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Yelvington Organized Crime


From: Rube Yelvington []
Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2008 9:24 PM
To: Patterson, Martha H
Subject: A quick note

The cops wanted to search the second floor for a fan out racing news
service (well after the senate probe)_ but had a wrong address on the
search warrant. The bulk of the search crew went back to the station to
get a corrected warrant. Journal photographer Al Mross, carrying a 4x5
old fashioned news camera and I were standing in the alley behind the
Paddock when two of Buster Wortman's buddies approached. Al said "What
do we do n ow." I said "play it cool, ignore them, and I put my hands in
the pockets of my trench coat and turned my back. Baldy O'Hare reached
across and grabbed my arm so that I whirled around right into his big
fist. I saw stars. Then he grabbed Mross's Speed Graphic camera and
raised it over his head to bring down on mine. Then a patrolman who I
always considered "dumb" because he didn't have a graft, stepped out the
back door and took the camera out of Baldy's hands. They came down empty.

I went to St. Mary's Hospital where the doc took me by the nose and
shook my head and said "no, it isn 't broken."

Meanwhile Al was trying to get a picture of Baldy who had been ordered
to go to the police station, and started to comply but thought it would
be more fun to run over Al, who was dancing in the street looking for a
shot. They both missed.

Speed Graphic cameras had 4x5 inch sheets of film in each side of a
holder, and photographers had to pull out the slide of the holder then
take a picture and replace the slide, turn the holder over and reinsert
it before repeating the process. Not an easy maneuver.

Baldy paid a $100 fine for disorderly conduct and was ordered by Buster
to stay out of town for awhile.

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