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Employee Service Award Recipients

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville recognizes all eligible employees who have reached service milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40+ years of service.

Congratulations to the following employees who are the 2013 Service Awards recipients:
(Please click on each category to display the lists of awardees.)

10 Years of Service
Amy Brown, Speech Communication
Andrew Griffin, School of Nursing
Andrew Theising, Political Science
Angela Street, MUC Food Service
Anthony Dipaolo, Foreign Language and Literature
Barbara O'Donnell, Curriculum and Instruction
Brent Wohlford, School of Dental Medicine
Brigham Dimick, Art and Design
Candice Hanfelder, MUC Food Service
Chad Verbais, Instructional Services
Charles Harper, Theater and Dance
Danny Holder, Art and Design
Darqueshia Young, University Services to ESL
David Dunivan, School of Dental Medicine
Deborah Major, School of Dental Medicine
Debra Hicks, Health Services
Donna Boyer, School of Pharmacy
Doris Davis, Primary Care/Health Systems Nursing
Edward Florian, Facilities Management
Elizabeth Meinz, Psychology
Ellen Washburn, MUC Food Service
Gary Giamartino, School of Business
Gary Wallace, Facilities Management
George Johnson, Facilities Management
Gregory Miller, Parking Services
Harold Beck, Economics and Finance
Huei Chin, Music
James Vest, MUC Administration
James Wehrman, Music
Jean Nasello, English Language and Literature
Jennifer Barnhart, Illinois Education Research Council
Jianpeng Zhou, Civil Engineering
Jonathan Pettibone, Psychology
Julie Pietroburgo, Public Administration and Policy Analysis
Karen Kelly, Primary Care/Health Systems Nursing
Kay Weis, Enrollment Management
Kelly Atkins, Psychology
Kevin Cannon, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Kevin Rodemeyer, Facilities Management
Kim Clymer, Facilities Management
Kristin Cruz, Health Services
Kristine Heather, School of Nursing
Larry Nesler, Facilities Management
Laura Gurgens, School of Dental Medicine
Laura Koch, Student Opportunity for Academic Results
Laura Strom, Registrar
Leslie Roberts-Tolliver, Special Education and Communication Disorders
Linda Bristol, Music
Lisa Jarrett, MUC Food Service
Lisa Tate, University Services to ESL
Lyle Mills, Mass Communications
Matthew Petrocelli, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Michael Hamil, Parking Services
Michele Bigham, Lovejoy Library
Mont Bodine, MUC Bookstore
Nicholas Guehlstorf, Political Science
Pamela Newland, Primary Care/Health Systems Nursing
Patricia Apponey, MUC Food Service
Rasheda King, Human Resources
Riane Greenwalt, Health Services
Robbin Butler, Physics
Robyn Courtway, Human Resources
Roger Donnell, MUC Administration
Roger Speidel, Theater and Dance
Rosie Gogue, School of Pharmacy
Shunfu Hu, Geography
Stephen Hupp, Psychology
Stephen Marlette, Curriculum and Instruction
Susan Mangiaracino, MUC Food Service
Susan Schneider, MUC Food Service
Susanna Woodard-Tichenor, Music
Suzanne Mostafavifar, Student Financial Aid
Thad Duhigg, Art and Design
Thomas Dickey, Facilities Management
Tiffani Brown, Facilities Management
Timothy Caniff, Police Services
Travis Barnhart, Parking Services
Tricia Oberweis, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Virginia Eason, School of Nursing
William Porter, Facilities Management
Zhiqing Lin, Biological Sciences

15 Years of Service
Adriana Marcuzzi, School of Dental Medicine
Andrew Pomerantz, Psychology
Ann Yap, University Marketing and Communication
Barry Silva, University Services to ESL
Bonnie Johnston, School of Dental Medicine
Cheryl Hardwick, MUC Food Service
Christine Durbin, Primary Care/Health Systems Nursing
Christine Leopold, Registrar
Daniel Chace, Information Technology Services
Daniel Woodlock, School of Dental Medicine
David Attaway, MUC Administration
David Kauzlarich, Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies
Debra Schwenk, School of Dental Medicine
Denise Brown, University Services to ESL
Diane McKaig, School of Nursing
Dianne Albl, VC Student Affairs
Elizabeth Esselman, Biological Sciences
Frederick Thompson, Campus Recreation
Gay Cummins, Computer Science
Georgia Reynolds-Ratliff, Facilities Management
Jack Lowe, Facilities Management
James Ballhurst, Facilities Management
Janet Hupp, Art and Design
Jason Hart, Information Technology Services
Jerra Mazzolini, School of Dental Medicine
Jo Moore, Computer Management and Information Systems
Joann Evans, University Services to ESL
Joel Hardman, English Language and Literature
John Denhouter, Art and Design
Johnetta Smith, University Services to ESL
Kathleen Belden, Student Financial Aid
Kathleen Tunney, Social Work
Kevin Johnson, Chemistry
Kina Roberson, University Services to ESL
Lenora Anop, Music
Lera Matzen, Facilities Management
Loen Graceson-Martin, School of Engineering
Ma Zenia Agustin, Mathematics and Statistics
Margaret Jones, University Services to ESL
Margaret Montibeller, Health Services
Mary Blackmon, University Services to ESL
Melanie Ethridge, College of Arts and Sciences
Michael Howald, Facilities Management
Morris Taylor, Public Administration and Policy Analysis
Nancy Davis, Geography
Nancy Inlow, School of Dental Medicine
Pamela Heepke, Transportation Services
Paul Brunkow, Biological Sciences
Regina McBride, Lovejoy Library
Renee Fussell, Speech Communication
Robert Ware, Philosophy
Ronald Klaustermeier, Purchasing
Sandra Biver, University Services to ESL
Scott Gluntz, Housing
Silvia Bowman, Ctr for Advanced Management and Production (Small Business Development Center)
Susan Rieken, School of Dental Medicine
Traci Castevens, Information Technology Services
Tricia Hogan, School of Business
Trisha Markulakis, MUC Food Service
Vanessa King, University Services to ESL

20 Years of Service
Bradford Cross, Civil Engineering
Brenda Newton, Campus Recreation
Carlos Williams, Facilities Management
Dawn Olive, Graduate Studies and Research
Deborah Hopkins, University Services to ESL
Deborah Webb, School of Dental Medicine
Dwight Wright, Police Services
Janice Brown, University Services to ESL
John Lopez, Facilities Management
Judy Newell, University Services to ESL
Kathy Cotton, University Services to ESL
Kelly Lowder, Post Office
Kim Bateman, Environmental Resource Training Center
Nancy Avdoian, English Language and Literature
Norris Manning, School of Business
Phillip Busey, Academic Computing
Prince Wells, Music
Rhonda Harper, Philosophy
Sandra Compton, School of Nursing
Seref Karacal, School of Engineering
Steven Huffstutler, Academic Computing
Steven Varady, Facilities Management
Tammy Smart, Graduate Studies and Research
Teresa Militello, School of Dental Medicine
Timothy Clemann, Parking Services
Timothy Schoenecker, Management and Marketing

25 Years of Service
Anngela Mosby, Information Technology Services
Debra Dial, Information Technology Services
Deirdre Johnson, Lovejoy Library
Eric Langenwalter, School of Dental Medicine
Gary Dunn, Records Management
Gregory Conroy, WSIE-FM
Jacqueline Young, University Services to ESL
Janette Johnson, Academic Advising
Janina Turley, University Services to ESL
Jeffrey Skoblow, English Language and Literature
John Voller, English Language and Literature
Jolynn Gregor, Bursar
Karla Ellsworth, MUC Administration
Kelly Murphy, Facilities Management
Laura Schade, Housing
Lawrence Newquist, School of Dental Medicine
Lynda Pavia, Facilities Management
Nancy Andrews, Registrar
Nancy Ruff, English Language and Literature
Nancy Zika, Administrative Accounting
Rena Young, Educational Outreach
Rhonda Penelton, Institute for Urban Research
Richard Bush, Public Administration and Policy Analysis
Roberta Stanford, Institutional Research and Studies
Theresa Wasylenko, School of Engineering
Urszula Ledzewicz, Mathematics and Statistics

30 Years of Service
Linda Etling, Information Technology Services
Mary Sumner, Computer Management and Information Systems
Sadegh Khazaeli, Chemistry
Suzanne Eder, Graduate Studies and Research
Vanessa Outlaw, University Services to ESL

35 Years of Service
Audrey Tallant, Music
Donna Ireland, School of Pharmacy
John Meisel, Economics and Finance
Paul Dresang, Art and Design