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Minutes of

October 18, 2012

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin, Kathy Behm, Marietta Bell-Scriber, Steffany Chleboun, Nicholas Guehlstorf, Andrea Hester, Koung Hee Leem, Leah O'Brien, Gertrude Pannirselvam (Chair), Ron Schaefer, Joe Schober, Doug Simms for Dave Duvernell, Jerry Weinberg

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Scott Belobrajdic, Poonam Jain, Terry Yan

GUESTS: Susan Morgan, Acting Associate Dean, The Graduate School
Jodi Olson, Graduate Admission Officer

I. Announcements

A. Course Review Committee (CRC) Report (September)

The Course Review report was posted on the SharePoint site.

B. Graduate School Announcements

Associate Provost for Research and Graduate School Dean Jerry Weinberg announced that the Graduate School Open House would take place the following Thursday. Thus far, seventy people have registered for the event. He added that the winner of the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award is Ricardo Garcia, Foreign Language and Literature, and the winner of the Outstanding Thesis Award is Blake Hammann, Chemistry. The Healthcare Informatics committee has been formed. Mary Sumner was appointed the graduate program director. The search committee for the Associate Dean for Research will be reviewing applications next week. There will be an opportunity for the Graduate Council to interview the candidates for the Associate Dean for Research.

Acting Associate Dean Morgan announced that the Graduate School has received forty-six STEP proposals. She is forming panels now. The Paul Simon Award nominations are due on October 26th. The Distinguished Research Professor nominations are due on December 7th. The Export Control Task Force has been working.

C. Other Announcements

Gertrude Pannirselvam reminded those present that the deadline for taking the Open Meetings Act training is approaching. She also asked the Council members to let her know if they have a problem with Thursday meetings next spring.

II. Approval of Minutes of September 27, 2012

The minutes were approved unanimously.

III. Doctoral Issues - Guest, Jodi Olson, Admission Officer

Since SIUE has not offered doctoral degree programs in nearly twenty years, Jodi Olson gave an overview of issues that may arise from processing doctoral student records in the future. At this time, University policies do not provide guidance for the following questions. Are non-doctoral students allowed in doctoral classes? If so, is there any restriction on the number of classes or hours that can be taken, or a limit on how many terms this could occur? Will SIUE allow transfer credit into one of our doctoral programs, and if so, what is the limit? The time limit for master's students is six years, and for specialist degrees, seven years. What is the time limit for doctoral students? Are both candidacy and residency required, and if so, how would they be counted?

The Graduate Council decided to charge the ERP to address these issues raised. The ERP could decide to work on required policy changes.

IV. Report of the Executive Committee

The committee did not meet.

V. Report of the Programs Committee

A. Form 91A - Nursing: DNP (SON-G-12-22)

The professional program wishes to reduce the number of credit hours from 33-36 to 30 by deleting the course NURS 695b. This will "[streamline] the program, [decrease] confusion over residency versus practicum hours, and [allow] Doctoral project hours" currently assigned to NURS 695c to be "spread equally over final 4 semesters." There are no adverse effects on faculty or budget. The requested effective date is 12/3/12, or Spring of 2013.

B. Form 91B - Nursing: PDS/Nursing Education (CON-G-12-23)

C. Form 91B - Nursing: PDS/Nursing Management (SON-G-12-24)

D. Form 91B - Nursing: PDS/Oncology Nursing (SON-G-12-25)

E. Form 91B - Nursing: PDS/Pain Management Nursing (SON-G-12-26)

The graduate program wishes to eliminate these sequences due to a lack of interest. The termination of the program and the associated courses will have no impact on faculty or budget. The effective date requested is Fall of 2013.

F. Interim Graduate Program Review - Mathematics

Although the external reviewer focused on Pure Mathematics, that is the graduate program's least popular specialization. Statistics and Operations Research are the most popular. The program developed a course on topology as recommended, however only one student enrolled in this course. The program will continue to develop this idea. The use of "research literature in [various] course[s] already occurs." The program has begun to enhance its ties to industry. The rate of stipend for assistantships has not improved. The program will meet with the CAS director of development to explore private funding options. Regarding the recommendations from the internal review, the program has improved its assessment plan to aggregate around the five outcomes. The assessment plan from 2009 with revisions from 2012 will be under review next year. The original recommendation in 2007 regarding enrollment to identify short and long term goals has not been met. The department will "begin a planning process within the next few years to identify department short and long term goals, especially about enrollment." The program states that the secondary mathematics specialization has increased enrollment rather than "hamper the department's ability to offer elective courses," a concern expressed by the internal review committee.

Steffany Chleboun made a motion to adopt the resolution from the Programs Committee. The motion passed unanimously.

Regarding the Doctor of Nursing Practice (SON-G-12-22), the doctoral program is requesting that the new program of study be in effect in January, 2013. University policy 1Q8 specifies that implementation of requests such as this occur at the beginning of the fall semester. For exceptions, the program needs to seek approval by the Graduate Council, the Faculty Senate and the administration. Weinberg asked Marietta Bell-Scriber to have Nursing work with Lynn Maurer to put together a petition for an exception.

Since the Open Meetings Act does not allow an electronic vote and in order to meet the Faculty Senate schedule to vote on this issue, Nic Guehlstorf suggested that the Council put the exception to 1Q8 for DNP on today's agenda and have a vote.

Steffany Chleboun made a motion that the Graduate Council provide an exception to policy 1Q8 allowing the changed to the DNP (SON-G-12-22) be effective spring semester 2013; Marietta Bell-Scriber seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

VI. Report of the Research Policies (ERP) Committee

The committee did not meet.

VII. Continuing Business

There was no continuing business.

VIII. New Business

There was no new business.

IX. Adjournment

Marcus Agustin made a motion to adjourn; Gertrude Pannirselvam seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 3:59 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Gertrude Pannirselvam, Chair of the Graduate Council and
Associate Professor, Management and Marketing

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