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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


The first entry for each course is a three-digit numeral, which serves to identify the course. Courses numbered 400-499 are open to both seniors and graduate students. Courses numbered 500 and above are for graduate students only. (A few courses bearing the 400-level designation are reserved for undergraduate credit only. These courses are not published in the graduate catalog. Students should check course descriptions thoroughly to verify use at the graduate level.)

Following the course identification number is another number, which indicates the maximum number of hours that may be taken in one semester. The maximum may vary, and specific credit hours may be assigned for each semester a course is given. Some courses bear variable credit (designated as 3 to 6 or 1 to 4, etc.). In these cases, the first number indicates the minimum number of hours for which a student may enroll in the course in a single semester, while the second number refers to the maximum. Maximum credit accumulation is assumed to be that which is printed following the course number; exceptions are noted in the course descriptions.

For lectures and workshop courses 1 credit hour equals a minimum of fifteen, 50-minute class hours of instruction, appropriate assignments, and examinations; for laboratory courses 1 credit hour equals a minimum of thirty class hours of instruction and assignments.

After each course description the prerequisites, if any, which must be satisfied by the student before enrollment in that particular course will be permitted are listed.

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