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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has called for a national healthcare information infrastructure – including electronic health records – by 2014. The mandate has created an industry-wide focus on the cohesive operation and transparency of healthcare systems and records. Technology use at every level of healthcare is increasing rapidly. Front line healthcare workers interact daily with an overwhelming array of computerized technology, and healthcare IT roles are growing in complexity and number. The primary goal continues to be enhanced patient care, but the means by which this is accomplished is changing rapidly.

Program Overview

Healthcare informatics brings together computer technology and clinical expertise to effectively organize, analyze, manage and use clinical knowledge and data for problem solving and decision making. As hospitals and healthcare organizations convert to electronic medical records, the need for healthcare informatics has increased significantly.

Healthcare informatics enables health care providers to use computerized systems to:

  • Develop standards and clinical guidelines
  • Guide their diagnoses and treatment recommendations
  • Facilitate communication and manage the flow of information
  • Evaluate quality of care

Healthcare Informatics at SIUE

The healthcare informatics program is designed for BJC Healthcare professionals in partnership with SIUE. This premier graduate program combines the specific information technology needs of healthcare professionals with the professional expertise of the faculty in the SIUE Schools of Business, Education, Engineering, Nursing, and the College of Arts and Sciences.

Healthcare informatics at SIUE will provide you with skills and perspective in planning, designing, implementing and using information technologies. The program is designed for clinical BJC employees who currently have technology-based responsibilities or have an interest in moving their careers in that direction. This program provides a unique opportunity for you, as healthcare professionals, to leverage your prior education and experience to direct your careers to meet this trend.

The next cohort begins January 14, 2015.

Healthcare Informatics Cohort 3
Graduating in May 2015

Healthcare Informatics Cohort 4
Graduating Fall 2016

Healthcare Informatics Cohort 5
Accepting Applications Now!

‘I definitely recommend the SIUE healthcare informatics classes. Everyone uses databases, whether they realize it or not. An education in healthcare informatics will increase people’s knowledge.’

 Michael Lane, RT(R), MBA

IS Specialist
Department of Radiology
BJC Healthcare
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