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Minutes of

November 4, 2011

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin (Chair), Sarah Bailey, Scott Belobrajdic, Rakesh Bharati, Steffany Chleboun, Dean Cody for Kathy Behm, David Duvernell, Carole Frick, Nicholas Guehlstorf, Roberta Harrison, Poonam Jain, Leah O'Brien, Gertrude Pannirselvam, Ron Schaefer, Joe Schober, Jerry Weinberg



GUESTS: Lynn Maurer, Associate Dean, The Graduate School

I. Announcements

A. Course Review Committee Report (September and October)

The Course Review report was distributed on Blackboard.

B. Other Announcements

Jerry Weinberg announced that the Graduate School received 49 applications for STEP for a total of $633,392. The STEP program has $325,000 available. He also announced that the Paul Simon Award applications are due next week. He asked those present to put the next LINC conference, which will be held on February 22, 2013, on their calendars. The Graduate School staff attended a webinar on ProQuest, an electronic submission service for theses. The process of review will leave an electronic trail that the Graduate School and the advisers could access. ProQuest might also be used as a cost-saving measure for the University, and would allow access to its database. The question arose of whether a student could put the thesis on "" The Graduate School may require the student to turn in a report from "" with the thesis. Weinberg wishes to launch a trial with a few graduate programs in the spring to work out the details.

Marcus Agustin announced that the search committee for the position of Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School will meet on November 19th.

II. Approval of Minutes of October 12, 2011

Poonam Jain made a motion to approve the minutes; Nicholas Guehlstorf seconded. The minutes were approved unanimously as submitted.

III. Report of the Executive Committee

The committee met to discuss the faculty nominations for the search committee.

IV. Report of the Programs Committee

The committee did not meet.

V. Report of the Educational and Research Policies (ERP) Committee

A. CARI Grant

The Graduate School proposed a program to support the resubmission of competitive proposals by full-time continuing members of the faculty and staff members on continuing appointments who have served as PI or Co-PI on an externally-sponsored grant. Up to $6,000 per application is available for one year; all line items are allowable. Applicants must provide, (1) complete proposal draft, including copy of proposal approval Form; (2) approval form with signature from chair and dean (approving budget); (3) external reviewer comments and scores; (4) plan for revisions and addressing reviewer comments; (5) timeline to meet projected submission date; and (6) budget and budget Justification. The application will be evaluated by a faculty committee appointed by The Graduate School. The criteria considered are (1) strength of the proposal draft; (2) external reviewer scores and feedback; (3) feasibility of plan for revising and resubmitting the proposal; and (4) record of outcomes from previous internal funding. The Graduate School has set aside $60,000 per year for this project.

This proposal was approved unanimously.

B. Graduate Faculty Status

The Graduate School proposed an amendment to the policy which would clarify that only tenured or tenure-track faculty are eligible for graduate faculty status. There is a mechanism in place to allow for exceptions.

This proposal was approved unanimously.

C. Graduate Student Award (GSA)Eligibility

The Graduate School proposed that the guidelines be amended to clarify that awardees are limited to GSA assistance in only one graduate program. Instead of "The award may be renewed up to a maximum of four (4) semesters," the guidelines would read "The award may be renewed up to a maximum of four (4) semesters in one program only; award recipients are not eligible to receive a subsequent award in another program."

This proposal was approved unanimously.

VI. Continuing Business

There was no continuing business.

VII. New Business

The Faculty Senate requested that the Graduate Council nominate one faculty member to serve on the Chancellor Search Committee. Rakesh Bharati nominated Joseph Schober, who accepted the nomination. He was confirmed by acclamation.

VIII. Adjournment

Gertrude Pannirselvam made a motion to adjourn; Carole Frick seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 1:44 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Jerry B. Weinberg
Acting Associate Provost for Research and
Dean, The Graduate School

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