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Graduate Catalog 2015-16


400-3 QUANTITATIVE METHODS FOR ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS ANALYSIS. (Same as FIN 400) Applications of mathematical tools to economic and business analysis; emphasis on using calculus and linear algebra in economic and financial models. Prerequisites: ECON 301, 302, MS 250 or consent of instructor.

428-3 APPLIED MICROECONOMICS Applies microeconomic theory to business decision making. Focus is on applications/cases; understanding how to apply economic tools to variety of business problems. Prerequisite: ECON 301 with a grade of C or better.

435-3 COMPETITION AND PUBLIC POLICY. Economic implications of alternative market structures. Impact of concentration, economies of scale, advertising, and conglomerates on business and society. Prerequisite: ECON 301, 528, or consent of instructor.

439-3 ECONOMICS OF SPORTS. Economic analysis applied to issues concerning major professional team sports such as free agency, salary caps, competitive balance, stadium contracts, and franchise relocation. Will not count toward MA or MS in Economics and Finance.

445-3 ECONOMICS OF THE PUBLIC SECTOR: STATE AND LOCAL. Public expenditure and taxation, intergovernmental fiscal relations, budgeting, grants, public choice. Prerequisites: ECON 111; 112, or consent of instructor.

450-3 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE. (Same as FIN 450) International monetary environment and institutions. Determinants of foreign exchange rates and risk management. Valuation and portfolio analysis of international stocks and bonds. Foreign investment analysis. Prerequisite: FIN 320.

461-3 INTERNATIONAL TRADE THEORY AND POLICY. Theory of causes and composition of trade, comparative advantage, tariff and nontariff barriers to trade, economic integration, commercial policy. Prerequisite: ECON 301, 528, or consent of instructor.

500a-1 to 3 FOUNDATIONS OF ECONOMIC EDUCATION. Economic concepts and methodology; comparison of economic systems. For practicing teachers and graduate students in education or social sciences. Will not be counted toward the MA or MS in Economics and Finance. May be repeated to a maximum of 3 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

500b-1 to 3 ECONOMIC EDUCATION: APPLICATIONS AND ILLUSTRATIONS. Analysis of selected national economic issues; emphasis on teaching and applying basic economic concepts and methodology. For teachers and education or social science graduate students. May be repeated to a maximum of 12 hours provided no topic is repeated. Will not be counted toward the MA or MS in Economics and Finance. Prerequisite: ECON 500a or consent of instructor.

501-3 ADVANCED MICROECONOMIC THEORY. Theories of consumer behavior, theories of the firm, welfare economics, public choice. Prerequisites: ECON 301; 400, or consent of instructor.

502-3 ADVANCED MACROECONOMIC THEORY. Alternative theories of income, output, and price determination. Domestic and international constraints on macroeconomic policy. Review of relevant empirical research. Prerequisites: ECON 301; 302; 400, or consent of instructor; ECON or FIN 415 strongly recommended.

515-3 EMPIRICAL RESEARCH METHODS IN ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. (Same as FIN 515) Stochastic processes and simulation, optimization, estimation methodologies for maximum likelihood, pooled cross-section time-series, simultaneous equations and discrete/limited dependent variable models, generalized method of moments. Prerequisites: admission to Economics and Finance graduate program.

517-3 TIME-SERIES ANALYSIS. (Same as FIN 517) Modeling time-series behavior of financial and economic variables to offer practical insights and solutions for particular problems faced by firms, governments, and central banks. Prerequisite: ECON 515 or FIN 515, or consent of instructor.

528-3 MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS. Economic analysis of managerial decisions and business strategy, and of government policy and regulation affecting business organizations. Prerequisite: MS 502 or equivalent. Will not count toward the MA or MS in Economics and Finance.

531-3 LABOR ECONOMICS. Economic principles associated with employment relationships, wage theory, labor market, employment and unemployment, economic effect of collective bargaining. Prerequisite: ECON 501 or consent of instructor.

535-3 ECONOMICS OF REGULATION AND ANTITRUST POLICY. Application of microeconomic theory to antitrust and regulation of business. Utility rate design, current antitrust cases, nationalized industries, health and safety. Prerequisite: ECON 501 or consent of instructor; ECON 515 or FIN 515 or recommended.

537-3 BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS. Theoretical and empirical study of behavioral aspects of economics. Behavioral aspects of firms, households, governments, and international economic agents in alternative market structures; welfare theory. Prerequisite: ECON 501 or consent of instructor.

543-3 MONETARY AND FISCAL POLICY. Foundations of monetary and fiscal policy, domestic and international aspects of policy actions, evaluation of policies to influence economic activity and growth, business cycle analysis. Prerequisite: ECON 502 or consent of instructor; ECON 515 or FIN 515 strongly recommended.

545-3 PUBLIC FINANCE THEORY AND PRACTICE. Developments in public finance theory; application of intermediate micro- and macroeconomic theory to issues in government finance and public policy analysis. Prerequisites: ECON 501, 502, or consent of instructor.

561-3 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS AND FINANCE. Recent advances in theory and empirical analysis of international trade and finance. Forward and spot exchange markets, arbitrage, and speculation. Prerequisites: ECON 501, 502, or consent of instructor.

563-3 THEORY AND POLICY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH. Recent advances in theory and empirical analysis of economic development and growth. Application of theories and quantitative methods to economic analysis; policy formulation. Prerequisites: ECON 501, 502, or consent of instructor.

581-3 to 6 SEMINAR ON SELECTED ECONOMIC TOPICS. Directed study and analysis of theoretical and policy problems current to frontiers of economic analysis. May be repeated once provided no topic is repeated. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

593-1 to 6 ECONOMIC READINGS: INDEPENDENT STUDY AND RESEARCH. Economic topics of current interest. Study program planned in consultation with an economics instructor. Prerequisites: ECON 501; 502; at least one course in the area of intended independent study; consent of instructor and chairperson.

599-1 to 6 THESIS. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisites: consent of department chairperson and student's thesis committee.

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