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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


401-3 MEDIA LAW & POLICY. U.S. Constitution, federal, state law related to mass media. Congressional and public policy. Research paper/case study required.

402-3 MEDIA MANAGEMENT. Management responsibilities, challenges, and expectations in the professional environment, i.e. promotions, ratings, programming. Research paper required. Prerequisite: upper class standing in mass communications major or consent of instructor.

421-3 ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS. Creation and production of advertising campaigns using print and electronic media. Prerequisite: MC 326 or MC 334.

422-3 WRITING FOR THE CORPORATE AND INSTITUTIONAL MARKET. Reporting, writing, editing information, opinion, other presentations for publicity, publication, annual reports, public relations in general. Study of corporate publications. Prerequisite: MC 202 or consent of instructor. For MC majors only.

423a,b-6 (3,3) ADVANCED TOPICS IN WRITING FOR THE MEDIA. Advanced theory and practice of writing for the print and visual media. a) Dramatic Writing, b) Other topics.

424-3 THE LITERATURE OF JOURNALISM. Study of magazine articles, nonfiction books by Crane, Hemingway, Agee, New Journalists, Herr, others. Study of history to determine journalism's contributions to literature.

433-3 ADVANCED VIDEO DIRECTING AND PRODUCING. Advanced theory and practice in television directing and producing. Students work as senior producers for the cable program SIUE Global Village, plus other assignments. Prerequisites: graduate students or undergraduate seniors. Consent of instructor.

440-3 VISUAL MEDIA ANALYSIS. Evaluation of illustration and photography for publication and for motion imagery. Values, language, philosophy, style and standards based on artistic vision, audience expectations, and distribution constraints.

441-3 MULTIMEDIA USE IN MASS MEDIA. Applications of computer and electronic media/technology systems to design multimedia products integrating text, audio, graphic, video, animation and other information for cross-platform delivery. Prerequisite: MC 327 or consent of instructor.

449-3 MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY. Media's short term and long term psychological effects; socialization of children and adults; persuasion and social perception in politics, health communication and consumer behavior. Prerequisite: senior standing or consent of instructor.

451-3 RESEARCH METHODS IN MASS MEDIA. Examination of traditional and emerging concepts of research. Extensive use of research instruments, evaluation, and special applications to mass media. Individual and group research projects required. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

452-3 NEW MEDIA AND TECHNOLOGY. Technological changes in the mass media. New media forms, audience fragmentation, economic, regulatory, and social issues. Patterns of adoption and diffusion. Prerequisite: senior standing.

453-3 TRANSNATIONAL MEDIA. Focus on media ownership, content flow, cultural values, political power, and technological impact in history, industrialization, economics, and current processes of globalization.

454-3 DOCUMENTARY MEDIA. Historical, cultural and artistic evolution of documentary film and video making, aesthetic developments (roots of documentary filmmaking, direct cinema, cinema verite, ethnography, TV documentaries, "rocumentary"). Prerequisite: MC 204.

471-3 SPECIAL TOPICS IN MASS MEDIA.  Special and advanced topics in mass media.  Topics to be announced.  May be repeated to a maximum of 9 hours provided no topic is repeated.

475-3 ADVANCED MULTIMEDIA. Digital media production techniques for 2D & 3D modeling and character animation, video compositing, and high-resolution image processing; advanced design techniques for other interactive multimedia systems. Prerequisite: MC 441.

491-3 ADVANCED PRACTICES. Independent study in areas in which student has completed all formal course work. Included are studies in news, advertising, writing, and/or production-direction. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

495-1 to 4 READINGS IN MASS MEDIA. Selected readings in depth with member of graduate faculty. Contemporary books and periodicals. May be repeated to a maximum of 4 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

500-3 MASS COMMUNICATION THEORY. Interrelationships of mass communications institutions in society including government, marketing, management and audience research, technological realities and future development. Prerequisite: enrollment in mass communications graduate program or consent of graduate program adviser.

501-3 RESEARCH METHODS FOR MASS COMMUNICATIONS. Research methods and methodology for mass media and the social sciences. Methodologies include quantitative, qualitative, legal, historical, and muti-method. Prerequisite: enrollment in mass communications graduate program or consent of graduate program adviser.

502-3 MEDIA CAMPAIGNS. Seminar on theoretical and practical dimensions of media campaigns; exposure to campaign-related scholarship; case studies of public relations, advertising, political campaigns and campaign management.

503-3 MEDIA CRITICAL THEORY. Cultural impact of electronic, print, and new media technologies; critical analysis of information and entertainment production and distribution; development and application of evaluation standards; ethical concerns.

504-3 SPECIAL TOPICS IN MASS COMMUNICATIONS. Varied content. Offered as student need exists and faculty time permits. May be repeated once to a maximum of 6 hours provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of graduate program adviser.

505-3 SEMINAR IN PROPAGANDA. Students learn propaganda principles and theories, examine propaganda campaigns, present papers on theoretical and practical dimensions of propaganda, and develop critical skills for furth er study. Prerequisite: MC 500.

520a-1 JOURNALISM TEACHERS' ORGANIZATIONAL ROLE. Legal, business, and teaching aspects of being an adviser with an emphasis on improving students' punctuation skills. Prerequisite: consent of program director.

520b-1 JOURNALISM TEACHERS' APPROACH TO NEWS GATHERING. Provides secondary school newspaper advisers and journalism teachers the necessary background to successfully supervise, coach, and evaluate their students. Prerequisite: consent of program director.

520c-1 JOURNALISM TEACHERS' APPROACH TO DESIGN. Design theory and digital production techniques applicable to student publications. Prerequisite: consent of program director.

520d-1 JOURNALISM TEACHERS' LEGAL, ETHICAL ROLES. Provides secondary school newspaper and journalism teachers the necessary background to successfully supervise, coach, and evaluate their students in law ethics and issues. Prerequisite: consent of program director.

590-3 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN MASS COMMUNICATIONS. Investigation of special topic area. Individual research projects that may include field experience and operations analysis. Prerequisite: consent of graduate program adviser.

595-1 to 3 READINGS IN MASS COMMUNICATIONS. Readings in depth on tutorial basis with member of graduate faculty. Special attention to contemporary books and periodicals. Prerequisite: consent of graduate program adviser.

598-1 to 6 FINAL PROJECT. Culminating project. Individual approaches to message production for problem resolution. Effectiveness of different media in dealing with problem areas. Prerequisite: consent of graduate program adviser.

599-1 to 6 THESIS. Prerequisite: consent of graduate program adviser.

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