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SIUE Alternate Work Schedule Policy

Civil Service, Professional and Administrative Staff

Policy Statement:

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville supports the use of various work scheduling arrangements that are designed to meet the operating and customer service needs of the University and of the respective department. The availability of alternative work schedules is not intended to change a department's regular hours of operation, nor does it alter the responsibility or diminish the authority of department heads to establish and adjust work schedules. Instead, the use of flexible scheduling is designed as an alternative work schedule in order to adequately and effectively fulfill the University and departmental goals, mission, and objectives, and to improve staff morale and retention, while maintaining and enhancing a department's service delivery to its customers. Alternative work schedules are not an employee entitlement and may be modified or discontinued by the appropriate supervisory authority and department head.


The purpose of this policy is to set forth the manner in which alternative work schedules may be utilized by departmental supervisors and full time employees in the form of flex time and compressed work days or weeks.


The Office of Human Resources is the overall reviewing authority concerning all alternative work schedules. All requests for alternative work schedules shall first be submitted to the employee's supervisor for initial approval. If approved by the supervisor, then the request should be submitted to the respective Vice Chancellor or Division Head for administrative review and approval. The respective Vice Chancellor/Division Head will review the request and issue a recommendation to the Office of Human Resources for approval. Deviation from the daily work schedule of less than one hour on a non-reoccurring basis is not considered an alternative work schedule under this policy.

Eligibility Requirements:

All full time employees are eligible to participate in the alternative work schedule program. Eligible employees who are interested in participating in an alternative work schedule are responsible for developing a proposal, and presenting it to their supervisor for consideration, and a determination of whether the proposal is feasible.

Alternative work schedules may be considered for full time employees whose current performance evaluation indicates that the employee is performing his/her job adequately at a "Satisfactory" level or above, and whose attendance records do not show patterns of absences or tardiness. If a current (within 12 months) performance evaluation is not on file, one must be completed before an alternative work schedule proposal may be considered. Alternative work schedules are not an employee entitlement. They may not be appropriate or available for every position or employee. Arrangements may vary depending on the position and department needs.

Process for Approval:

Decisions on proposals are determined on a case-by-case basis and are based upon appropriate supervisor and department head approval. Supervisors are encouraged to use the worksheet that is provided to assist full time employees in identifying and considering all of the variables surrounding alternative work schedules.

Alternative Work Schedule Options:

The following identifies options that are currently available to employees through the alternative work schedule program. All employees working an alternative work schedule must work the core hours of their department which are defined as one hour after the regular start time and 1 hour before the end of the regular start time. For example, if an office's posted hours are 8:00 am-4:30 p.m., the core hours would be 9:00 am-3:30 pm. Other proposals may be considered on a case by case basis.

Flexible Option Description:

Alternative work schedules may include one of the following options/variations:

  • Variable starting and ending times
  • Variable workweek schedule for fixed duration

A compressed workweek is a 37.5 or 40 hour workweek completed in four (4) days or some mutually agreed upon variation, not to exceed 40 hours per week. (Day off is determined by supervisor and department head). Employees are not eligible to use paid vacation or sick time on the scheduled day off if the work week is less than 5 days.

Maximum Period of Alternative Work Schedule:

Work schedules, once identified, will be maintained for a maximum of six (6) months if the work schedule change is requested by the employee. Upon expiration of the proposed time period, the department/employee will return to the original work schedule unless there is a request to extend the alternative work schedule. Alternative work schedules may be extended in six (6) month increments with no limit on the periods granted.

If the change in work schedule is due to operational needs and is requested by the supervisor, the alternative schedule will be assumed to be a permanent change and will therefore not need to be approved every six (6) months.

Management Discretion/Discontinued Schedule:

Possible reasons to modify or discontinue an alternative work schedule include, but are not limited to, the following issues:

  • Business needs or coverage needs change.
  • Negative customer feedback occurs.
  • Performance or attendance deteriorates.
  • Departmental staff shortages occur.
  • Holidays.
  • Use of leave.

Process for Submitting a Request:

Employees interested in requesting an alternative work schedule are responsible for developing a proposal and describing in detail how they would perform their work. The proposal is then submitted to the Supervisor/Department for consideration and final approval subsequent to the Vice Chancellor/Division Head administrative review.

More detailed information and guidance regarding the Alternative Work Schedule Program can be found at


The University acknowledges and credits the following universities in the development of this document: The University of West Florida

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