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Application Deadlines:
For domestic classified status, the deadline is approximately a month before the start of classes (Definite dates are on the application itself). International students, please see the FAQs #16 for your deadline. NOTE: If you are a new graduate student and you intend to apply for a Competitive Graduate Award (CGA), the deadline for having all of your application materials turned in moves up to January 15th. If you apply for the CGA but your SIUE application is incomplete, your application for the Competitive Graduate Award will be removed from consideration.


For the Master of Science degree in civil engineering, courses are offered in the areas of environmental, structural, and transportation engineering. Courses are generally offered in the evenings and late afternoons annually or biennially. Full-time and part-time study options are available.


In addition to meeting all Graduate School admission requirements, applicants must have a cumulative grade point average in all undergraduate engineering, mathematics, and science courses of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale or 70% on other scales. For those not meeting this requirement and having at least four years of work experience, supporting evidence (such as a letter of explanation from the applicant, high GRE scores, letters of recommendation from employers, and PE licensure) will also be considered. International students are encouraged to submit GRE scores along with other required graduate admission documentation.

If admitted, those who do not have a BS degree in civil engineering may be required to complete prerequisite courses that are not for graduate credit. Note that an MS degree will not typically qualify a candidate to take the PE licensure examination.

Further information on the Department's policies can be found on the Department's web site (


After admission and before enrolling in any courses, students are required to meet with the graduate program director, who appoints (in consultation with the student) an advisory committee suited to the student's background and interests. The advisory committee assists the student in planning a program of study; this plan is to be completed by the end of the first semester.

Because of the importance of communication to the engineering profession and the need for excellent writing skills to complete degree requirements, all students are required to complete satisfactorily a technical writing course. Students with good writing skills may elect to submit an essay to be evaluated for conditional exemption from the English course requirement. If conditional exemption is granted, the student will substitute another approved course in the plan of study.

Thesis and non-thesis options are available. Students selecting the thesis option must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours. Students selecting the non-these option must complete a minimum of 31 semester hours. At least 20 semester hours must be in courses taught in civil engineering and at least 15 semester hours must be at the 500 level. See the Department's website regarding policies specific to the specialized areas.

Thesis option

Students will be guided in thesis work by a thesis adviser with the assistance and concurrence of the advisory committee. The number of hours to be awarded for thesis credit (CE 599) is to be specified by the advisory committee prior to approval of the thesis proposal. Thesis credit counts as part of the 30 credits required for the degree. Writing a thesis involves an intensive research effort and may require about six months to complete. The thesis must be formally accepted by Graduate Records.

Non-thesis option

Students prepare a research paper, the topic of which is mutually agreed upon by the student and the advisory committee. One credit hour is awarded for non-thesis credit (CE 593) and counts as part of the 31 credits required for the degree. Guidelines are available on the department's web site.


When all other program requirements are satisfied, the student schedules an oral final examination with the advisory committee. The final examination is primarily based on the thesis or research paper, depending on the option the student has chosen. A majority vote of the advisory committee is required for passing. All examinations are open to interested parties.


The Department of Civil Engineering offers a five-year program leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) and the Master of Science (MS) degrees. Students with senior level status in civil engineering (at least 90 semester hours) and an overall grade point average of 3.25 (A=4.0) in engineering, mathematics, and physical science courses may be admitted to the BS/MS program that allows them to earn 30 hours of graduate-level credit (400- and 500-level) during their combined fourth and fifth years. These students are eligible to apply for assistantships in the department. An application for degree-seeking status as a graduate student must be approved by Graduate Admissions and the Graduate Admissions Committee in Civil Engineering. A program outline must be submitted for approval by the graduate program director and Graduate Records prior to enrollment in any courses to be included as a part of the master's program. Official admission to the graduate program with status as a classified graduate student is made only after the award of the baccalaureate degree. In no case will a graduate degree be conferred before all requirements for both degrees have been completed.


The Department of Civil Engineering offers two Professional Development Sequences (PDSs). Each PDS is designed to give students a thorough understanding of sustainability in a particular area of civil engineering.


Graduate students who are officially admitted to, and in good standing with the Graduate School and the Civil Engineering department may apply for enrollment in one of the PDSs. The Civil Engineering graduate program director will issue admission notification and approvals. Students must be approved for graduate study in Civil Engineering with a "classified graduate student" status. Admitted students are expected to have completed all prerequisite courses for each PDS course.


Sustainable Planning in Civil Engineering

CE 475 - 3 Transportation Planning
CE 588 - 3 Solid Waste Management
CE 596 - 3 Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable Infrastructure in Civil Engineering

CE 460 - 3 Municipal Infrastructure Design
CE 578 - 3 Intelligent Transportation Systems
CE 596 - 3 Sustainable Engineering

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