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Minutes of

April 3rd, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT: Marcus Agustin, Scott Belobrajdic, Rakesh Bharati, Dean Cody for Linda Carlisle, Jane Gillespie, Steve Hansen, Gameli Kumasi, Stephanie McAndrews, Diane Sol, Mariana Solares, G. Stacey Staples, Erin Timpe, Valerie Yancey, Jianpeng Zhou

MEMBERS EXCUSED: Laura Fowler, Steve McCommas

GUESTS: Jackie Clement, Graduate Program Director, School of Nursing
Christa Johnson, Associate Dean, The Graduate School
Oktay Alkin, Associate Dean, School of Engineering
Ron Schaefer, Associate Dean, The Graduate School

I. SAGE Reports

A. School of Nursing

The School of Nursing stated that the Strategic Advancement of Graduate Education (SAGE) grant presented an opportunity to address its biggest challenge, offering online education. It is developing a group of faculty that will possess expertise in putting courses online, and will be able to offer nurse educator courses online in a few months. It plans to use podcasts. The proposed Doctor of Nurse Practitioner (DNP) program, if approved, will be completely offered online.

B. School of Engineering

The School of Engineering used the SAGE grant to explore ways to attract better students. Much of the effort is directed to recruiting international students. It will develop new graduate brochures and a website targeted to international students. A key aspect of the program will be to build relationships with universities abroad. Another aspect of the program will be to create a special course for international students who have difficulty acculturating academically to SIUE.

II. Announcements

Associate Provost for Research and Dean of the Graduate School Stephen Hansen discussed the budget situation. He said that the federal stimulus package is critical for balancing the Illinois state budget. Additionally, Governor Pat Quinn has proposed a state tax increase. If the Governor's budget is approved, there will be no budget cut for higher education in FY10. This means that for SIUE, the SAGE funding will be restored as well as the 2.5% cut for SIUE's budget. It is also likely that there will be a capital bill passed in Springfield which could mean funding for the Science Building. Hansen also announced that there will be a special appropriation for National Corn to Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) and the Southwest Illinois Advanced Manufacturing Center (SIAM). At the federal level, various agencies are handling the stimulus money differently. NSF, for example, will use its stimulus money to fund existing proposals rather than to solicit new proposals. NIH, on the other hand, will initiate a number of new programs. He said that the Office of Research and Projects is monitoring the grant agencies and will keep the faculty informed. Lastly, Hansen announced that there were 61 Seed Grants for Transitional and Exploratory Projects (STEP) proposals requesting a total of $700,000. There is $325,000 available and the R&D Committee will be soon reviewing proposals..

III. Approval of Minutes of March 6th, 2009

The minutes were unanimously approved as submitted.

IV. Report of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee did not meet.

V. Report of the Programs Committee

A. Form 91A - Master of Arts in Teaching (SOE-09-482)

The graduate program wishes to offer its 36 credit hours of graduate study in three 12-hour blocks (Summer, Fall and Spring) instead of the current format (6/9/12/9) over four terms (Summer, Fall, Spring, and Summer). This change does not reduce or alter the content of the graduate degree, but allows "students to graduate in May and compete for jobs with other May graduates." There are no anticipated adverse affects on faculty and no anticipated budgetary effects.

The request was approved unanimously.

B. Form 91A - Marketing Research (BUS-09-028)

The graduate program wishes to change the program of study from 15 credit hours in required program courses and 15 hours of elective courses to 21 hours of required graduate credit and 9 hours of electives. It also wishes to clarify that MKTG 550, usually the last course taken, is "an integrated experience" in which a written report is defended orally. These changes will "[streamline] program courses and [clarify] exit requirement." There are no anticipated adverse affects on faculty and no anticipated budgetary effects.

The request was approved unanimously.

C. Form 91A - Social Work (CAS-08-168)

The graduate program wished to change the focus of its regular and advanced standing programs to reflect community (macro) and individual (micro) levels of service. The regular standing students graduate program hours increase from 57 to 65 hours, and the advanced standing students increase from 30 to 32 hours. Students who have not earned a BSW within six years must apply to regular standing, a program track which takes two years to complete. Those who have earned a BSW within six years may apply to advanced standing status. Advanced standing students can earn their MSW within one year. During the fall semester of the advanced standing courses, the student takes a generic skills course, in the spring they practice in the field in areas such as criminal justice, child welfare, etc.

The request was approved unanimously.

VI. Report of the Educational and Research Policies Committee

A. SIUE Distinguished Scholars Council

The Graduate School forwarded a proposal to "Form an advisory and peer review board comprised of SIUE's recognized scholars committed to assisting in all SIUE research grant and sponsored project proposals for external funding. The panel will offer support to all faculty in matters relating to research and projects funding, utilizing the collective experience and resources of the group. This board would be expected to:

1. Assist in writing and/or reviewing appropriate portions of university-wide, collaborative proposals; and

2. In consultation with the Associate Provost for Research and/or school/college level research committees, provide substantive and constructive feedback on individual faculty proposal drafts for external grants as well as advise proposers on strategies and research design."

The request from the Educational and Research Policies Committee to endorse the Distinguished Scholars Council passed unanimously.

VII. Continuing Business

There was no continuing business.

VIII. New Business

There was no new business.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 2:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Stephen L. Hansen,
Associate Provost for Research and Dean
The Graduate School

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