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University Housing uses a comprehensive assessment model that includes the following types of assessment: tracking, needs assessment, satisfaction assessment, environment assessment, outcomes assessment, comparable institution assessment, national standards assessment, and cost effectiveness assessment.

Assessment Goals

The assessment plan is designed to:

  • Ensure high quality programs and services through continual feedback and improvement;
  • Provide data illustrating the educational value of University Housing’s programs and services to the student learning experience at SIUE; and
  • Develop a base of information and data regarding University Housing’s program and services to be used as a component of meeting professional standards.

Assessment Strategy

University Housing uses the practical inquiry approach to assessment (v. formal research). Practical inquiry is conducted by practitioners in the field, results in improving/changing practice, is grounded in “sense making,” helps shape formal research, is not meant to be generalized, is conducted in the work environment, and is context driven (Yousey, 2007). Practical inquiry uses the following questions (Nesheim, Yousey & Timm, 2007):

  • What topic are you interested in?
  • What would you like to know about your topic (question)?
  • How can you answer your questions (method, data collection)?
  • What did your data tell you (analysis)?
  • How does that inform practice (implications/report)?
  • What is the next question (feedback loop)?
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