Leave Category 80 - Administrative StaffContinuing
The leave category that you are assigned to is determined by your position.

Leave Type
There are different types of leave that employees may accrue or have rolled over from previous years. The most common types are;

Years of Service
For some leave categories, vacation leave accrual rates differ based on the employees years of service. Years of service is determined by subtracting your Adjusted Service Date from the end date of the pay period in which the leave is to be accrued.

Hours Accrued
Vacation leave is earned evenly throughout the year per each pay period.  Leave time accruals are NOT tied to the number of hours worked in each month.  At the end of the year, you earn the same time as in the previous method.  This change evens out the accrual process allowing for a consistent accrual rate to be used per pay period.  Fiscal continuing positions that earn vacation earn 7.82 hours per pay period. The vacation leave accrual is prorated to your continuing appointment percentage.  If you have an 80% appointment you receive 80% of the accrual rate. 

Vacation balances are limited to two years of accrual for carryover.  Vacation time exceeding the limit does not carry over.

Employees who earn 10 temporary leave days earn 75 hours per year.  This time is not accruable and does not carry over to the following year.  This time is not payable at termination.  Temporary leave days are used for jury duty, military leaves, funeral leave and approved sick time for family members.

Employees who earn non-accruable sick leave of 43 days earn 322.50 hours at the beginning of your fiscal or academic year.  The unused balance of this sick leave does not roll over to the following year.

Employees who earn accrual sick leave of 7.2 days earn 54 hours of accruable sick leave at the beginning of the fiscal or academic year.  The unused balance of this sick leave does carry over to the following year.  There is no limit to the amount of sick leave you can carry over or accumulate.

For more information, please refer to the Benefits - Employee Vacation & Sick Leave section of the SIUE Office of Human Resources website located here: http://www.siue.edu/humanresources/benefits/vac-sick.shtml

Maximum Rollover
Leave records are viewed on June 30 of each year to ensure that employees do not exceed this limitation. Leave time in excess of the Maximum Rollover (Max Rollover) is not carried forward into the next fiscal year and cannot be used. This time is equal to two years worth of leave accrued at the current accrual rate.

Leave Type Years of Service Hours Accrued Max Rollover
Sick earned post 1997 N/A 54.00 NO LIMIT
Vacation N/A 7.82 375.36
Non-Accruable Sick Leave N/A 322.50 0.00
Temporary Leave Days N/A 75.00 0.00