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Curriculum Process Review, Improvement, and Implementation

Action Project Declaration

Institution: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Status: ACTIVE Submitted: Not Yet Submitted
Contact: Denise Cobb Telephone: (618) 650-3772
Planned Project Kickoff Date: 02/16/2010 Created: 02/01/2010
Target Completion Date: 09/30/2011 Last Modified: 12/08/2010

A. Give this Action Project a short title in 10 words or fewer:

Curriculum Process Review, Improvement, and Implementation

B. Describe this Action Project's goal in 100 words or fewer:

This AQIP Action Project will continue and expand upon work that began in 2008 to review and revise the curriculum review process at SIUE. The project forms a committee to systematically analyze and review the current curriculum review process and policy, including requests to implement experimental courses; add, drop, or modify a course; request a change in academic program practices; request termination of a portion of an academic program; and requests for courses to be offered off-campus in nontraditional formats and online. Online forms and an ongoing archive of approvals will be created.

C. Identify the single AQIP Category which the Action Project will most affect or impact:

Measuring effectiveness

D. Describe briefly your institution's reasons for taking on this Action Project now - why the project and its goals are high among your current priorities:

SIUE controls the curriculum through a formal process in which all new programs, significant modification of programs, new courses, and modifications of courses are approved at several levels. Because both faculty and administration play a vital role in curriculum development, changes to curriculum must pass through and receive approval from the initiating program, the school or college curriculum committee, the faculty senate curriculum committee, and the provost's office. Additionally, if changes affect other areas such as graduate education or assessment there may be additional layers of approval. To facilitate this process the university created the "Form 90 process." Over the past several years, SIUE has identified that the form 90 process is too slow and ineffective. Having an effective but simple process will minimize barriers for faculty to report new courses and programs and any changes within those courses and programs and will maintain an ongoing archive of these course and program approvals.

This AQIP project is of high priority because the work was started in 2008. The first committee identified a need to continue and expand the work. Additionally, a new Director of General Education will be appointed in the spring of 2010. The Director of General Education will take over the oversight of the curriculum review process. The new Director of General Education will contribute to the leadership of this Action Project committee.

E. List the organizational areas - institutional departments, programs, divisions, or units - most affected by or involved in this Action Project:

Information from the project will be useful for the Office of Academic Affairs, the Faculty Senate, the Deans and Department Chairs, the Office of the Registrar and Enrollment Management, Information Technology Services, the Office of Educational Outreach, and faculty.

F. Name and describe briefly the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve:

The results of this project will lead to recommended changes to the current policy and process. It will make curriculum review and approval a more effective and efficient process for all associated faculty, departments, and units.

G. Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion):

The timeline suggested will allow the committee to review the current policy and process, identify key stakeholders, develop an initial plan of action to improve the process, gain policy approval, and implement the new process. It also allows time to evaluate the new process after implementation, for the purpose of continuous improvement of critical processes.

H. Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing:

Resulting outcomes of this review will lead to an improved and simplified process that insures academic integrity, identifies who will be responsible for reviews, as well as who is responsible to monitor implementation of the results of the review.

On-going progress will be measured by our ability to diagram the current process, identify improvements, eliminate barriers, and design appropriate documents to complete the process.

I. Describe the overall "outcome" measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals:

The overall outcome will be newly-defined, prescribed policies and processes with online forms developed to support and document the process in a campus archive that will be approved and supported by the Faculty Senate and Provost.

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