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Development of a University Quality Council

Action Project

Institution: Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Submitted: 2007-10-02
Contact: Victoria Scott
Telephone: (618) 650-2640

Planned project kickoff date: 10-01-2007
Target completion date: 10-01-2008
Actual completion date: ---
A. Give this Action Project a short title in 10 words or fewer:
Development of a University Quality Council
B. Describe this Action Project's goal in 100 words or fewer:
Because continuity is essential to continuous quality improvement, SIUE is developing a University Quality Council (UQC) to provide ongoing vision and guidance to ensure continuous improvement. Reporting to the Chancellor, the UQC will coordinate the University's accreditation process under the Academic Quality Improvement Program of the Higher Learning Commission. The UQC will manage the Systems Portfolio and oversee the selection and review of all Action Projects. The UQC will also coordinate the Quality Checkup, Strategy Forum, and preparation for reaffirmation of accreditation. The UQC will ensure that communication regarding all aspects of the AQIP process is clear and timely.
C. Identify the single AQIP Category which the Action Project will most affect or impact:
Primary Category: Leading and Communication
D. Describe briefly your institution's reasons for taking on this Action Project now -- why the project and its goals are high among your current priorities:

In the last two years, SIUE has experienced considerable turnover in key positions. The Chancellor, the Director of Institutional Research, and the Director of Undergraduate Assessment have retired and the positions were filled with new personnel. SIUE also has a new Provost, Associate Provost for Academic Planning and Program Development, Assistant Provost for Faculty Development and Diversity, and Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management (a participant in several Action Projects). In a reorganization of responsibilities in the Provost Office, the AQIP Liaison responsibilities have moved from a former Associate Provost to the Director of Assessment. Additionally, the SIU system has a new President and Chairperson of the Board of Trustees. While there is no question of SIUE's or the new personnel's support for AQIP, SIUE has experienced a loss of AQIP experience and institutional memory. To counter the effects associated with this change, the Chancellor and Provost have recommended a formalized and strategic approach to guiding the AQIP process, which includes the development of a University Quality Council

E. List the organizational areas - -institutional departments, programs, divisions, or units -- most affected by or involved in this Action Project:

This action project will affect the entire SIUE System.

F. Name and describe briefly the key organizational process(es) that you expect this Action Project to change or improve:
The main process that will be improved is the management of SIUE's participation in AQIP itself. One of SIUE's retired Action Projects improved the coordination between AQIP and the strategic planning and budgeting processes. Those improvements remain, but this Action Project will help make those processes systematic and not dependent solely on the individuals involved.
G. Explain the rationale for the length of time planned for this Action Project (from kickoff to target completion):
It should take a year to develop, implement, and evaluate the UQC. Ample time is needed to orient members to the AQIP process and to begin the task of implementing initiatives related to quality improvement and continuous growth. Within the timeframe of a year, the UQC will be able to assimilate the proposed principal functions of the council which include: 1) communicating all UQC-related activity to campus, 2) identifying University-wide opportunities for improvement, 3) identifying and selecting AQIP Actions Projects, 4) commissioning teams to address University-wide opportunities for improvement, including Action Project Teams, and 5) reviewing all Action Projects.
H. Describe how you plan to monitor how successfully your efforts on this Action Project are progressing:
Progress will be monitored by identification/development of action projects and by evaluating the impact of those projects upon the University, participation in the UQC functions listed above, and attendance at monthly UQC meetings.
I. Describe the overall "outcome" measures or indicators that will tell you whether this Action Project has been a success or failure in achieving its goals:
Focus groups will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the UQC.
J. Other information (e.g., publicity, sponsor or champion, etc.):
K. Project Leader and contact Person:
Contact Name: Victoria G. Scott, Director of Assessment


Telephone: (618) 650-2640

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