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Paying Your Bill

Housing charges are billed on your student account. Student accounts are accessible through CougarNet. Paper bills are not mailed to enrolled students. Instead, students are notified by their SIUE email account that a new bill is ready for viewing on CougarNet. Students may authorize their parents and others to receive billing email notification, view their CougarNet bill and pay their bill online. Go to for details. Students may elect to use the Installment Payment Plan for an additional $20 charge per semester. This plan allows students to pay tuition, fees, and housing charge in four equal installments.

Connecting to the Network


Wireless networking (WiFI) is available in most places across campus, including residence halls and apartments. There are two wireless networks available: SIUE-WPA is the most secure of the two, providing wireless encryption that protects users’ personal information. SIUE-WIFI is an unencrypted network that is compatible with most computers and devices without advanced configuration. Because wireless communication across this network is not encrypted, SIUE-WIFI does not provide protection of personal information or allow access to select SIUE resources.

To access the SIUE wireless network, choose SIUE-WIFI from your “available wireless networks.” Open a browser and follow the steps provided to set up the secure “SIUE-WPA” network. Visit for specific instructions.

Wired Network

Data jacks are available for residents to connect a personal computer to the campus network. A 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet card and Ethernet cable (10 foot or longer, RJ45 Cat 5 patch cable) are required to connect to the network. Visit for specific instructions. To register and set up your game console, visit

Setting up your Landline

One active telephone jack is provided in each unit. Residents must bring their own telephones. Private lines are available to residents for an additional cost. Campus calls are made by dialing the last four digits of the phone number. All off-campus calls must be made using a calling card. A calling card plan (STAN) is available through SIUE. More information is available online at

Setting up your TV/Cable

University Housing provides high-quality, digital TV service to all housing residents. Only TVs with a digital QAM tuner can receive the digital lineup. Most QAM tuner TVs have a “Channel Search or ” or “Auto Program” function that will automatically scan the incoming signals and detect the ones that are available. It may be necessary to do a channel search before your TV will allow you to tune to a specific channel. Complete the following steps:

  1. Go into the TV Menu and select “S”
  2. Look for and select an option simliar to “Channel Search” or “Auto Program”
  3. The TV will automatically search available channels
  4. After this auto search is completed, 60-70 channels should be available for viewing. If no channels are available, it is likely the TV does not have a QAM tuner.

If your TV does not have a QAM tuner, you can purchase a converstion box. While there are multiple options out there, the following brand and type has been tested in our on-campus facilities and can be purchased at the local Wal-Mart. The convert box is the Ematic AT103B. We do not endorse any specific item or store. 


All contracted Housing residents with a vehicle on campus are required to obtain a residence hall parking permit from Parking Services to park in the area reserved for students. Resident must have a parking hang tag displayed on the rearview mirror of his/her vehicle before the beginning of the second week of classes. Visit to purchase your parking permit.

Dining Services

Residents of Bluff, Prairie, and Woodland Hall are required to purchase either Meal Plan A or Meal Plan B. Meal Plans A and B, along with several smaller meal plans are available to Cougar Village and Evergreen Hall residents. Meal Plan A and B are 60/40 plans — 60% of the meal plan covers some of the operational costs of Dining Services. This includes but is not limited to labor, supplies, maintenance and utilities. The remaining 40% of the meal plan balance is available to spend for food purchases at campus dining venues. Whenever meal plan participants purchase made-to-order items, the items are charged at 40% of retail cost. Visit for Dining Services operations, hours, and additional information.

Student Insurance

Students’ personal belongings are not covered by University insurance. For more information about student personal property insurance, please visit The electronic brochure on student property insurance available from NSSI is available here. 

Employment Opportunities

Housing University offers student-employment opportunities as a Resident Assistant, Desk Manager, Central Housing Office student worker or and University Housing Facilities Management student worker. These positions are filled as needed, and the latest information can be found at

SIUE students can visit the Student Job Finder website to search University student worker positions, learn about eligibility and more.

Textbook Rental

SIUE undergraduate students are provided with a textbook rental program — an economical alternative to purchasing most textbooks. The textbook rental fee is included in your student fees, so you do not need to bring money to pick up your books; all you need is your student ID. Visit for information about when to pick up your textbooks.

Graduate textbooks, supplemental texts, SIUE merchandise and other products are available for purchase at the University Bookstore. Visit for more information.

Health Services

All new, transfer, or re-entering students must provide proof of protection against the diseases of Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps, Tetanus, and Diphtheria per Illinois mandated requirement. This requirement must be met by the first day of attendance. A $25 fine will be imposed for failure to comply, and proof must be provided before you can register for subsequent semesters. Visit for guidelines and records accepted.

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