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Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
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University Diversity Council

Vaughn Vandegrift, Chancellor
Paul W. Ferguson, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Venessa A. Brown, Office of the Provost, Chair
Scott Belobradjic, Enrollment Management JoEllen Moore, School of BusinessPhil Pownall, Division of Student AffairsJerrica Ampadu, School of NursingSusan Morgan, School of EngineeringAllen Otsuka, School of Dental MedicineEarleen Patterson, SOAR ProgramPaul Pitts, Institutional ComplianceBill Searcy, School of EducationWalter Siganga, School of Pharmacy Reggie Thomas, College of Arts and Sciences

"An institution of higher learning must reflect the greater democratic principles underlying American society. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) derives its mission and values from these principles. In its pursuit of excellence, the SIUE Statement on Diversity reflects the SIUE commitment to recognize and value the contributions of many diverse people. This statement, adopted in January 2002, replaces an earlier version and is considered an expansion of the SIUE Value of Openness."

"All societies and peoples have contributed to the rich mix of contemporary humanity. In order to achieve domestic and international peace, social justice, and the development of full human potential, we must build on this diversity. SIUE nurtures an open, harmonious, and hospitable climate that facilitates learning and work. Each member of the University is responsible for contributing to such a campus environment. SIUE is committed to education that explores the historic significance of diversity in order to understand the present and to better enable our community to engage the future. Integral to this commitment, SIUE strives for a student body and a workforce that manifests diversity."

"Based upon this vision and consistent with our commitment to promote a just and inclusive environment at SIUE, Provost Ferguson and I are pleased to invite you to serve on a new University Diversity Council that will be chaired by Venessa Brown, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity. The purposes of this Council will be to: (1) Ensure that we remain true to our mission of diversity by regularly reviewing relevant, ongoing campus plans and activities, (2) Discuss and propose potential strategies to the Provost and me that can improve, promote, and maintain diversity among students, faculty and staff, (3) Explore ways in which SIUE can partner with IBHE to improve and promote an inclusive learning environment."

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