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Application Deadlines:
For domestic classified status, the deadline is approximately a month before the start of classes (Definite dates are on the application itself). International students, please see FAQ #16 for your deadline.


The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers a program leading to the Master of Science in Education (MSEd) degree with a major in curriculum and instruction. Within this program, graduate students are offered a variety of areas of study for Pre-Kindergarten through grade 12 educators, as well as others interested in more in-depth knowledge of curriculum and/or instruction. This program draws on the many areas of expertise of the C & I faculty and offers opportunities for learning that can help graduate students grow in their ability to become a leader in their profession.


General requirements for unconditional admission to the graduate program in curriculum and instruction include a bachelor’s degree, an overall undergraduate grade point average of 2.5 (A=4.0) or above or 3.0 during the last two years of undergraduate work. Those candidates seeking initial certification must pass the ICTS Academic ProficiencyTest.

An applicant who does not meet the department's requirements for admission can appeal to the Department Graduate Admissions and Review Committee and present additional evidence of competence to undertake graduate degree work. Additional evidence may include an interview with the student and/or probationary course work of 9 semester hours of graduate work in which a B average is maintained. The Graduate Admissions and Review Committee's decision is based on all available relevant information.

Candidates for the Master of Science in Education degree with a major in Curriculum and Instruction will complete a 36-semester hour program of study including an option in one of 12 teaching fields planned in consultation with an adviser. Some students' program of study may include more than 36 hours to satisfy content area prerequisites. The options are:

Advanced Pedagogy (15 hours): These hours are determined in consultation with a C&I and when appropriate content faculty adviser. These courses will be selected to enhance students' content or pedagogical skills based on the students' individual learning goals and teaching assignment. At least 6 of these hours must be in pedagogy.

STEM Education (15 hours): These hours are determined in consultation with a STEM faculty adviser. These courses will be selected to enhance students' STEM content or STEM pedagogical skills based on the student's individual learning goals and teaching assignment.

Adult Education (15 hours): This option is intended for adult educators to address the instructional needs of educators preparing adults with transitioning to the workforce and post-secondary education.

Courses include:

ADED 522-3 Program Planning in Adult and Continuing Education

ADED 523-3 Curriculum and Instruction in Adult and Continuing Education

CI598-3 Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Internship

CI 526-3 Adult Literacy

One 3 hour elective determined with an adviser.

Secondary Education/Art (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Biology (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Chemistry (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Earth and Space Sciences (15 hours)
Secondary Education/English/Language Arts (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Foreign Languages (15 hours)
Secondary Education/History (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Mathematics (15 hours)
Secondary Education/Physics (15 hours)

These hours are determined in consultation with the teaching-field adviser. The student must complete at least 42 semester hours in the teaching field (graduate and undergraduate course work combined) in order to be eligible for the degree. Thus, some student's programs of study will include more than 36 hours in order to satisfy this requirement.


Professional Core (15 hours)

CI 563 Curriculum Models (3 hrs) OR CI 537 Early Childhood Curriculum

CI 510 Analysis of Instruction (3 hrs)

EPFR 515 Issues in learning Theory (3 hrs)

EPFR 520 Analysis of Educational issues: Philosophical-Historical Foundations OR

EPFR 521 Analysis of Educational Issues: Socio-Cultural Foundations (3 hrs)

CI 548 Study of Classroom Instruction (3 hrs) OR EPFR 501 Research Methods (3 hrs)

Teaching Options (15 hrs):

Teaching option electives are chosen in consultation with adviser

Final Project (6 hours)

CI 596a-m Field Study in Curriculum and Instruction (6 hrs) OR CI 599 Thesis (6 hrs)


Maintain a GPA of 3.0 (A=4.0) or higher.


All candidates must complete a final project. In consultation with an adviser candidates will complete one of the following: action research project or thesis. Candidates must complete all of the program assessments at a satisfactory level.

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