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Promoting Student Success through Employee Engagement

Action Project Declaration

Institution: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Status: REVIEWED Submitted: Not Yet Submitted
Contact: Denise Cobb Telephone: (618) 650-3772
Planned Project Kickoff Date: 4/1/2010 Created: 12/21/2009
Target Completion Date: 1/31/2012 Last Modified: 12/8/2010

A. Give this Action Project a short title in 10 words or fewer:

Promoting Student Success through Employee Engagement

B. Describe this Action Project's goal in 100 words or fewer:

This project seeks to improve student/staff interactions as demonstrated by measures of customer service and student engagement. The project has 2 goals: Phase 1 - Determine student perceptions of student/staff interaction through survey and focus groups. Identify staff training/development needs through surveys and focus groups. Phase 2 - Develop programs based on feedback from staff and students and monitor students' perception of staff interaction.

C. Identify the single AQIP Category which the Action Project will most affect or impact:

Valuing People

D. Describe briefly your institution's reasons for taking on this Action Project now - why the project and its goals are high among your current priorities:

Recent National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) results indicate a decline in students' perception of staff interactions, as well as feedback from employees, administration, and AQIP results showing a three-year decline in staff training and development programs for staff. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville realizes that student success is not only tied to the classroom, but influenced by factors outside of the classroom. Creating staff development and training activities that focus staff on student success is key to retention. We believe that engaged staff members who are committed to the university values and mission will be able to address the complex needs of students, thus contributing to the university's retention efforts. The university recently opened a new, innovative Student Success Center, and efforts to expand faculty development are in development. Staff development is the next piece that will allow SIUE to support students through integrative services and demonstrate our commitment to staff satisfaction.

E. List the organizational areas - institutional departments, programs, divisions, or units - most affected by or involved in this Action Project:

All units of the organization will be affected by this project.

F. Name and describe briefly the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve:

This project will dramatically affect the way in which SIUE conducts New Employee Orientation and Staff Development and Training.

G. Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion):

Phase 1 (January 2010 - June 2010) of the project will consist of gathering and interpreting information, determining training and development priorities and identifying ways to improve New Employee Orientation.

Phase 2 (July 2010 - December 2012) of the project will involve developing programs and improving processes as identified in Phase 1.

H. Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing:

This project will be monitored through the NSSE survey, customer satisfaction surveys, staff surveys, student focus groups, and staff focus groups.

I. Describe the overall "outcome" measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals:

The outcome for this project will be data demonstrating improved student satisfaction with staff interactions. Additionally, data from staff orientation and development activities will show that staff are generally satisfied with the training and development activities provided by the university.

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