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Graduate Catalog 2014-15


404-3 ANTHROPOLOGY AND THE ARTS. Analyzes a variety of Western and non-Western material and visual art forms; interpretation focuses on form, process, meaning, function and value. Prerequisite: ANTH 111 or consent of instructor.

410-3 ANTHROPOLOGY OF RELIGION. Anthropological approaches to religion; cross-cultural examination of cosmology, myth, deities, ritual, ritual practitioners, religious transformation, sacred art and altered states of consciousness. Prerequisite: ANTH 111 or junior standing.

420-3 MUSEUM ANTHROPOLOGY. Examines historical development, theoretical approaches, contemporary issues, and hands-on methods of analysis in museological approaches to anthropology's four fields. Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

432-3 PREHISTORY OF ILLINOIS. The history and archaeology of Native Americans in Illinois, will include examination of artifacts and artifact casts, and field trips to archaeological sites.

433-3 GEOARCHAEOLOGY. Field and laboratory methods in geoarchaeology including soil, sediment, and landform analysis. Hands-on examples and research projects on campus and in the lab. Prerequisites: ANTH 111a and GEOG 210 with a minimum grade of C or consent of instructor.

434-3 GIS APPLICATIONS IN ARCHAEOLOGY. Archaeological applications in GIS, including site- and landscape-scale modeling and analysis. Hands-on exercises and a research project employing data from local archaeological sites. Prerequisites: ANTH111a and GEOG 418 with a minimum grade of C or consent of instructor.

435-3 AMERICAN MATERIAL CULTURE. Theories and methods of interpretation applied and museum sites that express historic and contemporary American culture, including American ethnic groups. Prerequisite: ANTH 111 or consent of instructor.

473-3-6 ETHNOGRAPHIC FIELD SCHOOL. Students participate in an original field -based research project in linguistic or cultural anthropology directed by the instructor. Emphasizes data collection/analysis/write-up. Prerequisite: ANTH 111B with C or better and consent of instructor.

474 3-6 BIOLOGICAL ANTHROPOLOGY FIELD SCHOOL. Research design, data collection, and analysis in primatology, skeletal biology, forensic anthropology, or paleoanthropology requiring an independent project or participation in joint project. Prerequisite: ANTH 111A with C or better and consent of instructor.

475-3-6 ARCHAEOLOGICAL FIELD SCHOOL II. Students engage in original archaeological research directed by instructor. Methods of archaeological survey and excavation, learned through active participation in archaeological field and lab work. Prerequisites: ANTH 375 and consent of instructor.

476-3 CULTURAL RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. Examination of cultural resource management (CRM) history and laws. Students will gain practical experience in background research, field survey, evaluation, mitigation, report preparation, and curation. Prerequisite: ANTH 111A with C or better and consent of instructor.

586-3 to 6 ADVANCED READING IN ANTHROPOLOGY. Guided readings allowing exploration of interest areas and permitting elimination of special gaps in a student's background in a specific area. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite: graduate standing or consent of instructor.

590-3 to 6 MUSEUM INTERNSHIP. Professional experience in aspects of museum work, such as, exhibition, interpretation, collections management, or administration.

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