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How do I know what to bring?

Visit What to Bring/What Not to Bring for a comprehensive list. And make sure to follow up with your roommate to check what they are bringing - you probably do not need two TV's in the residence halls!

Can I move in early to my assigned space?

All early arrival requests must be submitted to the Associate Director of Housing for review and approval. An early move in request is a request by any student to move in prior to their designated move in day as designated in their assignment e-mail/letter. There is no guarantee you will be able to move into your assigned space early, regardless of the requested reason. We do our best to accommodate all students but we are also balancing preparing spaces for new residents, cleaning schedule, and staff availability.

  • If a student wishes to move in prior to the designated move in day, the student must e-mail their request to, fax it to (618)650-3864 or mail it to University Housing at Campus Box 1056, Edwardsville, IL 62026-1056.
  • Requests for the Fall semester will not be accepted after August 1. Early move in requests are not accepted for the Spring term. Requests for the Summer semester will not be accepted after May 1.
  • If a student is permitted to move in early, the student will be assessed a daily fee based on the type of assigned space until their designated move in day. This fee will be placed on the student's account.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Central Housing Office at 618-650-3931 or via e-mail,

What is the overnight guest policy?

An overnight guest is defined as an individual who is visiting in any living unit past 2:00 a.m. In Bluff, Prairie, and Woodland Halls the appropriate paperwork must be submitted to host an overnight guest.

In order to have an overnight guest approved in Bluff, Prairie, and Woodland Halls, you must obtain a "Residence Hall Overnight Guest Registration" form from your front desk. The form must be completed and submitted either upon or prior to your guest(s) arrival on campus. You will need your roommate's signature on the "Residence Hall Overnight Guest Registration" form.

In all University Housing facilities, a maximum of (2) two guests may be approved for the same night, with no more than two single guests in a single living unit per night. Guests will not be able to stay any more than three nights. Visit the Living Guide for additional information and more a comprehensive look at the overnight policy.

I am having issues with my roommate. How can I move rooms?

Roommate conflict can be difficult and uncomfortable to deal with. However, there are benefits to experiencing conflict; these types of situations provide us with opportunities to strengthen our communication skills, better understand our values, and learn to compromise and negotiate all of these are necessary "real world" skills. Space changes are a last resort in dealing with roommate conflict. However, space changes are considered after three weeks into the beginning of the semester. Contact your RA for more information about the space change process.

When can I rent my textbooks?

Visit Textbook Rental for more information.

I am living in a FIC. What should I expect about living in this type of community?

First, congratulations! Living in a FIC is a very unique and valuable opportunity. Your RA (Resident Assistant) will be knowledgeable about the topic of your FIC, and likely have some experience in similar courses or organizations. Some programs in your wing will be connected to the FIC topic and, as a resident; you will have a voice in those programs.

Faculty members are also a critical part of each FIC. You will have the opportunity to interact with faculty members who are knowledgeable about the FIC topic and may even be faculty members in your area of study. When possible, you may take a class that connects to the topic of the FIC and is a course requirement for your academic program.

What I am required to do as a member of a FIC?

Like many other programs and activities, your level of involvement will greatly impact your success and satisfaction with your FIC. Successful members participate in majority of events sponsored by and for the community. By voicing your input, sharing your own knowledge, and assisting in planning programs and events, you take part in creating the FIC experience for yourself and other residents. As a responsible and active community member, you will see the positive impact in your community.

Some final thoughts…

Be on the lookout for red flyers! That is how we will communicate important information to you. This may include contract information, safety updates, and more. If you see a red flyer - do not ignore it.

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