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2013 Homecoming King


Devan L. De Pauw

DevanAs a collegiate student, the best way to represent an entire student body is to become active, not only on campus, but throughout the community, as well.  After starting Kappa Sigma Fraternity last August, I have found that my accolades and student involvement have been taken to an entirely new level.  I am now meeting hundreds of new students each day, simply through campus activities and events.  This kind of networking is exactly what SIUE needs, and I; Devan DePauw, will represent them to the best of my abilities if elected Homecoming King.  We are ONE. We are SIUE Nation.

Jacob Tyler Dicus

JacobHello fellow cougars! My name is Jacob Dicus and I believe I am a worthy candidate to represent our school as the University’s Homecoming King.  I am involved with multiple aspects of the campus such as Vice President of Programming for the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and a second year resident assistant for University Housing.  Since transferring here in 2011, SIUe has been my home away from home.  I have always believed that coming to SIUe was the best decision I had ever made.  As Homecoming King, upholding the standards and morals of SIUe is my greatest goal.

James “Jim” Engracia

JamesI should represent SIUE as the 2013 Homecoming King because I believe I have all the qualities that SIUE values.  Promoting and being a part of the campus community has always been important to me.  I have been representing SIUE since my freshman year through some organizations like the Dean’s Dozen, admissions, and Springboard.  I am also heavily active through organizations.  I would represent SIUE at various events and promoting the campus for prospective students while promoting campus involvement by joining different organizations.

Titus Hughes

TitusI think that I would make the best candidate for 2013 SIUE Homecoming King because I feel like I represent four important qualities of the college spirit at SIUE. SIUE Homecoming King embodies the spirits of academic excellence, being involved on campus, giving back to the community through service, and loyalty. Since my time here at SIUE I have done my best to strive to achieve these qualities and represent the school in a positive manner. It is for these reasons that I feel I would make the best candidate for 2013 SIUE Homecoming King.

Joshua Thomas

JoshuaAs Homecoming King I would represent the University through my superior leadership, dedication, and time management.  I am a two medal conference champion of the SIUE Division 1 Track and Field team.  I have been dedicated to the SIUE Track and Field program since my arrival during the fall of 2010 which has bettered not only myself, but my incredible teammates surrounding me.  I thrive in leadership roles and it is my goal each day to bring a smile to the face of others.  My welcoming demeanor has allowed me to integrate myself with a diverse range of students and groups across campus.  I would be honored to represent SIUE as Homecoming King. 

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