise your program
Contact Julie Beall - Marshall in the SIUE Study Abroad Office with information on all SIUE Travel Study Programs so that such opportunities can be posted on the SIUE Study Abroad Website. Brochures or flyers can be distributed to interested students in the Study Abroad Office. The annual Study Abroad Fair held in Fall semester is also a good opportunity to advertise your program.

Find out if there are any required or recommended vaccines for the host country. Allow for 2 1/2 months lead time, prior to departure, for travelers to get the necessary vaccines for Hepatitis A, B, Yellow Fever, Diphtheria, Typhoid Fever, Malaria etc. Check CDC website at for required vaccines. SIUE Health Services can provide SIUE travelers with limited immunizations (Hepatitis A and B, Tetanus/Diphtheria) and referrals to agencies who can provide vaccines not normally kept in stock.

Passport Health is a nationwide low cost provider of immunizations and international travel related services. St. Louis Passport Health is located at: I-70 and Delmar (8390 Delmar Blvd., Suite 205, Tel: 314-997-8100).

Financial Aid for Students
At least one (1) semester in advance of your program, contact the office of Student Financial Aid to obtain their form for faculty and staff travel planners. Financial aid is available for students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours, but advance planning is necessary! It is suggested that when you advertise your program, you include a statement about financial aid assistance. Contact Financial Aid at 650-3880 for further information. A "Student Request for Financial Assistance for Study Abroad" form must be completed with detailed program and estimated cost information for students to be eligible for financial aid assistance for study abroad. The form requires a student signature and faculty/advisor signature.

Student Visa and Entry Clearance
Check Foreign Country Entry Requirements for travel study destination here.

SIUE Forms
Familiarize yourself with all required forms that you will need to distribute to and collect from international travel study participants.

1. SIUE Travel Study Application Form - Send copy to Study Abroad Office

2. Travel Study Medical Release and Emergency Contact Form - Faculty carry these forms with them abroad and send a copy to the Study Abroad Office.

3. SIUE Travel Study Participant Agreement Form - Send ORIGINALS to Study Abroad
Office at least 2 weeks prior to departure.

Checklist #2

Here's what you'll need to hand out and discuss with participants

There are three forms that faculty travel study leaders need to distribute to and collect from all SIUE international travel study participants. ALL international travel study participants (even if they are not degree seeking students at SIUE) must complete these forms and it is the faculty leader's responsibility to collect these completed forms.

SIUE Travel Study Application Form
The information collected on this form will allow faculty leaders to make informed decisions about the individuals interested in enrolling in the travel study program. Once the faculty leader submits the program application forms to the Office of Study Abroad, the faculty leader will be informed if any of the applicants have prior discipline related issues or violations of the SIUE Student Code of Contact recorded in the Office of Student Affairs. The signed form also grants participant consent and acknowledgement of other important conditions related to participation in SIUE travel study programs.

Medical Self-Assessment and Release Form - Faculty program leaders should carry completed and signed medical forms for each participant with them on the trip. We suggest faculty collect this information from all participants no later than 1 month prior to departure. In the event of a medical emergency, faculty will need this release form to authorize emergency medical care. The form also reinforces the ISIC insurance requirement and provides emergency contact information.

Participant Agreement and Release Form
All participants going on SIUE international travel study or service learning programs must sign this waiver. The signed ORIGINAL forms must be sent to the SIUE Office of Study Abroad at least 2 weeks prior to departure. The SIUE Office of General Counsel has asked that these legal forms be maintained on file in a centralized location.

As the faculty leader, it is your responsibility to discuss any risks associated with the travel study program that participants should be aware of. The following sites will be of use:

U.S. Dept. of State Consular Information Sheets
Print out the US State Department Consular Information Sheet about your country of destination here. Make sure that each participant receives a hard copy of the Consular Information Sheet.

U.S. Dept. of State Travel Registration
This is a free service provided by the U. S. government to U.S. citizens who are traveling to or living in a foreign country. The online registration process allows you to record information about upcoming travel abroad that the Dept. of State can use in case of an emergency to locate U.S. citizens. All students and faculty going abroad are strongly encouraged to register with the U.S. Department of State. Go to to register.

Health Risks
Print out any Health Risks about which participants should be aware. Research information about each country that you will be traveling to at the Center for Disease Control (CDC) site, and print out all information.

Remember to check these websites often! Travel conditions and advisories may change! It is the faculty leader's responsibility to ensure that students have up-to-date travel information.

Safety Guidelines for Travel Study
All student participants should receive a copy of the SIUE Travel Study Safety Guidelines. These should be amended as necessary with information pertinent to your destination and travel study program activities.

Passport Information: The US State Department Passport Office offers downloadable application forms and assorted passport information at their website: Make sure students apply for passports at least 6 -8 weeks prior to the travel study departure date. The current total passport fee for persons aged 16 and older is $97.

SIUE requires all SIUE travel study student participants to purchase the ISIC card (International Student Identity Card) which provides overseas accident and medical insurance, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage through Travel Guard Insurance. The cost of the ISIC card is $22. The ISIC can be purchased online at or through the SIUE Office of Study Abroad. For more information see Non-student participants are required to purchase an overseas health insurance policy which provides accident, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation coverage that is at least comparable to the insurance provided through ISIC.


The Before you Leave section of the SIUE Study Abroad web site provides links to a variety of resources related to international study and travel.

Checklist #3

Here's what you'll need to carry with you abroad:

  • Travel Study Emergency Procedures - Should something happen which may cause SIUE to be liable, it is imperative that you document the situation, follow the travel study emergency procedures and report the situation to SIUE as soon as possible. Do not wait to report serious incidents until you return to the US!
  • Incident Report Form & Phone Numbers
  • Medical and Emergency Release Forms on each participant with a photocopy of their ISIC Card and ISIC Travel Guard Insurance emergency phone numbers.
    See for important phone numbers and insurance procedures
  • Photocopies of all participant passports (bio-page)
  • Helpful information from the US State Department Web pages
  • Address and phone number of closest US Embassy in destination country.
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